KBS Kdrama “Oasis” Finale And Ending Explained: Episode 16 Recap

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KBS Kdrama “Oasis” wrapped up its run earlier today, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained!

KBS Kdrama “Oasis” episode 16 recap

Hwang Choong-Sung learns that Choi Cheol-Woong is not his son through a DNA test, he then invites Kang Yeo-Jin to dinner and dances with her. They reminisce about their younger days and she tells him she’s always loved him. She also lies to him when he asks if she has a secret she can tell no one. He then tells her if she ever came across a secret so poisonous about a loved one, she should just ignore it and look the other way.

We then later find out that he actually killed Oh Man-Ok, he told him to stay loyal to him until the very end and keep this a secret. He shoots him. Lee Doo-Hak was listening in on this with his group and Oh Man-Ok was wired. He finds that out and then sets on framing him for the murder. He then comes clean and says he killed him but twists the truth. He says he was defending their family and tells his son to kill Lee Doo-Hak if they catch him. He protests but his father pressures him.

The next day, he tells Choi Cheol-Woong to find Lee Doo-Hak. Then, media channels air a scope about him and accuse him of being a spy.

He goes on the run with Oh Jung-Shin, he then decides to blow this up using the help of prosecutor Kim Sung-Yeob. He meets up with him and comes clean. He wants to turn himself in but he has a plan.

He exposes Kang Yeo-Jin’s preferential housing sales scam, Hwang Choong-Sung begins to feel the pressure. He confronts his wife about this who says she was trying to stash money for his and his son’s dreams. He then asks her again, ‘is Cheol-Woong really our son?’ she lies and says yes.

Choi Cheol-Woong then does a search and seizure for anyone related to Lee Doo-Hak including Oh Jung-Shin who says she doesn’t know where he is.

Because of Hwang Choong-Sung’s connections, he sets up one guy to take the fall and the rest lie their way out of it. prosecutor Kim Sung-Yeob is told to take his hands off the investigation.

Having gotten away with this, Lee Doo-Hak presents the tape to Oh Jung-Shin, she finds out why he actually framed him as a spy. He says he wants to make them one last offer. He asks Oh Jung-Shin to meet up with Hwang Choong-Sung’s wife, she makes her hear the recording. Lee Doo-Hak shows up and warns her, she must convince her husband to back off, to clear his name from being a spy, and help him and his family leave and live abroad quietly.

She tries to do that, but Hwang Choong-Sung refuses to back out and says he can take care of him, he won’t bow down or go down because of him. She then ends up going to Doo Hak’s mother convincing her to tell her son to destroy the tape or else both Doo Hak and Choi Cheol-Woong will be in danger.

She organizes a meeting between the two friends, Oh Jung-Shin and the mother too. Hwang Choong-Sung’s wife wanted to come up with the optimal solution but Cheol-Woong nearly draws his gun at him because they exchange heated words.

Doo Hak’s mother then comes clean and tells them they’re actually brothers. They both don’t take it very well. They shed tears, Cheol-Woong’s mother admits she adopted him from Doo Hak’s mother.

Doo Hak then tells him the truth, that his mother orchestrated the murder of their biological father. Cheol-Woong collapses. Then, Hwang Choong-Sung shows up with armed men who shoot Doo Hak in the arm.

Then, Doo Hak’s squad shows up and a fight ensues. As they’re taking away Doo Hak, Hwang Choong-Sung shoots him while he’s escaping. Then, prosecutor Kim Sung-Yeob shows up after being tipped off by the team. He arrests Hwang Choong-Sung. Doo Hak is on the floor, he cries speaking about how he wants to spend his life with Jung Shin. He closes his eyes and everyone cries. We’re made to believe he’s dead.

Then, the prosecutor returns the next day to arrest Hwang Choong-Sung who is in the hospital. However, he tells them he wants to dress but he commits suicide jumping off the building.

Cheol-Woong’s adoptive mother does not recover from this and loses her mind, she gets admitted into a mental hospital and hallucinates often.

Outside the theatre of their hometown, Doo Hak’s mother talks about the past and offers snacks to the same prosecutor who now came to arrest her son for his crimes.

The trio is inside the theatre watching a movie, they talk about the past and how everything has changed. Doo Hak and Cheol-Woong end up falling asleep as a montage of the drama’s key moments plays on screen.

The end.

KBS Kdrama “Oasis” ending explained

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  1. Final confuso. Resulta que las escenas de la película que están viendo, son episodios reales de su pasado… ¿ o fictícios?. Tal vez lo que ha mostrado la serie es una simple película que han visto tres amigos despues de tener una pelea más o menos violenta.

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