“Juvenile Justice” Finale: Recap And Ending Explained + Is A Second Season Coming Soon?

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Netflix newest kdrama “Juvenile Justice” is here, and I am here to talk about the ending and discuss the possibility of season two.

Is Sim Eun-Seok taken off the case?

After her former mother-in-law visits her place of work and berates her, Sim Eun-Seok is asked to see the presiding judge Na. Sim Eun-Seok admits that she knew the perpetrator and explains her position, she’s taken off the case entirely. presiding judge Na takes over the case.

What happened during the trial of Sim Eun-Seok’s son case?

When Sim Eun-Seok is called by presiding judge Na, she explains to her that because of her lackluster judgment given to both Hwang In Jun and Baek Do Hyeon a very lean punishment for having killed her son with rocks to his head from the rooftop. She blames her for what they’ve become because the court didn’t teach them that their actions have consequences. Their trial only took 3 minutes and the parents were asked to leave the court as per presiding judge Na orders.

How did Cha Tae-Ju find out that Baek Do Hyeon was also involved in the gang rape case?

At night while investigating, he gets a call and finds out one of the kids he looks after has gotten pregnant. The girl diverts attention from herself to the gang-rape case. She says she got pregnant while being a part of their runaway gang.

Turns out, the four students would prostitute women, then crash them in the act with other men and threaten them with video and photo evidence that they would ruin their lives.

Thus, Sim Eun-Seok went to investigate herself, she interviews many girls as she sees in motel CCTV and then stumbles upon one girl who has priors, she ends up telling her about Baek Do Hyeon’s girlfriend. His girlfriend is hella pissed at him and says she’ll tell them everything they need.

They also gang rape girls [runaway girls so they don’t get in trouble] and film it, they sell those videos and make profit online. Baek Do Hyeon is basically the gang leader.

Does Sim Eun-Seok die after getting attacked by Baek Do Hyeon?

While investigating the case, Sim Eun-Seok goes to their secret hideout where everything takes place. She sees Baek Do Hyeon there who proceeds to beat and stab her in the hands, he beats her severely but police catch him and take him into custody. She then stumbles on a collection of shoes he’s kept from his prior crimes against young girls.

Despite getting stabbed, she rushes to presiding judge Na and tells her what she knows and how this case is way bigger than they had anticipated.

What happens during Hwang In Jun’s trial? What happens to Baek Do Hyeon?

presiding judge Na takes over the case and asks Baek Do Hyeon to make a statement. Initially, he goes by the book and says Hwang In Jun was coerced into it. However, she tells them that Seo Dong Gyun and O Gyeong Su have basically ratted them out and admitted to Baek Do Hyeon being the gang leader who orchestrated the whole thing and Hwang In Jun wasn’t innocent. They also tell him that he had a secret phone that they connected to the cloud as insurance in case things went bad.

They submit the evidence to the police and then Hwang In Jun loses his cool, he gets into a fight with Baek Do Hyeon. Eventually, presiding judge Na closes the protection case and hands them over to the prosecution again, a criminal case will likely apply to them.

How does “Juvenile Justice” ends? is Sim Eun-Seok punished for taking on the case?

The drama hints at the fact that she didn’t receive a harsh judgment for interfering in a case where she had prior knowledge of the perpetrators. presiding judge Na also vouches for her at the request of former presiding judge Kang Won-Jung during the committee meeting to decide on her punishment.

She also received an apology from presiding judge Na during the trial for Hwang In Jun and Baek Do Hyeon. Cha Tae-Ju also apologizes to her after the trial was over because he judged her harshly for the way she handles the kids’ cases.

To the committee, she ends up giving a speech about how even if she hates and despises young offenders, she will do her best to be impartial in her judgment.

She returns to the court and back to her job.

She also visits her son’s grave after all that concludes.

Will “Juvenile Justice” have a second season?

Netflix has not yet publicly commented on the likelihood of “Juvenile Justice” season two but considering how the drama’s ending was constructed, it left fans with hope that the drama will return with season two that focuses on how Hwang In Jun and Baek Do Hyeon’s trial turns out.

“Juvenile Justice” ending- review

Wow! That was sure intense, a nice ending too.

“Juvenile Justice” is one of those dramas I think I’ll remember for a long time, albeit a bit long, it still never felt like it was dragging or boring, truly a masterpiece that could have only been made with the help of Netflix.

Its cruel and at times, very disturbing and difficult to watch, but its worth it. This isn’t a drama I think will appeal to the masses but if you give it a chance, I think you’ll walk away having learned a thing or two about understanding, withholding judgment and so much more.

The dram handles very difficult topics with ease and with passion, it never came across as if it was trying to earn sympathy points or exploit these issues either which I think is very important.

Again, I don’t personally believe a second season is needed but this type of drama definitely deserves it, even if its not a continuation of the story of the two horrible teenagers, I think there is a lot of topics that need to be discussed about this subject.

“Juvenile Justice” ending was cruel but also promising. I didn’t personally like the last bit where she gave her speech because it felt redundant and as if she was contradicting herself but maybe I missed the mark. If you guys think so, let me know in the comments.

2022 has only just begun and I think “Juvenile Justice” is already going on my list of the best of 2022 for sure.

Did you like “Juvenile Justice” ending?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I just finished watching Juvenile Justice and I loved it. I think it left me a lot of messages, such as the importance of the family values, How much they need somebody who cares for them, also, that a young criminal is the result of difficult circunstances in their lives and the people around them are responsible too.
    Finallly, that no matter How difficult your Life is, you Can always start again, it’s up to you
    I personally loved the ending, Because She finally had closure with her son’s death, She needed it

  2. Why did Baek seung-u appear in the finale? Does that indicate that her 1st judgement about Baek Seung-u to get Level 10 probation was wrong??

  3. I hated the ending, she was so self-righteous and couldn’t be impartial unless she was personally affected. I only watched to the end waiting on her to get her career ended after ending the judge’s career.

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