“Joseon Attorney” Finale And Ending Explained- Episode 16 Recap And Review

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MBC’s “Joseon Attorney” concluded its run earlier today, here is a recap of its 16th episode.

“Joseon Attorney” episode 16 recap

Kang Han-Soo and Executive Minister Yoo Je-Se are in front of the king and in confrontation. When Kang Han-Soo accuses him of doing those horrible things, he yells, ‘how dare you?’ but the swords point at him. Kang Han-Soo brings up his son and his love for him but he knows he won’t confess to his crimes.

Executive Minister Yoo then admits he wrote the letter but never intended to harm Lee Yeon-Joo with it. He challenges him to bring a physician to examine her to ensure he never did anything. To his surprise, when they visit her place, they find she’s gravely ill.

Lee Yeon-Joo had prepared herself to willingly take the poison to have Executive Minister Yoo under trial. She took it this far to ensure he was held accountable.

When Kang Han-Soo sees her ill body, he holds her hands and cries. He then tells her brother, the king.

At the courts, Kang Han-Soo is given compensation for what he suffered and allowed to retake the exam, he’s also allowed whatever position he wants if he passes the test. The king hands him the order himself.

At the prison cell, Executive Minister Yoo is upset by his son Yoo Ji-Sun, he asks if he didn’t admire him but he says he did. Executive Minister Yoo says when he saw what happened to the king, he thought the only way to hang onto life is by gaining power and thus, he did what he did.

The king holds a meeting with his executive ministers and discusses what kind of punishment Executive Minister Yoo should get. They all suggest the death penalty, but Kang Han-Soo thinks differently. He thinks he should not be given the death penalty and his contributions should be considered despite his awful crimes, thus, he is banished and also receives 100 clubbings. He’s humiliated once he leaves the palace and his crimes are made known to everyone.

After that concluded, Kang Han-Soo meets with Yoo Ji-Sun and tells him he’s allowed to hate him for what he’s done to his father.

At the palace, Lee Yeon-Joo’s health is not great, she might become disabled from the poison and likely suffer permanent damage, the poison was too strong. She speaks to Grand Queen Dowager and asks her to punish her, the grand queen says she thought so but this isn’t enough. She says she’ll kill her, as in she will not try to save her life.

Kang Han-Soo had prepared herbs for her and when he goes to visit her place finds it empty, then he sees a funeral taking place. She’s presumed dead. He follows after her funeral to see the body and is stopped by guards.

Executive Minister Yoo is banished and now sees ghosts and is losing his mind. He doesn’t even remember his son anymore nor the crimes he’s committed.

A while later

Kang Han-Soo becomes a governor of the place he came from. The king suggests he should now try to get married and he’s even arranged him a date but he refuses the gesture.

Along with his men, he’s still trying to find Lee Yeon-Joo, he’s not convinced she’s dead because he didn’t see her body. He offers a huge bounty for any leads on her.

Turns out, she’s not dead but the Grand Queen Dowager declared her dead and had her be banished and live like a normal person because after the poison she’s taken, she will not be able to get pregnant, this diminishes her value as a woman. She still has to take medication and sees Kang Han-Soo from afar, she sees he rejected a woman.

Later, Kang Han-Soo, the king, and Yoo Ji-Sun are revising the law and bickering.

After that wraps up, he remembers the king told him there is a good lawyer in the village near where he lives, so he goes to see him. There, he finds out that its Lee Yeon-Joo disguised as a man offering services as an attorney. He hugs her and asks if she’s better, she says she’s almost there. They share a kiss.

On a night of drinking, Dong-Chi tells Lady Hong he’d ditch Kang Han-Soo if he could and live with her, she hints he’ll be able to do that soon.

Lady Hong reopens her place and at the front Dong-Chi is now there hinting that they’re now together. They are open for business.

The crew visits the grave of father [the late king] who had wanted the grand national code to be just to all of Joseon, they show him the completed version. They all look happy and content saying they will uphold the laws and do the best they can.

The end.

“Joseon Attorney” ending review

That was cute. It’s a mostly fine drama. I think it could have gained more attention if it was broadcasted on another channel, that’s for sure.

Because even the best actors and fine scripts usually end up not getting the attention they deserve when they air on MBC, that’s sadly the situation, not that I blame the actors’ for it or the audience because I know MBC fumbled the time slot too many times for me to keep count.

I think this drama deserved somewhere between 6-8% in ratings, but again, its competing against SBS and this time slot has almost never won. I think its just sad, that’s all.

Do Hwan gave it his all. The drama’s ending is nice but the level of punishment handed to some who screwed up was unsatisfactory. Everybody did so well and I could see their passion for their craft.

Do Hwan and Bona made a cute pair and the main crew seemed like they get along well together.

I wouldn’t say this is my favorite Do Hwan drama but its nothing to scoff at. I am excited because he’s coming back with the Netflix drama Bloodhounds next month. I’ve been really looking forward to watching it. He’ll be on our screens soon enough, can’t complain.

What did you think of “Joseon Attorney” ending? Did you like it or not?

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