“Jirisan” Finale: Recap And Ending Explained

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Hers is the recap of “Jirisan” finale and its ending explained!

Why did Kim Sol commit all those crimes?

Kim Sol has mental health issues. When he was young back in 1991, the village people tried to convince his father to leave his place for the cable car business. He refused to sign until the very end so to get back at him, they poisoned his bees. He ended up going crazy and complained that the bees were too loud and his ears were being ripped off.

Kim Sol signs the paper on his behalf after seeing his father losing his mind and goes to give it to the villagers only to hear them speak about the hit and run accident that involved his mom. Sol’s father ends up committing suicide and loses his mind before his son which traumatized him.

Eventually, the cable car business doesn’t go through and the villagers move away.

Sol says he continued to have issues and when he grew older, he could still hear the bees. He believes the mountain was on his side and told him to kill those people. At first, he wasn’t trying to kill anyone and had actually gone to the mountain to commit suicide by drinking poisoned milk.

There, he ran into someone he’d known from the past and he said things that triggered him, so he gave him the milk which killed him. Back then, people thought it was an accident and Sol felt the mountain was on his side because he wasn’t caught.

After that, he teamed up with Se Wook and returned as a mountain ranger. He says he stopped hearing the bees as he began killing people.

Does Seo Yi-Gang survive her encounter with Kim Sol?

In her first encounter, Sol lets her go because he knows he’s being watched. She slips a tracking device on his backpack and is escorted by her sunbaes.

They begin to track him down as he tries to destroy evidence, he knows they’re tracking him down and disposes of the device in the mountain as they search after him. He successfully destroys almost all evidence while talking to Kang Hyun-Jo’s ghost about why he ended up like this.

Kang Hyun-Jo recalls how the mountains helped introduce him to the killer but he failed to notice it. He ends up leaving a trace that leads Seo Yi-Gang to the final clue. She goes with Jo Dae-Jin to the mountains and the two find the clue and figure out that the phone with the butterfly has the evidence on it, they contact police and do forensic on the phone and discover the evidence. They go to arrest Sol at his house, he sees the cars and escapes.

Was serial killer Kim Sol arrested?

No, after he escapes police and successfully leads them somewhere else, he goes back to the ranger’s place and kidnaps Seo Yi-Gang. He takes her with a different car to the mountains as he plans on killing her there. He also tells her he killed her grandma. He says the mountain is on his side.

She opens the door to escape while he’s driving, he stops the car to follow her, as he’s about to smash her head with a hammer, the mountain crashes on him, he dies.

Did Jo Dae-Jin get released from prison?

Yes, he gets released from prison and goes back one last time to help Seo Yi-Gang bring Sol down.

Did Kang Hyun-Jo wake up from his coma?

Yes, he does. On the same day they went to arrest Sol, he wakes up.

Apparently, for some reason, Kang Hyun-Jo ended up waking up after giving Seo Yi-Gang the last clue that led her to the phone. As his family was about to remove his life support, he starts breathing, his signs return to normal and he eventually recovers.

It is hinted that since his soul was able to lead Yi Gang to the clue successfully, he could finally wake up.

What happens to Jung Goo-Young and Park Il-Hae?

Jung Goo-Young passes the exam to become a team leader, he goes back to his girlfriend’s resting place and shows her his new badge. Park Il-Hae becomes a commander. They still bicker.

Did Seo Yi Kang gain the ability to walk again?

Yes, they don’t explain how, but they fast forward to a year after all the events and Seo Yi Kang is back as a ranger and can walk again.

Did Kang Hyun Jo and Seo Yi Kang reunite?

Yes, they reunite in the last scene of “Jirisan” finale. They aid a group of people who climbed up the mountain to see the sunrise on New Year’s. They take glances at each other and the drama ends. In voiceover, she asks him if he still sees things, he says, ‘I don’t see them anymore.’

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