“It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” Episode 14 Recap And Review

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How many kdramas have topped twitter worldwide trends?

“It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” joins few kdramas that have been able to consistently rank on twitter worldwide trends after each week’s episodes and tonight’s’ episode was probably twitter’s most talked episode to date.

Note: below is a quick recap of “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” episode 14, it contains major spoilers.

There were a lot of moments that attracted people’s attention and we’re here to discuss “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” episode 14 highlights.

After Sang Tae goes into panic mode upon seeing the butterfly, Gang Tae calms him down and lies to him about the butterfly saying it’s a common look and he shouldn’t be terrified, Sang Tae calms down and tells his brother that he’s slightly scared but he’ll get over it with his help.

Gang Tae then goes to Director Oh’s office and find out that the one who drew the butterfly was head nurse Park Haeng Ja. They decide to hand over some footage to the police and restart the investigation.

Gang Tae goes to Moon Young’s house to check up on her, she asks him if it’s true and when she finds out she’s unable to look him in the face, he tells her she’s not like her mother but Moon Young is too distraught and sad to accept this.

We later find out that head nurse Park Haeng Ja has been around for a while pulling the strings behind the curtains, she played a role in agitating her daughter and confronted her dying husband on his death bed as well.

Sang Tae goes to their old rooftop house to stay there for the time being while Gang Tae takes care of Moon Young.

During that night, Juri asks Lee Sang In about Moon Young because she’s so worried about her, at first, she doesn’t specify whom she’s checking up on leading Lee Sang In to believe she’s still hung up on Gang Tae, when she tells him she’s worried about Moon Young, he confesses, ‘I really like you, Juri-ssi.’

Juri replies with,

“Honestly, I really, too, like…. (pause) Moon Young…”

Through the night, Gang Tae is at Moon Young’s door trying to calm her down, he tells her that he was also equally upset at first and resented the idea but when he sees her face, he forgets everything.

In the episode, fans were also shocked to find out that Director Oh was nurse Oh Cha-Yong’s father, after the nurse finishes his shift, Director Oh asks him to go out and have a drink with him; he also apologizes for neglecting him.

The next morning, Gang Tae tells Moon Young who her mom turned out to be. When she finds out she asks him to run away with his brother, he refuses to let go and tells her he promised to protect her at all cost, she cries in his arms yelling at him to run away.

Sang Tae can tell something wrong happened, so he goes to the house to check up on them. There, he feeds Moon Young porridge since she’s sick, she apologizes over and over again to Sang Tae. Sang Tae tells her he’d forgive her if she ate, she eats while crying her eyes out.

Sang Tae heads outside after helping Moon Young eat, Gang Tae asks him for a hug and to pat him on the back. He also admits he’s scared.

After they leave, Gang Tae finds a package at the door step, when he opens it, he sees Moon Young’s debut work ‘the hand, the monkfish.’ At the end of the book, her mom left her a message about discarding all failures.

Meanwhile, Moon Young decides to confront her mother and catch her. She contacts a reporter about publishing her mother’s last work, she knows this will bring her out of hiding. Her mother has plans of her own and decides to pay a visit to Sang Tae.

Gang Tae senses something is off; he’s unable to reach his brother. After trying to call him for a while, she answers and tells him to come back to their house.

Lee Sang In meets Moon Young regarding her recent stunt and lies about going to meet her mother, he tries to take her away as far as possible (as he agreed with Gang Tae) and she realizes he’s lying after they’d left. She runs back to save Gang Tae barefoot.

Gang Tae arrives at the house and sees that his brother is unconscious while the mother laughs.

The 14th episode of “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” was the talk of town because of the crazy things that happened during that episode. Fans can’t stop talking about it, the actors performances and the script.

What did you think of the 14th episode? Were you shocked as well?

My personal thoughts

WOW!!! I didn’t think anything could top the 13th episode but I was wrong, this was a true gem.

Everyone did so well during this episode, I did expect something was off with the head nurse but after seeing how badly the mother was supposedly hurt, I didn’t expect she was still alive, she bled too much.

I am still not that convinced with the fact that the mother is still somehow alive, I expect a logical explanation on episode 15. I still don’t know how she survived that scary fall, they showed how much blood she lost, logically speaking, she shouldn’t be alive. This is why I expected the head nurse to be her sister or a copycat. There is still a slight possibility but I don’t think it’ll happen.

In regards to the other ‘plot twist,’ Director Oh being that annoying nurse father caught me by surprise, it felt that it was thrown out there so casually and suddenly. Maybe the writer just added it there all of a sudden or there could be a reason that we’ll find out soon.

Seo Ye Ji is one of today’s episodes stars, she practically spent the majority of the episode crying her eyes out, the disappointment and sadness on her face says it all. I think this is the most vulnerable she felt, the one she loves lived a difficult life because of her, that would mess up anyone.

Sang Tae remains my favorite character and actor Oh Jung Se deserves every god damn award there is for supporting actors. I better see him winning every one in every award next year. It’s very difficult to be able to portray such an innocent character so well; I commend him for his work. I don’t think there is any actor who could play this character the way he can.

Kim Soo Hyun is again amazing here. Personally speaking, “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” is my fav drama of him, I think EVER. I like his other dramas and think he’s a good actor but none of them comes close to how well written this one is, it feels so genuine and different. He also did an amazing job.

Kim Soo Hyun is a great actor but usually chose scripts that I’d consider safe and easy to like, “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s certainly mine. It has some flaws but I still consider this one of the best of 2020, thus far. “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” is not doing as well in rating as I think it should be, but usually, dramas about mental health don’t do extremely well in South Korea. Regardless, I think the majority of real dedicated Soo Hyun fans will agree this is one of his best works to date. And I also think critics will probably name this one as their fav project of Soo Hyun. It will likely grow a cult-like following in the future and more people will continue to talk about it.

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  1. This was a chilling and emotional episode. I was surprise that the head nurse turn out to be the mom, but I am still out on the theory that she is MY’s aunt because of the tale of 2 sister. Both MY and GT and Mr. Lee had their own plans. I hope ST is still alive.

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