“Itaewon Class” Episode 15 Recap And Review- The Unthinkable Has Happened

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“Itaewon Class” episode 15 is trending everywhere as fans express their shock after seeing the emotional episode. A lot of interesting things happened in “Itaewon Class” 15th episode and I am here to recap it.

Note: this is a summary recap of the biggest events not a detailed recap.

The episode starts where we left off, Geun Soo sees Sae Royi on the ground after getting hit by a car, he calls 911 then Seung Kwon to let him know that Yi Seo was kidnapped and Sae Royi is seriously hurt.

Sae Royi is rushed to the hospital for a surgery, his friends gather after finding out about the incident. Seung Kwon knows who’s behind it, he shows the ex-policeman Byung Heon CCTV footage of thugs kidnapping Yi Seo, he goes to check for himself.

Geun Won comes to a room where Yi Seo and Geun Soo are tied up, he torments them a bit, Yi Seo breaks down in tears while Geun Soo yells at him to tell him he’s never going to be able to cover this up. Geun Won says he wouldn’t have started it if he knew otherwise. He did it for revenge against Yi Seo who made him spend time in jail because of that recording.

Meanwhile, Sae Royi is at the hospital still unconscious. He is dreaming, he meets his father and hangs out with him, they catch up and talk about all sorts of things.

Seung Kwon knocks on the big boss office asking to talk to him, the thugs refuse to let him. He continues to yell out trying to get the boss outside but eventually gets punched. He calls the police and they take the men who hit him to custody.

After leaving the police station, Seung Kwon sees the big boss and asks him where Yi Seo and Geun Soo are, the big boss refuses to admit to it. Seung Kwon shows his disappointment in his boss and warns that if something happens Yi Seo and Sae Royi he won’t hold back and will give up on living a proper life.

Soo ah meets with the chairman to give him a file Seung Kwon handed her. It has photos of Geun Won in and out of the gangsters office. She explains to him that his younger son has been kidnapped as well as Yi Seo.

Soo ah then hands in her resignation letter and tells the chairman that she collected all the dirt she could find about his company for the past 10 years and appear to hand him a hard drive. She warns him that he shouldn’t try to cover this up and instead take care of it.

Yi Seo manages to free herself from the ropes and does the same to Geun Soo. Yi Seo scolds Geun Soo over his past decisions and tells him he’s no different from his father.

Sae Royi is still in a dream and stands at a bridge, his father tells him its time to cross over and his suffering will end. Sae Royi is reminded of Yi Seo, after recalling a couple of moments with her, he tells his father he can’t cross, he has a date. He hugs them and says his goodbyes.

When he wakes up, he begins balling. Soo ah and Seung Kwon are there with him.

Geun Won calls the chairman and tells him about his plan; he hints that he will kill Yi Seo and then himself. He asks his father when did it all go wrong and opens up about how scared he was the entire time under his father’s wings, but he’s not anymore. Before the chairman is able to say anything, Geun Won hangs up and talks about giving his father one last gift before he passes away.

When Geun Won goes to check up on them, Geun Soo hits him and attempts to run away with Yi Seo only to be confronted by the gangsters.

Meanwhile, in the hospital Soo ah is pleading with Sae Royi not to go there to alone and to ask for police assistance but he refuses because it’s a risk for Yi seo’s life. Sae Royi tells Soo ah he likes Yi Seo, and eventually walks out with Seung Kwon, he receives a message from Geun Won telling him the chairman knows where the location is.

Sae Royi goes to the chairman house; he tries to reason with him but no avail. The chairman continues to blame Sae Royi for what went wrong and eventually asks,

“Can you kneel in front of me?”

Without much hesitation, Sae Royi kneels in front of him while the chairman smirks. Sae Royi says that at this moment, that’s not important to him, what’s important is saving Yi Seo and would kneel not once but a thousand times if he has to.

The end of “Itaewon Class” episode 15 recap.

The review

“Itaewon Class” has been lots of fun because of its slight twists and turns; I liked that about the series. However, the second half of this drama is nowhere near as good as the first half or as realistic as I had expected it to be. I feel like the writer just kinda gave up and went the regular route.

Episode 15 was fun and emotional, it had a lot of interesting moments including when Yi Seo scolded Geun Soo, and when Sae Royi hugged his father goodbye and let go of his anger and resentment that he lived with for the longest time.

I found the entire motivation behind the kidnapping very unnecessary and I still have no idea why Geun Won did that knowing well that he can never cover this up, he says it’s a present to his father but soon the entire world will know he did it and his father’s empire will fall down just like that by association. What kind of present is that?

I don’t know how the webcomic handled this part but I am treating this drama as a standalone project regardless. I would’ve loved to see the reasoning behind the kidnapping explained in better details, I would’ve loved to know what exactly led up to it and why it happened and how it’ll be handled. This entire thing feels very rushed and I can’t take it seriously.  

Sae Royi is a CEO of a multi-million dollar company; he can make a couple of phone calls to resolve this and no one would get hurt. Seung Kwon knows who did it, they can isolate those men and capture Geun Won in the act minimizing the need for all that drama. I can go over the scenes and nitpick even more but I won’t do that because I feel its obvious.

I am not gonna lie, I am disappointed with the second half and I plan on discussing this in more details in my spoiler review of episode 9 to 16 which will be released tomorrow after “Itaewon Class” airs its last episode.

What did you guys think of the 15th episode? did you like it?

By Jass K.

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  1. I just don’t like the second half aswell, I don’t understand how he can let down Soo ah the girls he has a crush on since a kid, the girl to who he confess his love first when he was in jail, and she has spend her life devoted to his dad and waiting for him to make a move. he give her false hope and eventually go to save another girl. We know he is like that for his people, and I hope the final episode will have a better ending than what we are expecting just, rush, predictable and simply boring, we are not in school yard anymore.

    1. I think He wasn’t being honest with his feelings, He was blinded by the anger and revenge so He was just like “Yeah, I like her”, and Soo-Ah always thought she had Saeroyi at her feet, doing all the things she wanted, but She never did anything for him, unlike Yi Seo who supported him and helped him since the ‘beginning’ .

  2. I think the present was to manage to have Sae roy kneeling in front of his father.
    For the old man that represent that he is simply the master and that he won. I dont think geun won cares whats gonna happen to him bcz he alreadly lost all the thing he wanted, the empiere, so ah, and The Love of his father, that he simply never had.

  3. Yes, it’s not convincing and believable that Sae Royi will eventually fell in love with Yi Seo after so many times that he dumped Yi Seo. He made a promise to So ah the only girl that he likes so much that when he is done with his revenge he will get her out of Jangga and be together. This makes Sae Royi a màn with no word of honor and i am disappointed with this kind of ending. It doesn’t make sense at all. What a sudden realization. . .not believable at all.

  4. I love the story of Itaewon class. All the characters were able to delivered a superb acting role.
    The story was unique in a way it showed different social issues of a society. I totally agree that Sae Royi was trully in love with Yi seo from the time he laid eyes on her. But he has a plan to get his revenge done first. Everybody knows he was in love with her except him. The ending was great and a happy one. It’s good everybody turn out to be successful in life. Sae Royi had his sweet night in the end.

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