“Island” Part 2 Ending Explained- Episode 6 Recap, Did Van Die? Is Island Part 3 Coming Soon?

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The last episode of TVING’s “Island” Part 2 has aired today, let us discuss the finale, recap the last episode and explain its ending!

“Island” Part 2 episode 6 recap

The episode begins with the past versions of our main characters who appear to be trapped in a prison, Mi Ho tells them the story of a man who was told to kill 1000 people to end his suffering. He killed everyone in his way and the last person who showed up was his mother. The Buddha stops him from doing so and tells him he’s enduring what he had to endure if he’d been in hell. He told him to endure it, and after enduring it, the man ended up reaching buddha nature and achieved nirvana.

Butler Jang prays for Johan who has been badly injured, he prepares his guns and fills them with bullets that have holly water in them.

He sets out for the mountains where Mi Ho is. She sees the lust huge demons coming after her, both begin shooting them down. Gungtan appears and then Van appears too. Mi Ho tells him to distract the demons while she goes up and establishes the barrier. He agrees.

As they seem to be getting beaten up while Mi Ho climbs up the mountain, Johan wakes up and helps out the crew. He’s finally been able to reach his full potential. He also helps Mi Ho reach the top and fights off demons.

As she reaches the top and begins to summon her powers to close it, she recalls all the past memories and becomes burdened. Granny shows up to comfort her shortly. She’s then able to get back on her feet and restart again.

Gungtan injures Van badly as he stabs him, he then asks Johan to cover for him for a bit. He goes up the mountain for Mi Ho.

He fights the barrier she’s creating and gets inside, he hugs her and then transfers whats left of his power beed sacrificing himself and transforming into a monster back again, he asks her for this favor. Mi Ho cries while he does it but he tells her he’s tired and wants to end it all. Mi Ho knew it was her fate and tries to resist his help but its over. He then goes back down to fight his brother one last time.

The brothers fight again and Gungtan ends up stabbing Van in the chest area, Van’s sword is broken but with the last bit of it, he stabs him back.

Mi Ho creates the barrier successfully. Both Van and Gungtan disappear into thin air.

A year later

Sage Yool talks to another Sage and says, ‘everything must exist for Baek’s purpose.’

As Yeom-Ji is walking back from school in the woods, she stumbles upon the man who talked to her when she was a little kid about what happened a year ago.

He told her that there is a possibility that a barrier is created [a while light covers the sky], and that everyone who protected her will vanish into thin air, he asks for her to prevent this from happening as a kid and if it happened he tells her they’ll come for her.

In the present day, he hypnotizes her and she goes back to the place of the battle and retrieves a knife that was trapped between rocks for all those years. When she opens the knife that has ‘Baek’ engraved on it, the world starts shaking.

Mi Ho who is leading a successful life as a CEO and Johan who is working in The Vatican both feel it. Mi Ho calls Johan to talk about it. Johan goes to look at papers on display and tilts his head to see that the paper upside down reveals a man believed to be Baek holding the said knife.

Both realize darkness is about to come back. In voiceover, Mi Ho says she’s sacrificed him and thought it was the end of it, she then asks herself does it mean Van is coming back?

The end.

Did Van die?

Yes, he ended up vanishing sacrificing himself for the greater good.

Did Gugtan die?

Yes, he also died. He was stabbed by his brother and eventually, both vanished into thin air.

Is Island Part 3 coming soon?

It seems so. TVING has not issued a public response yet to the cliffhanger ending, many fans believe this means a new chapter of the story begins. Stay tuned to this link for more updates.

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  1. I dont think van or gungtan are dead.
    1) the dagger shaking. That dagger isn’t merely a tool that can be used by just about anyone. It’s an extension of van’s lust demon. It was tamed by van and the same goes for gungtan and his dagger. The dagger is supposed to alert van to coming evil. The fact that it is shaking means van too is back
    2) it was never stated that van will die when the barrier is created. It was said that when the fragment of the marble leaves him, he’ll become full lust demon and be banished to the darkness like gungtan was before.
    3) Mi ho saying will he come back also hints at this. Why would she think so if she didn’t think that the destruction of the barrier means the return of both van and gungtan?

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