“Hospital Ship” Episode 7 And 8 Recap And Review

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Ratings for episode 7 and 8 of “Hospital Ship” picked up and the drama continues to dominate the Wednesday-Thursday dramas ratings battle.

So lets dive right in to see why more Koreans tuned to see episode 7 and 8. Buckle up for an emotional ride and prepare some tissues.

Episode 7 Recap

We pick right up from where we left, the fortune teller is pulling Doctor Eun Jae’s hair and refuses to let go, it takes and entire team to interfere, and when Doctor Kwak Hyun offers her a deal that she couldn’t resist she let go of Eun Jae.

He takes her to his examination room and examines her as well. He starts with the process and the fortune teller soon enough starts talking about his past, his present and his future. She says he’s unlucky with girls, she says “The next girl won’t be easy to get either (referring to his failed first love)” *we know, may God be with him*

Mr. Choo confronts Doctor Eun Jae about her terrible attitude towards patients. He tells her that he doesn’t need a doctor who treats patients so badly, he tells her that she’s taking out her anger on patients because it reminds her of her mother. (valid point)

She runs away as usual, while Doctor Kwak Hyun was helping the fortune teller up she vomits blood all over him before collapsing, he tries to apply… first but freezes, Ah Rim ends up calling Doctor Eun Jae for help.

They transfer the grandma to the hospital and run a series of tests, while Doctor Kwak Hyun tries to apply the…. Multiple times, its clear that he has a trauma related to that device and can’t easily apply it when faced with real life situations.

While leaving the deck his sister calls him, he rushes over to his father’s side, who seems to be residing in the mental hospital and had attempted to run away and ended up injuring himself. His little sister is getting married soon but had to lie that her father was abroad, she came to check up on him to see if he can walk her down the aisle and she found out he had ran away.

After an argument erupts between his sister and his mother they both end up storming off while Hyun tries to calm them down. His father wakes up but he can’t recognize him, it might be because he is suffering from Alzheimer’s, we find out that this town is his father’s hometown.

Hyun has a heart-to-heart talk with his father and tries to help him remember some of the things he did, but the father sadly can’t remember anything.

While Doctor Eun Jae examined the elderly fortune teller she finds out that she’s dying and doesn’t have much time left, she needs a liver transplant, with her terrible attitude tells the elderly patient she’ll die and tries to convince her to call a family member and get the surgery. The elderly refuses.

Thus Doctor Eun Jae brings her a paper that she needs to sign off to prove that she was the one who refused the treatment, she signs it and leaves. As he’s leaving his father’s room his mother checks up on him, she notices sadness in his eyes and asks him how he’s doing, he promptly says he’s fine.

He calls to check up on the elderly patient but is surprised when he finds out she was discharged by Doctor Eun Jae. He goes to the hospital to knock some sense into her, she raises a valid argument, and says that if the patient isn’t willing to be treated there is nothing she can do.

He calls Mr. Choo and asks him to check up on the elderly, he goes back to Doctor Eun Jae and asks her to order some drugs that will alleviate the patient condition while they buy more time. He waits outside the hospital for her and drives her back home.

Turns out the elderly went to see her daughter and offer her some money for her upcoming wedding, the daughter is rude to her mother and ashamed of her, the mother hands her the money and walks away.

During the ride home, Doctor Eun Jae again using her knife like mouth hurts Hyun with her words, she points out his weaknesses and asks him why he’s struggling with intubation. She keeps pushing for an answer until he stops the car suddenly and tells her (what became one of my favorite lines of the drama so far) “Not everyone is life you, you’re always impressive… but not everyone is like you, not everyone can be you.”

Back at the dorm, she is surprised by her aunt, her aunt is furious of her and her terrible manners, she points out that Eun Jae didn’t even ask where her mother’s ashes were spread, nor cried at the funeral, she hasn’t contacted her aunt even when she moved closer to her.

Eun Jae takes all of it in, her aunt asks her to explain herself, she doesn’t reply, her aunt hands her a box of whats left of her mother’s belongings and tells her to never ever contact her again. Of course this entire scenario takes place in front of Hyun who is watching from afar.

*Love the expression by the way*

In the empty room all by herself, Eun Jae stares at the box scared of opening it, she looks depressed and tries hard to not cry. The next morning Eun Jae (out of the blue) gives Hyun a drink, he is pleasantly surprised by her gesture, she then assures him it was only because she got one for free. (ya ya right!)

Episode 8 Recap

A long-time teacher who picks up kids through his boat is introduced at the first part of the episode. He is a nice elderly man who helps out his students. Awaiting him in the school are our doctors who are here to check up on the kids and vaccinate them.

He sees a face he knows, Hyun happens to be his good friend son, he asks how his father is doing, seems like everyone believes that his father is away and is reluctant to return home, Hyun confirms it.

Meanwhile, Doctor Jae Gul gets an unexpected phone call from the elderly woman Mrs. Park. She asks him to treat her through needles, he goes there to meet her but when he finds out how bad it is he refuses at first, she uses her psychic abilities and uses his dead brother as a bate to get him to stay.

When the doctors go back they find out that Doctor Jae Gul went to her place to treat her, they rush over, Doctor Eun Jae confronts Jae Gul, they get into a fight of whether he should be treating her with needles or not. They ask Hyun for his opinion, the poor guy is trapped but manages to barely avoid their glares with a witty answer.

Doctor Eun Jae’s conscious seems to be working again after Hyun and Jae Gul talk about her condition and her daughter, she goes back there to convince her to go through the surgery, she doesn’t want this to become another similar case to what she’s been through.

The following day they visit Hyun’s father friend, the teacher who works at the school. They ask him for a favor, to let them know of elderly Park whereabouts. They end up finding the girl and Eun Jae goes there to convince the daughter to donate to her mother.

The daughter is shocked by what she heard from Eun Jae, as they’re talking Hyun finds out that the elderly woman has collapsed again, of course the daughter agrees to help out her mother.

The mother suddenly collapses and is sent to the ER. The mother and daughter wake up the next day, the surgery was a success. Eun Jae checks up on the elderly woman, she tells her that her mother can’t rest in peace because her daughter is too pitiful.

She runs over to open the box her aunt gave her, and a long sequence (approx. 7 minutes) of how much the mother suffered in silence while thinking of her daughter daily plays. She finds out how much her mother loved her even when she ignored her and cut her off while talking on the phone, realizing how badly she has treated her mother she cries her eyes out, saying “I am sorry mom!.”

My Review

This “Hospital Ship” episode was calm… this is why there isn’t really much to address in the small recap you see above. I included anything that mattered in the two 30 minutes long episode. I prefer Wednesday’s episode to Thursday’s episode. I think this one is too calm for my taste, these days I prefer some action over calm dramas.

Eun Jae is a pain in the ass to be honest with you, but I like how she doesn’t really change her attitude that fast. It gives it a realistic sense, people don’t change so easily and I bet Hyun will suffer around her, she is bluntly honest and a jerk at times.

But we do see a tiny progress with the two, she offers him a drink which seems so out of her nature. But again we could be over-analysing what happened.

Knowing more of Hyun’s past makes me like him as a character even more. His father has (according to the plot outline) neglected his entire family, his little sister doesn’t seem to be that nice or that polite either. To me it feels like out of his entire family he’s the one who is suffering the most and he’s the one who cares for his father the most, even when he neglected them, he did have a positive influence on Hyun, Hyun became a physician because of his dad.

I am curious of what actually happened that led to his father’s hospitalization and why they’re so careful with it, why they’ve kept it a secret. I am also curious of how Jae Gul brother died.

Aside from Hyun and Jae Gul, I am really not interested in any other character. Eun Jae is not that interesting to me anymore, Ha Ji Won plays her very well, the only thing we can look forward to from here is how she changes and becomes a better person when communicating with others.

To be honest with you I still have trouble wrapping my head around why this drama has 20 1 hour episodes… Thursday’s episode was very mild and not that exciting, how will they keep this drama going for 16 more episodes? I prefer short precise straight-to-the-point dramas to long dramas, this was one of the reasons I started watching kdramas to begin with.

To be honest with you, I don’t feel like they have good chemistry together as a couple, I think they work well together and they have good serenity together, but I honestly have trouble imagining them as a couple.

I don’t feel like they’d make an awful couple but I still don’t feel like they’ll make an outstanding couple either, its somewhere in between.

Guys, I don’t know if I’ll continue to recap this drama, mainly because I feel like I am not entertained enough by it.

As I said before its not bad but it isn’t that good either. Its somewhere in between, I cannot make up my mind on what score to give it, but there are many dull scenes here and there.

But the characters remain the best part of the drama, the plot and the events that takes place might not be as entertaining as you’d expect from a medical themed drama but the story behind each character and their struggles are well written.

So what do you think guys? Have you watched episode 7 and 8 yet? Do you agree with me? I would like to know what you guys thought of it![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

By Jass K.

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  1. Thanks for Your review. I don’t understand why people do not talk and write much about this series. Maybe like you say because it is calm and not much actions as they want. I personal started on this only because of Ha Ji Won and did not have high expectations either, since I am not a big fan of medical films. But the more I see it the more I like it. The stories in each episode are told clean but not without meaning. There are sad, happy, funny and action in each episode as well. I do hope they take the romantic way, since both KK and SEJ have lots of chemistry, especially the last 2 episodes. I hope you continue to do the recaps of this, since it is nice to read the recap while waiting for the new week . Thanks for your efforts. Best regards

  2. Thanks for the review. So glad can find someone reviewing this drama which is currently my favourite drama. I will be looking forward to more reviews from you in the weeks to come.

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