“Happiness” Episode 11 Recap And Review: Shocking Revelations + A Hint At The Ending, Will It Bring Happiness?

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“Happiness” Episode 11 aired last night after watching it, I have a lot of thoughts to share, so here is a recap review of “Happiness” Episode 11.

If you recall, tvN has stated that “Happiness” will NOT have a second season and will end with only one, now, this is potentially both good and bad news and after watching “Happiness” episode 11, I am even more confused than ever.

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“Happiness” episode 11 recap- only the highlights

It begins with Andrew instructing our couple to go downstairs so they can discuss, the rest of the apartment people also gown downstairs. Andrew tells them they can get Seo Yeon [the lawyer guy took her].

We find out that Andrew is a serial killer who kills for fun, he’s killed many people and was a wanted man, he killed the person he impersonated too. He killed the cleaning lady and Kim Se-Hun (#1501) as well.

Mr. Oh was already in on it and he came up with a plan to help him in exchange for getting rid of the couple. The couple gets instructed to go outside and open the emergency power.

The couple goes outside, they open it and they run back inside. However, they’re attacked by zombies and Sae Bom finds out Yi Hyun is infected, he blocks them from getting into her as they race to the elevator, she pulls him in. She cries and hugs him, she admits to him she likes him when he tells her not to get too close because his heart beats faster and he become thirsty.

The apartment folks also get told that they had a device to communicate with people on the outside, Sae Bom says she’s told them everything and they will be arrested.

After the couple escapes, they go to another entrance because they suspect Andrew will shoot them as soon as they come back. They get Seo Yeon and the ahjussi. They also take the lawyer’s wife who tells the lawyer they’re over and throws the ring at him.

They go to the rooftop and also end up taking the girl there with them. Andrew catches up to them but on his way up, he sees the second floor couple and they get into a fight, he stabs the husband with his knife to the neck, he goes to the rooftop.

There he sees them fleeing and shoots at Yi Hyun. Yi Hyun decides to stay behind and locks the door with handcuffs, Sae Bom is distraught but goes downstairs and rides the car outside the building.

Andrew shoots Yi Hyun again who throws away the key, he refuses to look Andrew as he’s about to shoot him one last time, when he turns around, Yi Hyun turns into a zombie, he bites him.

Meanwhile, Woo Sang-Hee beats Mr. Oh with a bat and tries to read what’s on his back, the lawyer goes inside and finds out, when Mr. Oh wakes up as they’re writing down the encryption on his back, the girl beats him again, however, Mr. Oh found the pills that causes the disease and took them.

Outside, Sae Bom is captured and immediately drugged. She’s escorted to the facility where she’s kept. She meets Han Tae Seok who tells her he needs to show her something, he also gives her her phone.

She goes to see his wife. Han Tae-Seok tells her he brought her here on the account that he over-administrated a drug, when she gets tested tomorrow and if she’s cleared, she will be taken by the government to a place no unauthorized personal can go.

He tells her he needs her plasma and she says they should help each other and help her go back to get Yi Hyun. Back at the room where she’s locked, she sees a confession video Yi Hyun recorded.

“Happiness” episode 11 review

I was among the people happy the drama won’t be seasonal, with such a setting, the excitement level tends to go down as episodes progress. This drama has managed to not do that.

However, I also saw many say there isn’t much time left to wrap this up successfully.

So, when Sae Bom goes outside she sees people playing around as if everything is normal which begs the question, just how bad everything truly is? And how much is Han Tae-Seok lying?

Judging by the preview for episode 12, I am guessing the ending will not be fully a happy one.

Since the preview hints at how her antibodies count is going down, I believe society will crumble soon after unless they find someone else who has antibodies.

I don’t know how “Happiness” ending will turn out but I am sure it’ll be very eventful and bittersweet, I just hope that the screenwriter will be able to tie almost all loose ends.

I don’t have the biggest faith that he’ll do that successfully completely but I hope he surprises me.

I wouldn’t honestly hate it if the ending turns out to be heartbreaking but I bet most fans will riot afterward. I have a lot of feelings to share about Andrew and the shocking twist with his character but I’ll reserve my judgement for now and see how the ending turns out before I begin to complain.

So what did you guys think of the 11th episode?

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