“Go Back Couple” Episode 2 Review And Recap

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The second episode of “Go Back Couple” achieved better ratings than its first episode, and is slowly becoming the new staple weekend drama for Koreans to watch.

So what exactly took place in the second episode? Well if you’re here to find out, you’re probably at the wrong site.

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I expressed how shocked and happy I was with the drama premiere, I am always hesitant when it comes to time travel dramas because it can become repetitive and irritating as time goes by.

The second episode with all honesty is way less entertaining and exciting.

What happens in the second episode is only this:

The main characters find out that they’re still in their 20s the second day and part ways ‘for now’.

There is nothing more and nothing less to it. The first 10 minutes of the drama focuses on the two leads trying so hard to explain that they’re from the future to their friends, as expected they fail miserably.


Jin Joo and Ban Do stumble upon each other one more time and try their best to ignore one another. The two try and fail to adjust to their life in the 20s and continue to act weird around their friends.

Towards the last half of the second episode, Jin Joo and Ban Do reunite through a group blind date. I was excited about the scene because I thought they would lash at each other, but instead (not a surprise) they avoid each other till the very end.


Everyone ends up picking a partner and leaves with them, Jin Joo and Ban Do are left alone. In the restaurant Ban Do dumps Jin Joo once and for all, he speaks like an elder and asks her to continue studying and become a working woman.

Before Jin Joo had the chance to fire back, Ban Do leaves and stumbles upon his first love Seo Young. He approaches her and Jin Joo notices that, she’s slightly hurt but continues on her way.


Jin Joo then sees a little child with the same name as her own and suddenly mentally collapses (that didn’t take long), of course since she’s a mother it was only a short matter of time before she remembered her son and yearned to him.


She cries in the middle of the streets and gets in the wrong car, pays with a visa card, the driver was Nam Gil, the man who asked her out last night and was rejected for his smell.


He drives her home and just sits there in his car baffled by whatever the hell was going on with her. We also find out that his father had came last night to visit him in the field while he was practicing, he scolded him and asked him to date. (weird!)

He went and asked Jin Joo and we all know how that went.

I mean the way she rejected him was very very mean, but again we know that she is a germophobic so it wasn’t much of a surprise that she was going to reject him.

The scene in which she mentally collapsed was very funny, I don’t know whether it was because I have problems or whether because the writer actually intended on making it appear funny.

The poor mom misses her child and I was sitting there at my desk (at work) barely holding in my laugh, I ended up hiding my face behind the giant computer screen to avoid the looks of my co-workers.

I just love Jang Nara, she is not only a pretty lady but a great actress, she makes me feel all the feels there is. In my opinion, she is the real rom-com queen of kdramas.

Aside from what you just read nothing significant took place. Which was why I was slightly disappointed with the second episode. But honestly I cannot blame the writer; he can’t rush the things that took place during this episode.

The writer must show how the leads try and fail to adapt to their new environment and how they interact with one another on a surface level. In some scene I wished it was rushed a bit more, it felt like some scene took way too long and deserved to be shorter. (the entire group blind date scene took too long)

I tried to keep my mouth shut about this particular thing but I can’t anymore, but Jae Woo’s character is… lets talk about the fake abs… seriously? Who thought it was a good idea? I seriously wanna punch someone for that stupid (obviously) fake ripped arms.

The problem is, he’s very thin and his entire body doesn’t match the ripped arms they attached to him. It looks so funny and cringy, why couldn’t they think of another thing to change about him?

He’s apparently become a popular baseball player 14 years later, but the way he looks is equally annoying and cringe-worthy. I couldn’t look at his fake arms, and the things they added to his body, nothing matches anything.

Quick fun side note: this isn’t the first time Ko Bo Gyeol and Cho Hye Jung worked together on a drama, they previously shared the screen in “Cinderella and four knights”

By the end of the second episode we find out that the characters will stay in year 1999 for now.

About the time travel machine here, just like Jin Joo and Ban Do I am wondering about what led them back to year 1999, will their rooms and beds be time machine? It doesn’t make much sense if it was that, but then again I have no other guesses to make.

How will the writer handle that thing is unknown for now, but one thing is for sure, they have changed their future, I can’t wait to see how will that affect them when they go back to the present.

I have a feeling they won’t go back to year 2017 until their entire feud is solved, I have a feeling that the writer will focus on their romance and they’ll fall in love together through a series of events again, this time they have a better chance at doing better.

Jin Joo will probably become a leading career woman and I imagine Ban Do to also change his career future. The two will still get married but I think they will marry after dating for a while (unlike what they did in the past).

They’ll end up happily together and be back with their son once again. Through that time travel thingy they’ll probably realize they still love and care for one another.

But hey… what you just read is merely what I think will happen, I could be surprised in the near future, but my hunch tells me this is how the writer plans on handling the story, but yet again, I could be totally wrong.

It’ll be fun to see how the two try to move on and fall back in love with each other, I would love if they went back and forward in time but I think with the child and everything else, it’ll be too much of a hassle for the writer.

Episode 2 might have been slightly boring, but episode 3 preview looks amazing, I can’t wait for next week’s episode.

I would also like to point out that I am in love with actor Son Ho Jun and his expressive facial expressions, his face and his expressions are just right, he’s not overly invasive and doesn’t come off as “too much,” their chemistry together is also great, they’re one of my favorite couple this year.

So what did you guys think of the 2nd episode? Did you like it?

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  1. The two will still get married but I think they will marry after dating for a while (unlike what they did in the past). –i think they did date or at least were friends before getting married previously. they got married 14 years ago but they met each other 18years ago.

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