“Ghost Doctor” Final Episode Recap And Ending Explained

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Ghost Doctor” has aired its final episode last night, here is a recap of the finale and its ending explained.

Did Cha Young Min die in “Ghost Doctor?”

Cha Young Min was in a life or death situation and had to be operated on. Luckily, he does not die and survives the operation which was done on him.

Previously, he had agreed with Ahn Tae-Hyun that he’d assist Go Seung Tak in his own operation, he’d only interfere if the situation got bad.

During the operation, Go Seung Tak is possessed by Cha Young Min who does it for him, however, mid-operation, Cha Young Min gets ejected from his body and must watch Go Seung Tak try to save him. Go Seung Tak ends up being the one who saves him.

Did The “Ghost Doctor” Cha Young min wake up?

Yes, Cha Young min eventually wakes up. At first, they think he didn’t remember anything but it turns out that he could. Cha Young Min also ended up recording a video in Seung Tak’s body to watch in case he forgot.

He makes a full recovery.

Did Ahn Tae-Hyun pay for his crimes?

Yes. After Professor Cha wakes up, Ahn Tae-Hyun turns himself into the police station, he’s armed with a recording of Han Seung-Won talking about the murder of the chairman and such. He wants to pay for his crimes.

Was Han Seung-Won arrested?

He wasn’t but he went there voluntarily for questioning since they had evidence against him. Jang Min-Ho was also arrested by police for the murder of his father.

How does “Ghost Doctor” ends?

“Ghost Doctor” has a happy ending, it ends with Professor Cha coming back to the hospital as a changed man who now has more sympathy. He works together with Go Seung Tak to save patients’ lives.

Did Cha Young Min and Jang Se-Jin end up together?

Yes. Jang Se-Jin leaves to the U.S. to take care of some things and when she returns, she returns to Cha Young Min’s home, she’s going to stay there by his side. He said some harsh words for her when he woke up but regretted it. Turns out, despite what he said, Jang Se-Jin had no plans of losing him ever again. She gives him a back hug when she sees him and he gives her a hug back.

Did Go Seung Tak and Oh Soo-Jung end up together?

Not yet, but we can assume they will. One doctor is flirting with Oh Soo-Jung and Go Seung Tak shows jealousy, it isn’t hinted that they got together in the drama but we’d like to assume that they eventually do.

Did The “Ghost Doctor” have a happy or sad ending?

“Ghost Doctor” ending was a happy one. Cha Young Min and Jang Se-Jin end up together and Go Seung Tak is now able to carry out life as normal and do surgeries like a normal surgeon.

What did you guys think of the “Ghost Doctor” ending? Did you like it or not? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Ghost Doctor is a very very nice drama….its been a long time since we’ve seen such good drama and such good chemistry. Cha young min and go seung tak did a very good job. Rain is superb ! Also Se Jin and seung tak good job !

  2. I loved the Ghost doctor I thought Cha young min and Go seung tak played brilliant parts ,the chemistry between them was exceptional I am so glad that it had a happy ending.

  3. I’m really getting crazy about this drama,everything about it is actually happening in most places of our society. I can’t imagine I haven’t felt for food yet,since morning.I Love everything about “Ghost Doctor “

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