“Frankly Speaking” Ending Explained- Episode 12 Recap And Finale

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JTBC has aired the finale of “Frankly Speaking” earlier today, let us recap the 12th episode and explain the ending!

“Frankly Speaking” episode 12 recap

The episode begins with Gu-Won telling his mother a story of a lion and how he changed throughout trial and error and help from his peers.

Then we forward to a scene where Ki-Baek and his brothers go to see their mother. She has woken up and is not dead, she’s alive and well. The husband cries seeing her awake and she consoles him.

Bok-Ja goes to visit her boyfriend’s mother’s funeral and consoles him too. He gives her an envelope with expensive jewelry saying she wanted to come by and get a haircut.

Jeong-Heon is discussing in front of his agency CEO and says he’s not retiring but hibernating.

Woo-Joo is on her way to work and talks to a friend who says they tried contacting her teammate for a job and found out he has a part-time job too. She then goes back to her office, gives both her assistants money and tells them not to come back and

The CEO also meets with Ki-Baek to offer him the dream job he wanted to, he wanted to tell the news and it would be a bit more causal but still, close to what he wanted. But he declines citing he’s not the same person he used to be. Also saying that he wanted to hide behind a mask as he was anxious all the time in the past.

Woo-Joo sees her mother who is back from the funeral and a discussion about a possible marriage appears but the mom shuts it down. Woo-Joo thinks its because the mother is looking out for her. In a discussion, Ki-Baek encourages her to be open and honest with her mother. Thus, when she discusses with her next time, she blows up in her face telling her to live her life, her mother is flustered by her actions.

Gu-Won then does a bit of a trickery and brings his mother and Un-Baek closer together.

Ki-Baek and Jeong-Heon meet up for drinks and vent to each other. and at night, after Woo-Joo’s confrontation with her mother, he encourages her to go back and smooth things, she goes back and does so, her mother reveals her boyfriend never discussed marriage so who is she supposed to marry.

Jeong-Heon leaves overseas, news of his panic disorder and hiatus will soon hit the news. His assistant is sad to see him go.

Woo-Joo then asks her friends at the broadcasting station for help, Chae Yeon and Ha-Young both agree.

 Ki-Baek eventually accepts that job offer and is restarting his news coverage.

6 months later

Jeong-Heon came back from his vacation. He’s welcomed by Woo-Joo and the team who are happy to see him back.

Her mother is going to Jeju and has a feeling her boyfriend will propose, but if not, she prepared a ring and is going to propose.

The entire family gathers to attend Gu-Won’s play about the tale of the lion. The story mimics that of our beloved couple.

after the play ends, the couple goes up to the stage, there,

Ki-Baek proposes to Woo-Joo asking her to be his universe, she accepts happily. He engraved this on their rings too on the outside so you could see it clearly. The couple share a hug and a kiss.

The end.

“Frankly Speaking” ending explained- FAQ

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