“Forecasting Love And Weather” Finale: Recap And Ending Explained

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Forecasting Love And Weather” has ended its run earlier today, here is a recap of the finale and its ending explained.

What happens to Lee Si Woo’s father?

Lee Si Woo’s father decides to run away because he doesn’t want to burden his son. He calls him after he left the hospital to tell him to get back to the director because he won’t find someone like her.

Lee Si Woo begins crying begging his father not to do this, to get chemotherapy and try to be a good father towards him so he won’t leave a bad memory behind. The father cries hearing his son say he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure he helps him get through his cancer.

A year later, Lee Si Woo’s father recovers from cancer. He’s also made amends with his father and they now live together.

Why did Shin Seok-Ho and Jin Tae Kyung break up?

Jin Tae Kyung meets Shin Seok-Ho on a night drunk, she says she was dropped from her publishing agency and says she wants to quit being a children’s book writer. She also says she’s been the boring daughter and misfortune follows her. She tells Shin Seok-Ho she wants to break up with him, he doesn’t take it well.

Later, after it snows, he calls her drunk crying saying he loves her and he can’t be without her.

Did Han Ki-Jun and Chae Yoo-Jin decide to keep the baby?

Yes. They decided to keep the baby. Han Ki-Jun convinces Chae Yoo-Jin he’ll do his best for their child and that they should keep it. Despite how difficult it will be, he will be the best father he can. She cries and agrees to keep the baby.

Han Ki-Jun also brags about his baby to Ha Kyung and he ends up taking a loan in order to help with the baby expenses. The couple stay together and become a happy family.

Did Lee Si Woo and Jin Ha Kyung come back to each other?

Yes, they did. Jin Ha Kyung ends up admitting to her mother that she really likes him but when he wanted to break up, she felt it wouldn’t be right for her to cling onto him, besides, she’s his senior director.

Meanwhile, the reason why Lee Si Woo wanted to break up was because he didn’t want to burden her, but he didn’t anticipate she’d say yes so fast and he was afraid she actually meant it.

The two end up meeting somewhere else when it begins to snow, Jin Ha Kyung asks him out again and he tells her he doesn’t flirt around. They laugh but then profess their love for each other and kiss.

How does “Forecasting Love And Weather” end?

In March of 2023, all the couples are doing well together. Lee Si Woo and Jin Ha Kyung are happily dating and their parents have met.

Han Ki-Jun and Chae Yoo-Jin are about to become parents. Shin Seok-Ho and Jin Tae Kyung are also happily dating and Shin Seok-Ho decided to publish her book himself. They’re dating with marriage in mind. Um Dong-Han also managed to make it work with his family and they’re back to living together, they didn’t divorce.

“Forecasting Love And Weather” finale- review

“Forecasting Love And Weather” has been a mixed bag in my opinion and I find my conclusion of it to be sad. I always want to enjoy the kdramas I watch but sometimes, expectations get the best of me and sometimes, even with the best of intentions, screenwriters just don’t know when or how to wrap things up.

In short, “Forecasting Love And Weather” isn’t that terrible but its not great either. I’d say its an ‘okay’ kdrama. Granted, it still had many moments I liked, moments I’d love to see more of in other kdramas.

“Forecasting Love And Weather” theme was very nice and very unique. The way it was worked into the drama was freaking amazing and the screenwriter deserves praise for this part alone regardless of how she handled the rest.

“Forecasting Love And Weather” should’ve been 8 to 10 episodes max. That way, the drama would’ve not only been better but wayyyyy more memorable. 16 episodes was so unnecessary and truly derailed the script.

You can tell the screenwriter just doesn’t know how to carry on the conversation beyond episode 9 or 10.

The breakup of the main couple was handled sloppily and oddly in certain parts. The thing is, they both did such an amazing job communicating their thoughts to each other. Despite their age gap, it was a beautiful relationship and something all couples should aspire to. But then, when it comes to the most crucial point, suddenly, they don’t know how to communicate. For a couple that had such a good understanding of each other and understanding of how to communicate their feelings to each other, the way they handled their breakup is mind-boggling to me.

And I know its not because the characters would’ve failed to do that but its because the screenwriter doesn’t really know how to take it from there and is deathly afraid of trying something a bit different with it.

Spending roughly half the drama’s run time in this weird conundrum where they’re not lovers but also not completely broken up either is not really what fans want to see. Generally speaking, breakups in kdramas last an episode to two and are around the end of the run time, but they never take up about half of any given kdrama’s run time. The people who like the drama and the couple would feel alienated because they can’t see what they came to see and those who are on the fence will end up disappointed with the overall direction the drama took.

Aside from that, Song Kang and Min Young don’t share the best chemistry. I can tell they’re trying their best but they have shared better chemistry with other co-stars that people will always go back to.

All in all, “Forecasting Love And Weather” gave me hope at the beginning. I liked a lot of what it was doing but then towards the middle, the drama derailed and was never able to find its footing again, which is a shame really.

So these are my thoughts on “Frecasting Love And Weather,” so what about you guys? did you like the episodes? let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

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  1. As you said it was an okay drama, it was watchable but personally I couldn’t overcome the fact that the drama pretended to somehow “forget” that Ki-Jun ended his relationship with Ha Kyung by actually cheating on her. She caught the guy in bed with another woman, or did I hallucinate in episode 1? And so what happened next was very strange to see – Ha Kyung became his confidante cheering him up in his relationship with Chae Yoo Jin, giving him advices, reassuring him. In his turn, Ki-Jun was patronising Si Woo “explaining” to him how he should properly date Ha Kyung and what kind of person she is. The cherry on top – they even showed us a moment when Ki-Jun falls in love with Chae Yoo Jin while still being in a relationship with another woman (Ha Kyung). This does not make any sense and so despite good performances and casting I couldn’t make any sense of this drama.

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