“Flower Of Evil” Episode 3 And 4 Review And Recap

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tvN continues to wow me with their dramas this year, and “Flower Of Evil” is one of those dramas that are keeping me entertained in a sea of very similar cliché dramas.

Last week, I reviewed the 1st and 2nd episode, and I’ve returned to review the 3rd and 4th episodes because it’s THAT good. I need to talk about it.

Note: HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD of episode 3 and 4.

Last week, we discussed tvN’s heavy marketing for the drama, we also talked about how much they likely spent and got innovative in creating ads for this drama. Despite their efforts, the ratings aren’t reflecting that, and honestly, that annoys me, I want to see “Flower Of Evil” do well because it genuinely deserves it.

It’s too early to fully judge “Flower Of Evil” but thus far, I am really enjoying it. It’s a thrilling ride that’s filled with twists and turns.

Like I stated last week, I don’t believe Lee Joon Gi is the ‘bad’ character/a serial killer, this was the most disappointing part for me. I desperately wanted to see him play the actual antagonist as the lead of the drama. It seems to be a huge misunderstanding and bad luck for Hee Sung/ Hyun Su.

I suspected that going in because kdramas almost never let the antagonist play the lead in any drama, the way they marketed it hinted at how he could be one, but I couldn’t shake that feeling of suspicion that it ever was.

The reason is, I wanted to see how it plays out. It’s a very interesting situation and a great premise for a drama; this is also why the writer is disguising Hyun Su as this killer because it evokes curiosity.

Not to say “Flower Of Evil” was bad, not at all, I actually really enjoyed the 3rd and 4th episode.

I like the dynamics between Hee Sung and Moo Jin. They actually go well together and it shows just how hard those two actors prepared for their roles. They’re pros after all. Lee Joon Gi definitely steals the spotlight thus far, he’s simply amazing in his role.

I believe that Hyun Su was taunted after it was revealed that his father is a serial killer, they assumed he was possessed and it appears that he led a difficult life. I believe his anti-social disorder comes from the way his father treated him and his sister in the past. It doesn’t seem that he’s apathetic but rather hurt and reserved; he doesn’t believe he deserves love and is cautious of those around him. He seems like an actual gentle soul that got treated roughly.

He seems to lack emotions in certain scenes but you see that he get very emotional in others and shows them well on his face, this is weird coming from someone who’s supposedly always trying to learn how to show emotions like humans. But I ain’t complaining that much. I believe he loves his daughter and his wife and is trying his best to not screw up and lose them, I think he fears this scenario the most.

I am skeptic of everything surrounding Hee Sung including the fact that he killed a man, it could well have been in self-defense because he was getting taunted for being a serial killer son. It could also have something to do with his sister.

I believe Moo Jin is a worse character; it seems that he contributed to the death of another person despite leading a normal life unlike Hyun Su. Aside from being a bully, he seems like a trashy person who plays the good reporter when he’s done terrible shit in the past.

The moments between Hee Sung and Ji Won are especially nerve-wracking and we’re only four episodes in. There were a couple of moments when they collided and I could hardly breathe. I liked the way those scenes played out.

Ji Won is a very interesting character that also seems to be hiding something, I hope to god she’s not connected to Hee Sung in the past because if she is, I’ll lose it. This will be the 15th drama this year to use the same old cliché of ‘we knew each other when we were younger.’ I’d be very disappointed if it turns out to be true.

“Flower Of Evil” seems to be moving at a faster pace so I don’t know how much longer Hyun Su will be able to deceive her. I am sure he’ll find a way to narrowly escape this once she saves his life, but I don’t know how much longer he’ll be able to do so. I also believe we’ll continue to see cases getting tied into those serial murders. I don’t think his father is dead as well. I also have a feeling the real Hee Sung will wake up as well towards the end of the series.

So far, I like the depth of “Flower Of Evil” characters, there is so much left to explore and the supporting character all have connections to each other and their own backstories, I think we’ll get a fleshed out story by the end but I hope it won’t drag. I don’t know if 16 episodes are needed for such story, I am happy so far with it, but I am afraid it’ll drag later on.

My one complaint [nit-picking, I know]

Let’s talk the editing of “Flower Of Evil.”

I don’t think many noticed that but I did. The editing is a bit too much in some scenes; the background music gets so loud, obnoxiously loud trying to emulate the feeling of suspense but it’s going too far, it almost becoming comical at this point. I get it, he’s hiding his real character and it’s a tense scene, but you don’t need to plaster the most suspenseful music you have in your directory to show me it’s a very bad situation. There were many scenes when it wasn’t needed because the situation was obviously getting diffused. An example would be when Hee Sung came back wearing a rain coat and his wife was looking at him weirdly.

It’s not like the first thing that’ll come to her mind is that her husband is that same man, the rain coat is a common thing and there was no need to plaster that loud music and drag it on.

Other than that, “Flower Of Evil” is one of the most enjoyable dramas I am currently watching. It reminds me of the thrill I’d gotten from “The World Of The Married,” and I hope it keeps getting better.

What about you guys? What did you think of the 3rd and 4th episode of “Flower Of Evil”?

By Jass K.

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