“Because This Is My First Life” Episode 8 Review And Recap

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Episode 8 is here and what we feared actually happened, there was a major plot twist in this episode as well.

I must admit, the start of episode 8 was very annoying and comical.

Se Hee’s back flip that’s illogical, almost like early 2000s parody of the matrix, and Song Goo almost made his musical debut… I was cringing.

Fortunately, the rest didn’t disappoint me.

Bok Nam might look cute but he’s deadly cute… literally! 😉

Se Hee now officially contradicts himself, in episode 7 he was trying to hide it but as episode 8 progresses it becomes clear to him and us that Bok Nam must be caught by the police.

Se Hee asks Ji Ho to take the kitty to the vet, the poor guy is using the cute kitty as an excuse to delay her arrival to the café, he’s also trying his best prevent her from working there but he knows he has no right to do that.

In the office, Sang Goo, Se Hee and Bo Mi enlist the help of Won Seok to identify whether the allegations against Bok Nam are serious or not. As the episode goes by the number of suspicious and scary things about Bok Nam grows, there was more to him than his cute face and amazing body.

Ji Ho is told that Se Hee is a manly man by the vet doctors. Ji Ho has a hard time believing it, the writer is trying to make us fall for Se Hee even harder by introducing a back story that tells us a bit about what type of character he really is.

Back in the street near where Ji Ho and Bok Nam work, Se Hee sees Bok Nam’s bike and is in awe of how expensive it is. A series of events led to him trying so hard to avoid scratching the motorbike, he even does a back flip…. You heard me right! I was like “what the fuck is up?”

That scene was so unnecessary and annoying, the scene was added to extend the episode by 5~10 minutes, 5~10 wasting time while Se Hee does that backflip that probably took hours to film and him getting treatment and conversing with Ji Ho.

Sang Goo visits Won Seok in his office and does a number for high school musical on his way, in this episode we finally get to find out more about what does Won Seok exactly do, we know he’s developing an app but nothing more than that. The fact that we got to find out so much about him in this episode was so nice.


By the end of it, Se Hee attempts to change Ji Ho’s mind about working there, he gets shut down so fast and in a very polite matter. Ji Ho explains that she’s not planning on leaving unless she’s fired.

Meanwhile, Soo Ji continues to suffer on the hands of her sunbae’s in the firm, we know that Soo Ji doesn’t like wearing bra when outside the office, I understand, I am a woman too, bras are fucking annoying.

She overhears some of her co-workers talking about that incident the other time when they were in the investment meeting. The girls point out that Sang Goo defended her because he’s probably interested in her body.


Soo Ji is insecure more than I thought she’d be. She scolds Sang Goo who came to see her and have dinner with her simply because she’s unsure of what he wants from her.

She says she only wants to sleep with him and that he shouldn’t try to get close to her. Of course, he calls her “twisted,” that bitch broke his fucking heart I want her dead… joking~(not)

I don’t understand why she’s so twisted about this. She doesn’t like abiding by the society she lives in, I get that. She goes around wearing no bra then expecting people at work not to notice it once or twice or talk about it.

Soo Ji is a crowd pleaser and a rational being, why on earth is she trying to escape from the things she does? Why is she so twisted?

If you don’t want to wear a bra then don’t! but don’t expect your actions to change the community around you so easily. Korea is a conservative country and they frown up such actions, I don’t think its justified, women should wear what they want, but if I am living there and breaking those standards I should embrace myself to whats to come.

She lashes out on a man who has clearly shown he’s sincere, because she’s scared that he’ll play with her heart because she’s liberated and does what she wants, no bra, she’s sexy and such… she’s scared so she’ll try to satisfy her urges and settle for less because deep down inside she’s fragile and doesn’t want a headache.

Don’t get me wrong, and don’t curse at me! This is me reacting to her actions as a character.  I don’t hate the script!

Its like she’s scared he’ll treat her badly because of the way she chose to live. Such characters exist a lot and everywhere, I love what the writer wrote. I hated how Soo Ji handled it.

I am frustrated with her actions but I just love the way she’s portrayed, the actress is doing a good job. Seriously guys, I am falling in love with the writer. That scene alone is something a lot of girls go through, as a woman myself I hate it when women do that, but its something that’s everywhere.

Turns out Bok Nam is also banned from other similar sites, apparently he stalks women after chatting with them through apps. Won Seok visits Se Hee’s office and brings up a similar case of someone who stalked a girl after chatting with her online and ended up raping her. Here is my problem with this scene.

A lot of people meet through online chat, relating Bok Nam’s stalking and chatting with girls to a rape case is too far of a stretch. I mean he does sound scary and suspicious but relating him to a rape case just because ‘its similar’ when the pattern is used by many many others doesn’t make much sense.

Meanwhile, Ho Rang visits Ji Ho in her café, she bought some underwear and is openly checking it out in the café in front of everyone, I am so shocked right now! If you’re familiar with South Korean culture you know, no one and I mean no one would do such thing in public, it was hilarious.


Bok Nam continues to freak me out; he knows more about Ji Ho than we had initially thought. this means he stalked her for a while before he introduced himself to her. “When did he get the time to do it?” is my main question! I’d like a logical explanation in the next episode or I’d be disappointed.

Se Hee continues interfering in this episode; I thought it was so cute and noble of him. I understand why he had to step back and play it safe, I may not like his character as a whole but I love his sense.

Finally, in episode 8 we find out that Won Seok is actually developing an alarm app, turns out the app doesn’t make much sense, Se Hee and the rest of the company explain why the app is useless and make ori cute Won Seok feel bad about himself.

I don’t want to sound mean, but his app doesn’t make much sense, the idea behind networking and helping relationship flourish is nice and all but it won’t be making him lots of money because it revolves around the idea of waking people up and that when everyone is basically not in the mood for anything.

The poor guy goes back to Ho Rang and cries his heart out. His app sucks but I want whoever made him cry dead including Se Hee, how dare he make ori Won Seok cry? Infuriating! 😉

The romance between Ho Rang Won Seok and is just too cute for words. I love them together, they’re amazing. I also love the reason Ho Rang gave to Won Seok when he asked why she wanted to marry him.

This leaves me with a question. If he has been doing this for the past 3 years, he has no job, and no car. Is Ho Rang the one who’s providing for both of them? There is no way he doesn’t have any source of income, if he did, he wouldn’t have bought that sofa as a present even if he had to get monthly instalments. Ho Rang deserves a fucking award if thats true…

The day ends, and night comes, again the cute but deadly stalker Bok Nam asks Ji Ho for a beer, she owes him one. Whenever he opens his mouth he says things that freak everybody out including Ji Ho herself.


It seems like towards the end of the 8th episode Ji Ho becomes suspicious, a lot of what he says is creepy. He not supposed to have known half of what he’s talking about.

She keeps trying to explain why her husband does things when she doesn’t owe Bok Nam anything, its not like he could do something to her if she refuses to reply to his pestering questions about Se Hee.

I don’t know why but she decides to hop on the motorbike with him to grab beer. Soon enough he becomes even creepier, dissing Se Hee badly.


Ji Ho has that look of ‘damn, I just screwed up!’ on her face. Bok Nam grabs a utility from his bag and charges towards Ji Ho, Ji Ho’s only logical reaction is to look surprised and slightly scared.

The knight in shining armor Se Hee somehow finds out where they’ve been, and interferes, even when he’s faced with danger he’s still Se Hee. He kicks Bok Nam’s motorbike to the ground causing him to freak out.

He tells Ji Ho “Lets go to our home!” he grabs her hand and walks away.

The scene was darn sweet. But the way Ji Ho reacted was a bit underwhelming, I understand everyone reacts to danger differently but Ji Ho didn’t seem to be the type who would be like that when facing danger.

Its either she couldn’t believe he was that bad, or was simple so taken back she didn’t know how to react.

The way Bok Nam charges towards her with that stool was a bit weird as well, but the situation was handled well.

Finally we see Se Hee acting out a bit more, not being expressionless as he has always been.

I just wish that Bok Nam’s role won’t stop there, it ended too fast as I had predicted. In next week’s episode I would like to see him receive punishment for what he had done if he’d done anything wrong.

So what did you guys think of episode 8?[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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