“Because This Is My First Life” Episode 7 Review And Recap

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I really thought I won’t be reviewing this drama anymore, but here I am and I am too excited, I need to fangirl and share my opinion to the whole world! (lol!)

Episode 7 is just what we all were anticipating and waiting for, this drama keeps getting better with each new episode. Episode 7 did give us some of what we’ve wanted to see, but since the writer knows what he’s doing, of course he won’t give us everything all at once, it won’t make sense.

Still as many kdrama fans, I am really impressed and taken back by how realistic this drama continues to be, with the 3 couples, I just love the realistic approach to it. The writer didn’t feel like he had to compromise at any moment to give fans what they’ve wanted.

“Because This Is My First Life” is tuning out to be one of the best tvN dramas this year, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that 2017 isn’t tvN’s year, none of its dramas generated the buzz we had expected or hoped for.

The majority of the dramas were lacking, boring and stereotypical. I am in no way saying that “Because This Is My First Life” is innovative, but its engaging enough and interesting. Its realistic and its characters are written beautifully naturally won over fangirls hearts in what could’ve gone so wrong so fast.

Of course, Bok Nam continues to be overly friendly; he puts himself out there and almost immediately tells Ji Ho he likes her. Of course, she’s taken back by what he had said, but brushes it off as younger kids fooling around.

Those dimples are enough to make any women melt, I would, even if I were married, it would’ve been difficult to resist. I was a bit worried that the writer was going to try and represent this perfect reckless good looking carefree second male lead, but there is more to him than what meets the eye and I am happy because of that.

I liked how Ji Ho immediately shut him down, saying she was married, it goes far to show you that even if Se Hee told her he won’t ever interfere in her personal life and her choices, she stills has a conscience.

Se Hee is trying hard to suppress himself and contain his feelings but he’s slowly giving up, kudos to Lee Min Ki on putting on an amazing performance in this episode. Se Hee is the first character that shined brightly in this episode.

The moment Se Hee saw her with Bok Nam I was so happy, finally, something that’ll keep ori Se Hee up all night.

The entire episode was entertaining. The fact that her girlfriends; who were supposed to scold the shit out of Bok Nam were so taken back by his beauty; was equally enjoyable and relatable.

Ji Ho gets hired because of Bok Nam and that is my friends the beginning of a weird relationship. Bok Nam is the exact opposite of Nam Se Hee, in the kdrama world he is the perfect second lead, but in real life if someone this handsome charges at you the way he did with Ji Ho, its an alarming thing.

Ho Rang is again being Ho Rang. I love and hate her personality. Instead of trying to confront her man and talk it out seriously to find a middle ground or at least reach a settlement, she decides to take the other route and indirectly infuse change on her man, like she’s been doing for 7 years, she thinks she can change and reform him to the perfect husband.


The poor guy is in for hell. I don’t like her character approach because I am a realistic straightforward person, but I understand that this is how many girls approach guys to get what they need, it takes a lot of work and time but Ho Rang is up for the challenge.

This episode wasn’t just about Se Hee and Ji Ho and I loved that. Its not only about them, it includes Ho Rang and Won Seok, Soo Ji and Sang Soo.

This might be something that not a lot of people paid special attention to, but I loved how protective Sang Soo is of Se Hee. Initially, he appeared to be the annoying CEO character, but he has a heart of gold.

The way he tries to dismiss gossip and rumors of bad blood and stale marriage between Se Hee and Ji Ho was a lot of fun to watch. Huge respect for him for standing up to his friend without clearly trying to point it out, it was as if he’s supporting him in the shadows.

The argument between Bok Nam and Se Hee when he visits her new place of work was so much fun and also awkward. Two opposites colliding.

The second character that shined the most in this episode was Bo Mi’s, she’s a good actress ya’ll, its been confirmed!

The way she talks with Se Hee and infuses change, the way she notices all those little details, her quirky character as well, made her the ultimate side kick.

She isn’t just a supportive character as we had thought, she does have a unique charm to her, there is more to her than what we had initially thought.

Its not easy for me to fall for a character so suddenly and so fast. Sang Soo is the third character that shined the most in this episode. The way he approaches Soo Ji was that of a true gentleman. He was direct and upfront about his feelings, let’s forget that he slept with her.

The way he defended her and prevented sexual harassment and assault was also an indication of his good nature, when he could’ve looked the other way to get that investment he’s been dreaming of. At first he was portrayed as this average annoying second male lead whom you’ll never really care about, in the 7th episode he manages to change all of what we’ve previously thought about him.

The blooming romance between Soo Ji and Sang Soo was such a treat. It was both infuriating and enjoyable to watch that scene in which Sang Soo indirectly defends the woman he likes.

Its so sad and annoying that Soo Ji has to go through so much shit to be able to rise to the top. Its something that makes you think about the society we live in, this isn’t only a problem in South Korea but everywhere. The way they approached the subject and the way it played out deserved applause.


Sang Soo finds out she does remember him, she lets him off because she’s afraid she’s sleep with him if he remained any longer in the car with her. I understand the woman! 😉

Bok Nam offers Ji Ho a ride home, Se Hee is always one step behind and fails to catch a glimpse of her as he wishes throughout this entire episode.

I must admit I was slightly scared when he led her to that beautiful landscape. For a moment I felt chills down my spine, I was like ‘how could she accept a ride from him to this unknown place? What if he did something?’ and for a second I feared that he would.

Ji Ho shuts him down in a classical manner, he gets it, but it didn’t seem like he’s stopping any time soon.

Se Hee sees that Bok Nam has dropped her off again, due to jealousy, the two have what turns out to be a scary conversation, something that I didn’t expect to see, something I loved so much!

The mask of Bok Nam suddenly falls off, when he talks to Se Hee, his tone and facial expressions change drastically; he seems scarier and less cute right now. (didn’t think that would be possible)


Ji Ho tries her best to abide by what Se Hee told her about being uncomfortable the other day, I like how she isn’t totally led by her feelings and uses her brain, I like that!

Se Hee is suspicious but tries to remain rational until he verifies facts. I was so happy Bok Nam wasn’t that perfect hot carefree guy; you don’t know how happy I was.

The writer will use Bok Nam as an instigator, someone who shall drive the relationship between Se Hee and Ji Ho to the next level. He will help both characters realize that they have feelings for one another.

Am I rooting for the second lead here? Nop! But I love his devil like character that appears whenever he’s alone with Se Hee.

This is my first time witnessing this great actor performance, Kim Min Gyu puts on a remarkable memorable performance. I have a feeling his appearance will be similar to that of Choi Woo Sik in “Fight My Way.”

I must say Lee Min Ki continues to surprise me, I know he’s an exceptional actor but this performance is on another level. Not all actors can pull this character and make it their own.

He’s confused about his feelings; he tries to remain expressionless but fails at times. Even thou, he seems to be trying to hide it we can still see it. Not all actors can pull this off without leaning towards one direction specifically.

In this episode I loved how invested I was in each couple, when it was time for Se Hee and Ji Ho I was on board, when it was time for Soo Ji and Sang Soo I was also on board, the same with the cutest Ho Rang and Won Seok.

It seems like I will be reviewing this drama, episode 5 and 6 review and recap isn’t out but they will be this Friday, so keep an eye on the blog.

So what did you guys think of episode 7? Did you like it as much as I did?[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

By Jass K.

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