“Because This Is My First Life” Episode 12 Review And Recap

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A lot of things happened in this episode so lets just get into it.

First of all I just want to begin by saying that I just absolutely love how honest and straightforward Ji Ho is with her feelings, I just loved how much she struggled when her Pandora box was opened at last.

The first couple of minutes were so embarrassing to watch, I had to close my eyes like a little kid. Se Hee tells Ji Ho that her phone is ringing whilst kissing her, but she’s too busy kissing him, damn it he ruined the mood.

Her mother had called her. She answers the phone frustrated and kinda pissed that her mother interrupted her special moment.

They say goodbye to her parents, Ji Ho stands up to her husband and calls out the uncle that has been harassing Se Hee forcing him to drink more. I just loved how proud and happy Se Hee was when she defended him.


Overall, in this episode, I have loved seeing him smile so much. This was the first episode in which he breaks out of his normal character so many times because of something Ji Ho said or did.

Ji Ho’s sister in law notices that the two seem cutely awkward around each other, which reminds her of when she and Ji Ho brother began dating.

When they ride the bus, contrary to what Ji Ho expected, he still keeps a safety distance and doesn’t seem to be as eager as she is to be with her.

She finds out that his ex-girlfriend (as far as she knows) had told him that he doesn’t deserve to love.

I began to understand him more, his choices, his stiffness and his actions, I still don’t know the entire reason behind their breakup, but it must’ve been so awfully painful for him that it forced him shut down his heart for 12 long years.

Ji Ho notices that he pervert side is showing more often and she wants more than a kiss, she wants to take their relationship to the next level.

The next day, Soo Ji buys a custom made bra from a shop and chats with the lady, she finds out that this can be marketed and operated in a different better manner, she tries suggesting it to the lady but the lady seems to be comfortable right where she is.

Soo Ji visits Ji Ho’e café and then confronts Ji Ho confirming her worst fears. She tells her that her first time is going to be wild, and that she should avoid skinship if she doesn’t want to sleep with him or he doesn’t.

She also talks enthusiastically about bras and different sizes and shapes, which I also loved. I saw a spark at last in Soo Ji’s eyes and I was happy that we could be onto something here; Soo Ji can open up her own business instead of choosing a safe job where she feels miserable.

Se Hee who dropped by his workplace, finds and notices that Won Seok was feeling down, so he took the initiative to check up on him and ask him if everything’s okay.

Won Seok is in a dilemma, they have a heartfelt talk and Won Seok explains that he loves Ho Rang to pieces; he also explains that they don’t fight anymore scared that it would ruin their relationship.

Se Hee points out that Won Seok should be honest about his feelings and face the music. Which I support!

He also tells him that he married Ji Ho out of convenience rather than love and he also reveals that he has developed feelings for her.

Which I found also shocking that he was willing to offer him information about his relationship when he seems to be a secretive person.

Their heartfelt talk was such a beautiful scene, I honestly stopped counting the scenes I loved, I just love how perfect every scene is.

Ji Ho realizes she’s in trouble and that she needs to control herself. Se Hee meets her at the bus stop and takes her out on a date.

They buy ice cream, chat and through it, Ji Ho was obsessed with holding his hand. Everything she’s said about controlling herself went out the window once she saw him again.

He ends up holding her hands and takes her to a place where they can have fun and play games. He tries hard to win a stuffed animal for her but fails miserably.

Won Seok and Ho Rang who met up for their date ran into them, Won Seok points out that Se Hee has asked about what fun things kids these days do for dates.

Se Hee was super determined, sadly, he just couldn’t even burst a balloon, and instead Ji Ho takes charge and wins herself a snail.

Se Hee reveals that he meant to give it to her, he also hands her a gift and sort of shyly run away.

Ji Ho finds out that he took her on these spots because he wants to match to her level since she’s younger than him. She ends up taking him to a café.

They sat down and she also points out that she asked Sang Goo about what type of fun activities adults his age do.

This was the café he frequented as a college student. This brings him bitter-sweet memories; he is reminded by it but can still hold it in and pretend like everything’s fine.

Finally, we see a glimpse of who Jung Min is, Se Hee’s ex-wife. She had also visited the café. She ran into Ji Ho in the bathroom and helped her with her earrings.

Ji Ho was taken back by how charming Jung Min was. She ran into her again as Jung Min sat in their spot, she says goodbye and leaves, she luckily avoided running into Se Hee.

Jung Min looks like a cool character that holds a sad past, a past I can’t wait to see unravel in the next episode.

Meanwhile, Soo Ji is sick of work, she switches to the bra project she had suggested to that lady the other day. I was so happy to see her working on it, she seems like she’s onto something.

She had unintentionally ignored Sang Goo, the poor guy then got a hold of her. After the two had sex, he dried her hair and offered to take her back home.

For some odd reason Soo Ji doesn’t want him to get too close to her. She always pushes him back. The sweet guy tells her that he wants to share his life with her, he’d like to visit her at her place and get to know her a bit more.


I swear to God guys, I just love him, I love Sang Goo’s character. He might be one of my favourite second leads of 2017 kdramas.

Things aren’t going well with Ho Rang and Won Seok, it was only a matter of time before everything fell into pieces.

I don’t know how to feel about this couple. I know well that they love each other but I always felt like Won Seok has always got the short end of the stick.

He’s always sacrificing and as I have stated before, his efforts are not always appreciated or noticed. Ho Rang also loves him and I fully know that, but I feel like she wants too much of him, something he can’t possibly offer.

The two continue on their date, Won Seok asks Ho Rang to delay the marriage for 2 years or so, what did Ho Rang answer?

“Do you want us to date for 12 years? I’d be 35 years old then.”

The problem, my problem with her is that she desperately wants to fit in, fitting in isn’t always easy, even if what you aspire to is just average, some people can’t afford average.

She wants marriage, she wants him to sacrifice too much for her own happiness, she appears to be a pretty selfish character for me.

Ho Rang is a pretty lady who can find a man relatively easily. Why is she tormenting a man whom she’s well aware can’t fully support or give her happiness in marriage?

Ji Ho’s pervert mind is in full mode and I honestly can’t tell anymore, whether Se Hee knows that she’s thinking dirty and ignoring it or simply unaware.

Soo Ji drops off Sang Goo at her apartment garage and tells him to go back to his house, he notices that someone has messaged Soo Ji and wonders if she’s cheating on him. He runs up the stairs and finds out for himself a part of the reason why Soo Ji is so defensive.

It was her mother, once he sees her mother; the guilt on his face was just…. I don’t know how to explain this with words…

I just loved the look he had on his face when he found out it was her mother, it’s a mixture of guilt and sadness.

Her mother is slightly disabled. Soo Ji always keeps her distance from him and doesn’t allow him in her apartment which can be partially explained by her mother’s state, but still we don’t know the whole truth.

Ji Ho had returned the poem book she read to Se Hee’s closet, he opens the closet after he took a shower to find the book. He opens and read the message.

A flashback to the past explains a part of what went wrong with him 12 years ago. Jung Min is angry, hurt and let down.

She doesn’t want to hear anything about his father or his family. She tells him that she wants him to feel miserable.

Se Hee is crying and trying his best to explain. I’ve never seen him cry before; this was a side of him I was not used to, the side pre his extreme views on life and marriage.

He explains in voice over that he had found happiness again in an amazing person, that he likes someone.

By the end of it, Ji Ho says goodnight to Se Hee, she would like to sleep together with him in the same room but also understands that he might want to keep a distance.

He breaks down yet another wall and asks,

“Would you like to sleep with me?”

While, Won Seok asks Ho Rang,

“Lets break up!”

I was so happy fangirling when Se Hee took the initiative and asked her that question and to be honest with you I was also happy when Won Seok told Ho Rang that sentence.

I love Won Seok and Ho Rang, I wish them no harm. But they are in way over their head! They’re struggling together, the only way out is either by Ho Rang totally giving up her dream of a normal life, which we all know is very difficult, or Won Seok gives in and falls into debt trying to cater to her every need.

Overall, this episode was just another master piece, I absolutely loved seeing Se Hee smile more often, it was so beautiful, I feel so sorry for him but also respect his decision of wanting to honor what his ex-wife once told him.

He knows he’s not the ideal person and can be difficult at times which is why he was always extra careful around the ladies, he doesn’t want to hurt another woman, not again!

Too adorable together!

So what did you guys think of episode 12?[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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  1. I would like to know the name of the actress who played the lady who makes bras. I think I already watched some drama that she participated in, but I can’t remember.
    I thank the attention!

    1. Son Sung Yoon is the actress name. It was bothering me too cause I knew I’d seen her somewhere. For me, it was in Touch Your Heart with Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na.

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