“Because This Is My First Life” Episode 11 Recap And Review

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We finally got the kiss we’ve been dying for, it took us 11 episodes to get here but it was worth it.

First of all I would like to apologize, I am very sorry about the late review and recap; I have been very busy throughout this week.

What can I say about episode 11 except for the fact that I enjoyed every single minute of it, the approach of the drama continues to entertain me, every couple is in their own Universe besides interacting with each other, which is what makes the drama even more enjoyable.

I have watched a lot of Korean dramas this year, the majority of Korean dramas in the first half of the year were very entertaining, and I thought we were done with good dramas for the year, then “Because This Is My First Life” came along.

Lets start with the mini review of episode 11.

Ji Ho has decided to go all out in her war against how oblivious Se Hee appears to be. She cannot easily penetrate his heart so she’ll treat him indifferently and hope that he gets it.

She starts out just fine, she acts indifferent, he can easily tell that she’s mad at him. She sends him her parent’s home address because he’s going to help with Kimchi.

Se Hee and Sang Goo find out that there is a competing app that is doing way better than them, Se Hee admires the design and the idea, but then gets low-key dissed by Won Seok for the bad app name he came up with.

Se Hee requests a vacation, his co-workers are in disbelief. How could the almighty Se Hee miss a work-day to go to the countryside and make Kimchi with his in-laws?

In episode 11, things start to go downhill between Ho Rang and Won Seok, I don’t know whether I should feel bad or just happy that things are becoming more clear to both of them (so they both can finally stop wasting their time and energy).

Ho Rang recalls her fiancé’s worrisome confession about their upcoming marriage. The two were supposed to be saving together in a saving account.

She goes there to see for herself, completely oblivious to the disappointment that awaits her.

She finds out that she’s been the only one depositing money for as long as she could remember.

I don’t understand how this could have been a surprise to her!

I mean, he’s been working on an app that basically makes him no money, I was actually afraid he had withdrawn the money to himself.

But again, I remember he could’ve lied to her about saving or he could’ve just changed the subject whenever she brought it up.

The more I see of their relationship the more I am convinced that there are a lot of conversations they avoid having. They both lie to make each other feel better; it must’ve been what Won Seok did.

Meanwhile, and as usual Soo Ji finds out she’s left her bra behind, she goes to work and that motherfucker who works with her tries hard to prove that she doesn’t always wear bras to other co-workers.

She’s frustrated and annoyed again, but this time she was not going to stay quiet. She overhears him talking about her breast size, that fucking beast.

She makes sure she scold him and embarrass him for doing this to her, in front of all his other co-workers, she did it with grace, god I love her.

After work hours, Sang Goo gets a message from his girlfriend telling him to come see her, Se Hee turns out to have known the two were dating.

Earlier today, Ji Ho suggested he hides his copy of their contract away from home, since his mother has a habit of going through his stuff.

The smart Se Hee bumps into Sang Goo on their way out and their papers get mixed.

Ji Ho later finds out that Soo Ji has been dating Sang Goo through her husband; Se Hee believes they don’t suit each other well. (Why?)

Soo Ji tells Sang Goo about what went wrong with her at work today and as expected he’s furious and outraged.

I just love that Sang Goo is trying so hard to make their relationship something beside the sexual part, he’s always there for her and he wants her to know that.

He finds out that she casually goes to work without wearing a bra, he scolds her for doing so, he’s mad but she thinks he doesn’t have the right to be this mad.

Sang Goo accidentally reads out their contract while fighting with Soo Ji on one of the terms and finds Se Hee’s copy of his marriage contract instead.

Ji Ho calls Soo Ji after she finds out that their papers got mixed together. She reveals that at the time she had her reasons and apologizes for not telling her any sooner.

Soo Ji understands her, but at the same scolds her for getting married because of a room.

Soo Ji appears to be worried for her friend, she has fell in love with her landlord and he has no idea, or at least that’s what Ji Ho thinks.

Meanwhile, Sang Goo scolds Se Hee for the marriage contract, Se Hee also tries to explain himself.

Sang Goo brings up Se Hee’s ex-wife, he says,

“Did she remind you of her?”

In this episode, I think I can finally say that I no longer only admire Se Hee as a worker, but also as a human, it only took me 11 episodes to start liking his character.

He appears to have been wounded seriously from a previous marriage.

To me in this week’s episodes, Se Hee finally appears to be human with a soul.

Ho Rang decided that its best she avoids a fight with her hubby, because she knows that it might lead to an unpleasant argument.

While Won Seok is reminded by his mother-in-law’s beautiful necktie gift, he feels burdened by the responsibilities to come, he’s clearly not prepared for it, and I can’t blame him for that.

After drinking he goes back home and the two just pretend to be asleep, again avoiding having any serious conversation that lasts more than 3 minutes about their upcoming marriage.

The next day, Se Hee goes to the countryside happy to be paying back Ji Ho for the labor she’s done the other day.

After struggling a while with GPS he finds the home and dressed appropriately to help out with the kimchi making process.

The poor guy was in for hell, it was a lot of fun seeing him dragged around doing chorus for the ladies helping out with kimchi making.

I also loved how happy and proud Ji Ho’s mother looked, she was so happy he was such a responsible man, only someone who truly loves her daughter would even bother make kimchi when its supposed to be ‘wives job.”

Sang Goo meets up with Soo Ji, he had bought her a dozen bras, he told her to use one of them and keep them near. They both apologize for being overly sensitive about what happened yesterday.

I just love Sang Goo and his character, such a manly man; men like him don’t even exist nowadays…

Ji Ho decides it would be best she goes to check up on her husband in the countryside. The look on his face when she came to his rescue was too fucking adorable, I can’t even right now!

In episode 11, I can clearly tell that Se Hee is also smitten by Ji Ho, he’s just better at hiding it and we find out why he did so in episode 12. (will talk about it in episode 12 review)

He sat down for drinks with the elders and the poor guy was struggling, his brother-in-law saves him and he goes out for a walk.

He meets up with Ji Ho who was out buying him patches because of the pain he’s in after kimchi making.

And oh! I forgot to mention. Ji Ho has borrowed a poem book from Se Hee without his knowledge, in the book she finds notes by his ex-wife, she finds out that he’s been through a difficult breakup.

They meet up and sit down for a deep conversation by the sea, they talk about life in general among other things, it was a beautiful dialogue, I just love their conversations together.

Se Hee tells Ji Ho he wants to correct one misunderstanding she’s had about their “kiss.”

He ends up kissing her ya’ll, at that moment I was doing my happy dance and screaming at the same time.

Finally it happened, I can’t believe it, and it was so beautiful, not just a peak but an actual kiss.

God Se Hee looked so fucking handsome in episode 11.

I think it’s safe to say that this is one of my top 10 Korean dramas of 2017, if not one of the top 5 Korean dramas of 2017.

I honestly never expected that I would be saying this or writing about this is the way I am. If you have been following my review you know that in the first and second Episode, I was ruthless.

The first couple of episodes are not something that we should totally use to judge a Korean drama.

The episode was just perfect.

What did you guys think of it? Did you also like it? Lets fangirl together in the comment section below.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

By Jass K.

Hi, I am Jass k. the founder of Jazminemedia, in this site, I discuss some of the hottest currently airing kdramas, and if you have any requests for a kdrama review, please let me know in the comment section of any article.


  1. This drama keeps on getting better and better each episode! Ep 11 & Ep 12 were so well-written & I loved how the poem connected these two episodes!! I’m dreading the fact that we only have 4 episodes left tho ;(

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