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The newly highly anticipated drama “Fight My Way” began airing Monday last week, and today I am to recap and review its 2nd episode.

Last night I recapped the first episode, you can check it out here.

The second episode certainly picks up the pace. Its starts by showing us the main 3 leads consisting of Choi Ae Ra, Ko Dong Man and Seol-Hee playing around as kids which shows us how deep their friendship goes.

Then Seol-Hee leaves to work packing a suitcase to her boyfriend of 6 years Joo-Man.

She sweetly packed the suitcase for her hardworking. Both try to keep their relationship hidden at work place even thou the two work at drastically different departments from one another, still in the same company.

It also shows a co-worker who seems to have a thing for Seol Hee’s boyfriend making the atmosphere a lot more awkward.

Dong Man then gets blamed for breaking a machine when he really didn’t; he takes the blame and has to put up with it, because he has nowhere else to go.

But it seems like Dong Man decided to leave work, he leaves the company and starts fooling around with really nothing to do, his friend then asks him to fill in on a TV show for one of the contestants.

There he ends up meeting the geek from high school who is now a doctor, Moo Bin denies that he knows him and refuses to associate with him, he still carries that grudge against him because the girl he liked back in high school which liked the popular kid Dong Man.

Ae Ra who is attending her obnoxious friend wedding then gets the offer of her lifetime, the wedding girl is hosting the event herself because her friend from Japan had issues and couldn’t make it to her wedding.

So she offers Ae Ra the chance to shine as Cinderella and have her host the entire event. Of course as expected she puts on an amazing dress and feels like she’s a princess and does well hosting the event.

Dong Man then goes back to eat dinner with his family celebrating his mother’s birthday which then turns into a fight, the father seems to be very persistent and inconsiderate of his son as he keeps scolding him for not having a proper job.

Dong Man was already having a bad day and his day only got worse when he visited his family, because his father wouldn’t stop talking taekwondo and kept insisting he should start teaching that.

We then find out that something bad has happened to Dong Man which led him to leave the sport once and for all, the family has a huge fight centred on that issue.

The father calls his son “pathetic”, Dong Man then snaps at him and partially blames him for what had happened back then.

After the wedding reception finishes, Ae Ra friend leaves her with some of the male guests who attended her wedding, they all have their eyes on her because they’re bewitched by her beauty and her status and that she’s a foreigner.

So the three of them try their best to appeal to her and to snatch her back home, she of course goes with the flow and starts having fun.

Dong Man who seems to be having what could one of the worst days of his life doesn’t get a rest, he then visits his ex-coach to have a couple of drinks, there he meets some of the people he also coached.

One of them keeps provoking Dong Man into a fight because he wants to see how good he is in taekwondo since the coach cannot stop talking about his skills.

Dong Man is then triggered, he puts on those gloves and ends up losing the fight miserably to that guy. The coach then loses his faith in his student and asks him to never look for him ever again.

As Ae Ra is drinking and having fun she then finds out that those men were betting on who could take her in a ride by his car, she sees their phone conversation and loses her mind.

The men then find out that she isn’t who she claims to be, she isn’t Cindy from Japan, they become infuriated and upset that they’ve been lied to, little did they know that Ae Ra was just doing her friend a favour.

Out of frustration she calls the beast Dong Man to come and pick her up before she loses her mind, she tells him “I feel so humiliated right now”.

She then picks up a fight with the men and destroys their cars mirrors, one of the men who is a total jackass doesn’t mind hitting her, he ends up slapping her.

Dong Man sees this and is immediately trigged, he then flies with his kick and uses his taekwondo skills to beat the crap out of that guy who laid his hand on Ae Ra and his friends.

They end up in the police station and that jerk refuses to settle in, the coach comes in to see the damage that has happened almost trying to confirm whether Dong Man still has it in him.

Ae Ra then ends up threatening the jerk with haunting him for life if he refuses to settle in and drop charges against her friend, of course seeing that crazy look on her face ultimately persuades him to settle.

The two end up in the park, Dong Man is feeling really down and calls himself “lame” to which Ae Ra refuses to admit or believe, she tells him she believes in him and that he can make it and that he will one day.

He ends up giving her this very weird hug whilst crying in her lap, the two then end up going somewhere for soju and chicken feat.

By Jass K.

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  1. I love your reviews. They are often spot on with my opinion too. I am really loving Fight My Way because it is such a refreshing drama. The plot is very unique for the k-drama world, and the acting is terrific with many humorous moments. I have to say I really agree with you that the one plot hole that left me scratching my head is Ae Ra’s quick recovery after what might have otherwise been a devastating break up. I am thinking that deep down she knew it wasn’t really going anywhere and that something was off, but maybe she didn’t want to admit it to herself until she caught him red handed? Anyway, enough rambling from me. I hope you continue to do recaps on this drama. Fighting!

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