5 Heartfelt Moments From “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Episode 5 That Had Us Feeling All The Feels

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo” continues to prove itself to be one of the brightest and most well-thought-out kdramas of 2022 and its 5th episode is another prime example of that.

Let us take a look at 5 key moments from “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” episode 5 that had us hooked.

Lee Jun-Ho getting upset and competitive over Kwon Min-Woo calling Woo Young Woo a ‘handicap’

While the friends play basketball, Kwon Min-Woo gets a phone call and talks about Woo Young Woo, he labels her ‘a handicap,’ and says she has a disability, Lee Jun-Ho takes an issue with the way he talked about her as Kwon Min-Woo compares working her with her to volunteer work.

After the phone call ends, Lee Jun-Ho gets angry, frustrated and competitive. He beats him at basketball and ends up ditching him when he says they should ‘fair play.’

Lee Jun Ho realizes he has feelings for her and is upset by how his friend has spoken about her.

“She’s not my daughter!”

One of the funniest scenes of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” episode 5 has to be the scene where an angry customer angrily points out the kimbap prices.

Woo Young Woo pulls out her cute hammer and asks her dad if he thought that customer was rude, she’s attempting to practice and see whether she can catch whether he’s lying or not. This ends up causing an issue as the customer gets up and yells. When the customer asks if its his daughter, the father says, ‘aigoooo, she’s not my daughter.’

Despite being flustered by this, Woo Young Woo understands she must’ve taken it too far. She pulls back the hammer, when her father asks her to leave, she says, ‘yes, ahjussi.’

“Does Lee Jun-Ho like Woo Young Woo”

Lee Jun-Ho ends up taking Woo Young Woo to meet her client and he coaches her on how to detect if someone is lying. He suggests they practice and pretends to be the client, Woo Young Woo cutely takes out the small hammer and says, ‘Lee Jun-Ho likes Woo Young Woo,’ Lee Jun-Ho gets flustered for a second and is unable to answer as he sees her looking into his eyes. He then says, ‘that would be too hard of a question for the client to answer.’

They both feel the awkwardness created by the situation, Woo Young Woo then says it was only a practice question.

‘You’re spring sunshine Choi Su-Yeon’

Woo Young Woo and Choi Su-Yeon have lunch together because its kimbap day. When they talk about the topic of nicknames in the office, Choi Su-Yeon asks her to make her a name, she pauses then lists how nice and caring Choi Su-Yeon is, she calls her ‘You’re spring sunshine Choi Su-Yeon’ for looking after her, opening bottles for her and alerting her of changes to schedules that happened back in university.

This makes Choi Su-Yeon feel very emotional and she nearly cries. This heartwarming moment now marks a change in their relationship dynamics.

Woo Young Woo finding out she’s been played and lied to by her client

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” episode 5 focused on how lawyers must defend clients they might disagree with or find even guilty, and how they should be responsible to defend them all the way if they take on their case and not be frigidity if the truth turns out differently than what they expect.

Throughout the episode, Woo Young Woo focuses on trying to detect when a person is lying to varying degrees of success. However, turns out her client was probably engaging in fraud and stole a company’s design. Despite them losing the trial, the client ended up winning because he delayed the results by filing for a case he knew he’d lose. He also tricked Woo Young Woo and had his employee perform as if he’s lying in front of her and had her coaching him on how to present himself at court.

When Woo Young Woo finds out it had all been a lie, she says she felt there was something wrong with the case but ignored it because she wanted to win, she ends with, ‘I feel ashamed’ as she puts her head down and cries. Lee Jun Ho watches over her unable to comfort her much.

So what was your favorite moment from “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” 5th episode? Let us know in the comment section below!

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