“Doom At Your Service” Ending Explained- Episode 16 Recap And Review

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“Doom At Your Service” has wrapped up its run a couple of hours ago airing its last episode on tvN. The beloved kdrama has garnered many viewers and attention from international fans.

While the drama mostly carried a somber theme throughout its run, its last episode was truly what all of fans had been wishing to see.

“Doom At Your Service” episode 15 answers almost every question fans had left about the series, everything from whether Dong Kyung survives to whether Myul Mang returns to life or remains ‘dead.’

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“Doom At Your Service” episode 16 is more of a fan service that focuses on the characters carrying on with their lives and living a happy one at that.

There isn’t much to recap about “Doom At Your Service” episode 16 but I will recap some of the highlights for you, explain the ending and review it.

Note: the below recap goes over the highlights of the episode, it is not a detailed recap of every single scene in the episode.

Note: this will be a spoiler review of the said episodes in the title. This is a subjective review.

“Doom At Your Service” episode 16 recap


Dong Kyung and Myul Mang get off the bus station, she’s in tears after seeing him and hugs him tightly. He explains to her why he’s back.

If you recall, in episode 15, Myul Mang found out is no longer a butterfly in the god’s garden, with his death he’s become another flower. Meaning he’s become human. His real fate is living happily in this garden. As a human, a flower.

Myul Mang explains that to her.

Myul Mang is also now a human, who goes by the name Kim Saram [human]. He gets hungry, he gets sleepy and experiences everything all other humans experience.

The next day, Dong Kyung brings Myul Mang to work, she wants to know if he appears now in different forms to other humans he has previously seen or not. Turns out, the god had altered people’s perception of him to only recall he’s ever appeared in his original form.


Sun Kyung is now responsible for the second location of the cafe.

The god is now a student named Ji Eun, she’s living her life and has friends. We also find out that Park Young [the young writer] likes Dong Kyung.


Na Ji Na runs into Hyun Kyu at a saloon, when he asks if she’s coming to the reunion, she says no.


The family is all sitting down for food, the aunt’s husband has returned to live with her in South Korea.

Kim Saram now lives as a doctor using the knowledge he had accumulated during all of that time.


Dong Kyung goes around signing people to her new company. Na Ji Na is now a top seller author with her new work which isn’t romance. She goes out for drinks with Joo Ik, they kiss. They’re officially dating.


Dong Kyung is now also writing under a pen name, the title is ‘doom at your service.’ One night, in her dreams she meets god again. She says she knew everything but still made them go through it. She explains, ‘the deity lets you experience it even when knowing the end.’


Dong Kyung’s work is getting recognized, Joo Ik tells her he wants to sign that writer, she lies about being the one who wrote it.

Kim Saram also makes friends with Hyun Kyu after meeting him at the cafe.


Kim Saram keeps bringing up marriage. The drama ends happily.


“Doom At Your Service” review


“Doom At Your Service” is truly one of the most disappointing kdramas of 2021 for me, I didn’t expect this would be my final verdict but it is. It’s the biggest issue remains how boring it became. It goes around circles for the majority of its run.

“Doom At Your Service” didn’t need to be 16 episodes long, 10 would’ve sufficed.

The 16th episode was more of fan service to everyone who kept watching thus far, those who longed for a happy ending despite how illogical it is.

I don’t hate the ending, but I would say it is very underwhelming and cheapens the overall feel because they kept hammering how sad it was going to be for it to turn out like this. If doom is gone, what happens to the world? isn’t doom needed to keep the world running? Are there are doom people out there?

When you keep trying to mention how important certain plot points are but then go against that, it will confuse people. “Doom At Your Service” was confusing throughout, not because we’re dumb but because the screenwriter refuses to properly explain certain points. Up until the very last moment, we weren’t sure whether Dong Kyung was going to die or not despite Doom’s sacrifice. Even if he sacrifices himself… how does that serve her? That was sort of hinted at but never explained. If you know why… let me know because I am still confused. The condition was if she fails to make a wish based on the contract she had with him, the person she loved the most would die. This is why she wanted to fall for him in order not to lose her brother…

Having said this, I like the metaphor used to explain why he was reborn as a human. Of course, it doesn’t make sense that he just became this adult reborn right in front of her but all could be explained that the god intended it to be like that. I just wished we found out why the world wasn’t affected in the slightest by his disappearance.

I know many people love this drama but I highly doubt many would’ve stuck around if the casting was different. The chemistry between everyone is amazing. Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young being paired was probably what saved this drama.

If “Doom At Your Service” had been well-written it could’ve easily been on the same level as “Goblin,” the drama has amazing interesting ideas that are uniquely their own. The writer goes nowhere with them, they remain ideas throughout instead of being woven into a coherent gripping story. It was sad to see the missed opportunities this one had.

The love triangle was so misplaced and remains like that until the very end. You can clearly tell the screenwriter had good ideas but didn’t know what to do with them or how to integrate them properly. I also wonder whether the script was written as the drama was being filmed or not because the second half was immensely boring and difficult to go through because it was filled with repetitive scenes.

Having said this, if you enjoyed this drama I am happy for you. I had high expectations which is why it all came crashing down on me.

Thanks to the production staff and cast of “Doom At Your Service” for their hard work.

What did you guys think of “Doom At Your Service” Ending? do you like it?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. Why are ppl comparing this to goblin lol . In fact I believe goblin storyline was way slower than this the age gap was uncomfortable , no chemistry

    1. goblin had the charisma to carry it. aside from that, the age gap in this drama is also very big. on many occasions, myul mang says he’s been watching dong kyung ever since she was born… we don’t know for how many centuries he’s been active but I believe it’s a lot too. the only difference is he was re-born.

  2. I don’t like Goblin too much….i don’t like main actors….i see all it only for Death…..but I really boring with that drama. This, instead is magic since the beginning and I don’t need too much explaination…..the magic of this love don’t need explaination……i love onlybdrama that ended in this way….the life is too bad and I don’t like see bad ending also in drama …..they have to bring me in another world for sometimes……so, for me, after Vincenzo, this i the best drama i saw this year….they deserve all the good of world and, like they always said, God work in misterious ways

  3. Poor actors, they were trying to do something out of literally nothing. I don’t know what the writers were paid for – for it was drama about nothing. If you wanted to see Seo In Guk – no need to watch The Doom, go and see Reply 1997, his love confession to Si-Won in a karaoke bar is one of the best love confessions moments in kdramas. It will show you how wasted his talent was here.

  4. The chemistry of the leads saved the show honestly, at first I was invested because of the second leads but their lack of connection to the drama storyline is jarring( I mean if they are removed it affects nothing in the story). I can see why it can be compared to goblin , the themes are almost similar but I believe goblin did a better job of creating a world with rules and sticking to them. Not that doom was bad but it could have done more.

  5. Yeah..it could have done more..just the story I think it lacks more..until the last episode I am wishing to see something more in the story..I actually don’t want the drama to end becoz it’s seo in guk and Lee boyeong but the story is lacking..I don’t know just my opinion though

  6. My boyfriend was watching with me and he said at about episode 10, they could start this drama from the beginning and still finish in 16 episodes. That’s exactly what happened with the wish Dong Kyung made to God.
    BTW, this was one of the worst subtitled dramas I’ve seen in years. My boyfriend doesn’t speak Korean, so I had to translate some parts for him that were so poorly translated. And what was with all the American bashing? Strange.

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