“Doom At You Service” Episode 15 Recap- Does Dong Kyung End Up Dying? And Did Myul Mang Come Back To Life?

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“Doom At You Service” Episode 15 has aired last night and while most of the episode focused on mundane events and characters going about their lives, there were certain moments that answered hugely anticipated questions that the series had to account for.

So today, I’ll be quickly recapping “Doom At You Service” Episode 15 and talk about the highlighted moments including whether Tak Dong Kyung dies and whether Myul Mang returns to her or not. Let us go.

Note: the below recap goes over the highlights of the episode, it is not a detailed recap of every single scene in the episode.

Does Tak Dong Kyung die in “Doom At You Service”?

One of the biggest questions that have been puzzling fans throughout the drama run time was the fate of Tak Dong Kyung, since she’s suffering from terminal illness, only a miracle could’ve saved her. And that did happen, she met doom himself.

After Myul Mang leaves her side, Tak Dong Kyung is left alone.

Earlier in the beginning of “Doom At You Service” Episode 15, we find out that Tak Dong Kyung ends up surviving and staying alive. Tak Dong Kyung visits her doctor who tells her the new scan they took of her brain shows the tumor shrinking in size. She’s almost going to be cured and survive it. She’s no longer terminally ill.

Turns out, according to the way the episode played out, by giving up himself, Myul Mang was able to save Tak Dong Kyung.

The love triangle between Na Ji Na, Cha Joo Ik and Lee Hyun Kyu, who won?

Throughout “Doom At You Service” Episode 15, we find out that Na Ji Na has fallen for Cha Joo Ik. However, the two are taking some time off. Cha Joo Ik is giving Na Ji Na space to organize her thoughts after she turned down Lee Hyun Kyu.

At the advice of Dong Kyung, Cha Joo Ik ends up reaching out to Na Ji Na first. He says they should start off by working together, he hands her a new contract, he’s opening a company and wants to recruit her. He also recruits Dong Kyung.

While talking to her, he finds out the time she kissed him wasn’t a mistake, but the way she felt. He’s flustered.

Throughout the episode, Na Ji Na admits to liking Cha Joo Ik. However, she doesn’t know what to do after closing that chapter with Lee Hyun Kyu.

Does Myul Mang return to life?

“Doom At You Service” Episode 15 focuses on how Dong Kyung attempts to move on after doom left her. It shows her highs and lows. She misses him dearly and often pictures him by her side.

In the last 20 minutes of the episode, as she exits the bus while its raining, she sees god [Sonyeoshin] herself in the form of the young girl. She says she’s gotten surgery and a human heart. She thanks Dong Kyung and says its all because of her.

Sonyeoshin leaves but Dong Kyung stops her to give her the umbrella. Then she goes to a different realm, filled with flowers. There she looks at how they bloomed beautifully.

She sees Myul Mang wearing white. She looks at the pot she grew the flower in. She tells Myul Mang he was her butterfly for her garden flowers. She says,

“did you know, once the butterfly died it would become a flower as well. Was there a way you knew? No you didn’t, but you chose that for your one and only flower.

This flower bloomed from the dead butterfly turning into fertilizer.”

This means, Myul Mang is no longer a butterfly, with his death he’s become another flower. Meaning he’s become human. His real fate is living happily in this garden. As a human, a flower.

She tells him to go back to her, she’s waiting. She assures him they’ll always be together, and after a long time, they should meet.

While its unknown, a time appears to have passed since their interaction. [it is not specified exactly how much in the drama]. But it could be months or weeks.

One day, Dong Kyung is going back by bus. While it hit the breaks abruptly while its raining, she almost falls, Myul Mang grabs her hand. He’s holding the same umbrella she gave Sonyeoshin. He says, ‘did you bring an umbrella?’ He identifies himself as her hand holder.

Myul Mang has not died, he’s alive. This time as a human not doom. He no longer brings doom to other people.

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