“Doctor Prisoner” Episode 16 [Final Episode] Recap

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“Doctor Prisoner” episode 16 has finally aired and one of the most successful KBS dramas of 2019 has come to a conclusion. The last episode of “Doctor Prisoner” aired on May 15 scoring 13.2% and 15.8% for its 31st and 32nd episodes respectively.

Many fans are curious about “Doctor Prisoner” ending and whether the fight for justice led was victorious. Today, we’re here to recap “Doctor Prisoner” episode 16 (the final episode).

Note: below is the recap of the highlighted moments from the final episode of “Doctor Prisoner”

The episode starts with Prosecutor Jang arriving to arrest Lee Jae Joon for covering up the industrial accident among other crimes; he is confronted by guards who refuse to let him inside to arrest the VIP.  

Jo Seung Jun (of Taekang Hospital) legal team arrives as they’re about to arrest Lee Jae Joon. Jo Seung Jun brings up a couple of issues with the arrest warrant and says it violate the law on communications privacy trying to deter him from arresting Lee Jae Joon. 

Meanwhile, Na Ye Ji and Lee Jae Joon are confronting each other.  Na Ye Ji pretends to have lost to him, he keeps bringing up the past and triggers him with presenting him with a gift for when he’s in prison despite admitting loss. 

Na Ye Ji then proceeds to inject him with something that hinders his movements, however, Lee Jae Joon holds a knife and tries to stab him, Na Ye Ji moves Lee Jae Joon weak hand and positions the stab in a place that’ll cause the least damage to his body.  

After both Lee Jae Joon and Na Ye Ji collapse a medical team is called, Director Seon shows up and injects Lee Jae Joon with the antidote. When the prosecution arrives, they arrest Lee Jae Joon for the attempted murder of Dr. Na and its revealed that it was part of Dr. Na’s plan to imprison Lee Jae Joon for a short period. 

Prosecutor Jang then tries to request the arrest warrant but the district attorney refuses to give it at first fearing t the aftermath once Lee Jae Joon gets released using his connections and power, but then approves of it once Prosecutor Jang reveals there is a plan to take him down. 

Dr. Na wakes up the next day and despite his injuries drives to the prison. Meanwhile, Lee Jae Joon meets the head of his legal team, Jo Seung Jun who says he can’t immediately get him out because he’s been caught stabbing Dr. Na. 

Dr. Han and Dr. Bok are trying to convince Dr. Ko Young Cheol to confess that Lee Jae Joon was the instigator behind congressman Jung murder and the one who ordered him to do this. At first, he refuses and says that Lee Jae Joon is the one with power and chooses his side but he wavers when he finds out Lee Jae Joon has been arrested. He requests to see his wife and the two doctors grant him his wish. 

However, Dr. Na knows that getting stabbed is not the sure way to end Lee Jae Joon so he plans to strike one last time, he plans to let Lee Jae Joon’s Huntington’s disease breaks out before the board meeting and use other evidence of his crimes against him at the meeting to end him once and for all. 

After Lee Jae Joon gets transferred to prison, he seems to be doing fine but Dr. Na plans on making him break using the help of Dr. Han who has enough knowledge to aid him through it. They use tactics to pressure him and make him feel cornered to crush his ego. 

Dr. Na requests Director Seon help again who in turn uses O Jung Hee’s help to bring down Lee Jae Joon. So, a team (previously shown in prison) unites to spread rumors about Lee Jae Joon’s arrest for attempted murder and abetting murder and in turn, the stock price for Taekang plummet which in turn forces shareholders to resort to ‘short selling.’  

The director of the finance team of Lee Jae Joon meets him in prison and tells him that the incarceration news initiated the short selling and the private investors are selling their stock and the finance team cannot contain the damage caused to the stocks. 

Lee Jae Joon begins to crash under pressure and demands medicine that Dr. Na interferes with (obviously). When Lee Jae Joon realizes the medication he’s been given for his disease might be spiked he shows worse symptoms and begins to vomit and loses his temper. 

He’s escorted to solitary confinement where he meets Dr. Na again, he shows off that his legal team has been reviewing his arrest validity and will manage to get him out soon. 

Dr. Na is well aware of that, instead, he plays mind games and asks Lee Jae Joon what medication he gave Jae Hwan to kill him, he then says that Jae Hwan is alive and well and not in a coma. Lee Jae Joon almost collapses knowing that there is a possibility his brother is not in a coma ahead of the board meeting. Meanwhile, their conversation is being recorded. 

Lee Jae Joon gets out of prison and starts heavily drinking and contemplating what to do, he is collapsing because of Dr. Na’s mind-games and doesn’t know what the truth is anymore. His disease is breaking out. 

He is assured by his assistant that Jae Hwan is in a coma which helps to calm him down. 

The board meeting day arrives and everyone’s gathered for one final fight. Lee Jae Joon feels assured at first since Jae Hwan doesn’t show up. However, Dr.  Na then shows up with Jae Hwan in a wheelchair, we’re led to believe he is unconscious. 

Dr. Na then plays two recordings, one of when Lee Jae Joon was trying to kill Jae Hwan and the other one taken in prison where Lee Jae Joon admits that he injected his own brother with ketamine and potassium.  

Lee Jae Joon coolly walks out of his chair and denies everything in front of the shareholders. He says these recordings are obviously fake and says no one can prove he was at the scene of Jae Hwan’s attempted murder. 

Jae Hwan then wakes up, Dr. Na asks him if the man who injecting him ketamine and potassium is here in the room, he points at Lee Jae Joon.  

Prosecutor Jang who was at the scene walks up to him to arrest him crushing his ego in front of all the investors, Lee Jae Joon says ‘don’t lay a finger on me’ before collapsing to the ground. 

The drama then through narration reveals that Lee Jae Joon has been arrested and indicted on all the charges previously brought up against him. His brother Jae Hwan inherits the company and Mo Yi Ra becomes the chairman of the company. 

Oh Jung Hee meets with Prosecutor Jang in prison, she is overly excited to see him. He tells her he had submitted a request for her re-trial and she is over the moon. They hug and hold each other’s hand, giving hints that they are dating. 

The last drama scene shows Lee Jae Joon preparing to attempt to commit suicide, Dr. Na catches him and teases him about how he’ll never leave this prison while he’s in charge. 

Lee Jae Joon threatens Dr. Na and says he’ll show him how he’ll get his victory, Dr. Na says it won’t happen while he’s in charge. 

Dr. Na then talks to Mr. Seon who announces he’s been promoted to the head of the VIP center. Mr. Seon says the president of Taekang hospital was dismissed and it appears that they’ll hire someone else soon.  

Dr. Na says ‘everything is going as planned then,’ hinting that he’s planning on running for the president of the hospital. Mr. Seon asks him to allow him to be his running mate, Dr. Na answers ‘sure thing.’ 

A phone call comes to Dr. Na’s office telling him that Lee Jae Joon has hurt himself, Dr. Na smiles and says ‘leave him be,’ and gives a smirk one last time. 

What did you think of “Doctor Prisoner” ending? Do you like it? Would you recommend it to others?  

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