“Do You Like Brahms?” Episode 16 Recap- Was “Do You Like Brahms?” Ending A Happy One?

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The final episode of the SBS classical music romance drama “Do You Like Brahms?” has aired on October 20 and many fans are happy with it.

To those who had no chance to see it yet or want the highlights, “Do You Like Brahms?” ending has been on their minds, and today we’re here to quickly recap “Do You Like Brahms?” episode 16.

Note: the below recap is of “Do You Like Brahms?” highlighted important moments, it’s not scene to scene recap.

At the waiting room, Joon Young confesses his feelings once again for Song A, he tells her he wants to be with her and wants to confess that he can’t live without her and fears he’d regret this for the rest of his life if he didn’t say it. Song A cries and tells him she needs time to think about it because more than the pain he caused her, she also caused herself a lot of pain as well. She asks him if he can wait for her and he says yes.

Meanwhile, the three musicians (Joon Young, Hyun Ho and Jung Kyung) play for Na Moon-Sook commemoration concert, Song A comes to the theatre to turn the pages for Joon Young.

After the show, Song A returns the score to Joon Young. Meanwhile, Hyun Ho also returns a score to Jung Kyung and asks her to take care of herself. She runs after him to ask him when he’d return, he answers, ‘I don’t know.’

The next day, Song A finds out she’s been accepted into grad school, however, she decides to turn it down and to stop playing the violin. When she meets up with Joon Young, she tells him the news and receives an invitation to attend his graduation recital.

He also tells her he is not planning on entering tchaikovsky piano competition and would like to play the piano on his own terms.  

Song A later meets with Cha Young-In who offers her a job, but its part-time, doesn’t pay well and she can’t assure they’ll hire her long term. She asks her to give it a thought and reply back to her. She later accepts the offer.

Jung Kyung plays at her own recital without being accompanied by a pianist. Song A comes to watch the performance and they exchange a conversation after the show about conviction. Song A talks to her about why she liked playing the violin so much.

At his graduation recital, Joon Young plays Brahms, Song A got there a bit late and was only able to hear the last compositions. She cried listening to him playing Brahms. In voiceover, she talks about how he’s showing his affection and confessing his feelings to her through music without speaking a word.

After the recital, they meet and Song A tells him that despite coming to his recital to cheer him as a friend, she found out she couldn’t be his friend anymore, she professes her love to him and he does back too, they kiss.


At the graduation ceremony, they’re both together. Song A looks back on her life and on her decision to quit playing after her graduation.

At a later gathering, Dong Yoon tells the friends that he’s moving his shop 20 minutes away into another building. Meanwhile, Min Sung is going back to study in the U.S. She exchanges a friendly conversation with Dong Yoon at ease.

Later, Joon Young is having dinner with him mom, he asks her to divorce his dad, not because he’s a burden on him but because he wants her to live her own life.

Meanwhile, a parent comes to Jung Kyung to ask her to teach her kid, she doesn’t want Professor Song to teach her kid anymore. Jung Kyung seems to be doing well as a teacher despite the setbacks.

Joon Young and Song A continue to enjoy dates during their free time. One day, Song A takes her violin to Dong Yoon to sell it, finally moving on from that chapter in her life. She says she’s been busy with work and is often forgetful to even bring it. She says goodbye to the violin holding it in her hands one last time, she sheds some tears.

Time has passed; Song A is still as hardworking as ever organizing for Joon Young recitals across the globe. During their free time, they meet up and have dates.

This time when Joon Young met up with her, he handed her couple rings. They put the rings on each other’s fingers and end it with a kiss.

On the other hand, Hyun Ho appears to have returned to South Korea, while Jung Kyung was practicing in her room; he comes right in and with a light smile says ‘hi.’

The end.

What did you think of “Do You Like Brahms?” episode 16? did you like the ending?

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  1. Yes! Totally loved the finale. Great series and I will miss these two and their stories but so glad it was on the best note the writers could’ve given them. I would’ve liked to have seen JY’s face when she said she couldn’t be friends with him anymore… and then maybe make a remark about how they’re supposed to say the important things first 🙂

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