“Divorce Attorney Shin” Episode 12 Recap: Ending Explained

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divorce attorney shin” has ended its run earlier today, here is a recap of its final episode!

Shin Sung-Han meets up with Chairman Seo Chang-Jin and asks him if he truly wants divorce, he says no but since his wife wanted to do it, he’s agreed to it. He ends up convincing both of them not to get a divorce. He convinces Ma Geum-Hui to hold on but her husband has to agree to give her her shares. He agrees to that.

Seo Jeong-Guk has a discussion with his son Gi-Yeong and tries to ask him why he keeps going back to his uncle, but he doesn’t answer and cries.

The trio discusses the severance pay of Park Yu-Seok and how it doesn’t make sense he’s getting a café. They say if they can prove he and Jin Yeong-Ju interfered with the divorce lawsuit of Ju Hwa, they have a chance at getting the custody rights to Gi-Yeong.

Chairman Seo Chang-Jin and his wife have dinner after patching things up, but the CEO says Shin is only after money and wants to get his hands on the shares when Gi-Yeong becomes older. The wife does not take this lightly and says he’s actually agreed to help end their divorce lawsuit at the condition she will not give any of her shares to Gi-Yeong, he said he’ll raise him alone through his assets.

Thus, the wife tells the CEO she now for sure wants divorce. She leaves the dinner table, the CEO is shocked.

Shin meets Gi-Yeong and asks him if he’s happy in his environment and if he’d mind downgrading from this rich house to a lesser one. He says he’s not happy with this and doesn’t mind not having all of it later.

Shin holds the trial for the custody of Gi-Yeong. Both sides question the witnesses with it being mostly a tie. Park Yu-Seok shows up as witness and lies on the stand saying he did not know of anything even when Shin questions how he got a café as a severance pay. Shin feels helpless.

After the trial, Shin feels weak and goes to the hospital to get IV fluid because he was so focused on the trial. He has fear he’ll lose if this is how its going.

Thus, Jo Jeong-Sik sells his car and goes to Park Yu-Seok, he asks him to testify for Shin and he’ll cover his penalty payment. He says he knows he leaked Ju Hwa’s records, Park Yu-Seok denies and refuses the money.

The trio meets up at night and Shin finds out about what Jo Jeong-Sik did. They end up comforting Shin and he cries.

On the morning of the next day, Shin meets up with Gi-Yeong’s father and tells him what he’s done is wrong, he also says he’ll continue to file this lawsuit even if he loses.

Jang Hyeong-Geun meets up with Kim So-Yeon who tells him she’s closing down the shop and going on a trip to Europe, she says she’s not sure what to do with it later but for now, she wants to have fun. She asks him to come with her, he hesitates so she laughs it off awkwardly saying she’s already made up her mind to go alone.

Producer Bang Ho-Yeong comes to visit shin at night and cries about wanting Lee Seo-Jin back in her position as a DJ because they’ve gotten their slot back, but she knows he’s going through a hard time and needs her by his side. He comforts her and assures her he’ll do something about it.

At night, he speaks to Lee Seo-Jin, and says he likes her streams but would love it too if he listened to her at 4 p.m. as a DJ.

On another day at the trial, both lawyers give their closing remarks but Gi-Yeong’s dad decides to testify. He recalls talking to his mother, she says she never told him the contents of that call because she feared this might jeopardize his second marriage. He asks to know. Thus, he then agreed to testify against himself, basically.

Shin asks him how he obtained his sister’s medical records, and he says he’s been informed by Park Yu-Seok. Jin Yeong-Ju is terrified.

The decision comes through and the judge decides to award custody to Shin, the father will still receive visitation rights.

After everything settled, Jang Hyeong-Geun goes back to Kim So-Yeon’s place and says he wants to go with her.

Shin and Gi-Yeong now live together happily. Shin then goes to work and talks to Ma Geum-Hui who says she must divorce now.

At their home, Jin Yeong-Ju is trying to appease to Seo Jeong-Guk who is still mad at her, he tells her they should live quietly from now on for what they’ve done. Jin Yeong-Ju takes away Park Yu-Seok’s café from him and he’s not happy with it, he scream about it as he’s unable to reach her.

Lee Seo-Jin is happily back to her DJ job.

Shin ends up going to the convenience store he knows and loves, he drinks wine from a cup and his friends come over. They decide to go for soju.

The end.

What did you think of “Divorce Attorney Shin” ending? Did you like it or not? Let me know what you thought in the comment section below!

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  1. I love the ending, so light and I’m happy for every character’s story especially the 3 friends, very realistic, I look forward for the part 2

  2. I loved the ending, it was heartwarming BUT I felt strongly that the stepmother should have gotten her comeuppance! She got off too lightly, her husband should have divorced her & left her penniless plus taken custody rights away from her with regards to their daughter . She was an evil character !

  3. The plot is very interesting and deals with the complicated story between couples. Friendship between the 3 actors surely gave a great impact on its ending. How they value one another. Gi- yeong is happy living with his uncle, which he values more than luxurious life.
    Hoping to see a Season 2. Congratulations to all !

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