Disney+ “Rookie Cops” Finale: Episode 16 Recap + Ending Explained

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Disney+ “Rookie Cops” has wrapped up its run earlier today and here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained.

Did Jo Hansul get arrested? How was he arrested?

Yes, he was arrested. The group makes a plan. Eunkang plans to make a disguise and confront him forcing him to apologize before handing the admission tape to police.

Then, Han Na tells them his secretary has been contacting her about spying on them. She agrees to be a double spy and betray him.

As Eunkang expected, she’s kidnapped after Han Na tells him EunHa is planning to go to the police station. The group follows them in a van.

Hansol is slightly taken aback when he finds out that she’s not Eunha. He easily admits to killing people before. Eunkang pressures him by targeting his ego, he ends up admitting he’s orchestrated a lot of things, as he’s agitated and comes closer to her holding her by collar, he finds out the listening device.

The group then proceeds to exit their vehicle and fight people until they manage to get to Hansol. Hansol then shows Han Na to Eunkang unaware she was going to betray him. After police arrive and he’s confronted by Seung-Hyun, he runs away.

He ends up getting confronted by him as he escapes and they fight, Seung-Hyun beats him up and his father, the commissioner shows up to arrest him. Han Sol vows to bring him down with him, but the commissioner says he’s not afraid.

What evidence do they use to arrest Hansol?

Turns out, there was a second listening device that Han Na sneaked into Hansol’s secretary’s pocket, she retrieves it from him as he’s arrested. Hansol ends up getting arrested and prosecuted.

Did Commissioner Wi turn himself in?

Yes, he did. He tells his son Seung-Hyun that he will get investigated and receive punishment for his actions and that he won’t be home for a while, he asks him to look after his mother. Seung-Hyun apologizes but his father tells him he did well.

What happens to the KNPU?

The dean says she’ll resign and take responsibility for what happened, some men pressure for the university to be shut down but the dean then shocks them. She reveals that Commissioner Wi actually knew way more than she had imagined. She asks who among the executives wasn’t involved in the Sinyu Club, she says unless they resign and take responsibility for what happened, the situation might become a lot worse for them.

How does “Rookie Cops” end?

It ends with the arrest of Hansol after the group banded together to get justice, they end up celebrating and recall Dae Il whom they lost.

A bunch of other higher-ups who were also involved with Hansol also get questioned and its alluded they will pay for their crimes.

The group then graduates.

What happens to the group?

Seung-Hyun becomes the president of the KNPU student council. Shin Ari becomes the head of The promotions corps seniors. Juyoung became a cybercrime specialist and helps out the special cybercrimes unit occasionally.

Bumju finally has someone who admits they like him, he’s happy about it.

An inaugural ceremony for new lieutenants is held in 2021. The group all get awarded the Prime Minister’s award for what they had done.

Kim Tak visits his brother and he tells him how proud he is of him.

“Rookie Cops” ends with Seung-Hyun and Eunkang kissing after the ceremony was over.

What did you guys think of “Rookie Cops” ending? Did you like it or not?

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