“Dali And Cocky Prince” Finale: Recap And Ending Explained, Did Dali And Moo Hak End Up Together?

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“Dali And Cocky Prince” has wrapped up its run last night, here is a recap of its final episode and a discussion of the ending.

Did Jin Moo Hak die?

No, he didn’t. However, he was injured and had to undergo surgery for quite sometime. Luckily, he’s recovered from it completely and is fine.

Did Jang Tae Jin kill Kim Dali’s father?

He didn’t directly kill him but he prevented him from getting access to his medication which was ultimately the nail in the coffin for him. He passed away after being unable to get help in the time he needed the most.

Was Jang Tae-Jin exposed? Did he pay the price for his crimes?

After Moo Hak’s injury, Jin Ki-Cheol takes out a USB and turns out he’s hidden it and had recorded the entire thing with Jang Tae Jin and Dali’s father. After getting exposed, he’s summoned by the police.

However, he isn’t punished for his crimes. In regards to Moo Hak’s stabbing, his secretary handles that matter and in regard to the death of Kim Dali’s father, he walks away, he doesn’t get indicted.

His trial takes place a year later after the video’s release but apparently, he didn’t pay the price. He walks away free and steps down from his position.

Did Kim Dali confront Jang Tae Jin?

Jang Tae Jin shows up to her after the video of her father’s death was released to the public. He attempts to convince her that everything he’s done for her was truly out of love, she calls him out for it and says he’s a liar and a terrible human being. They don’t meet again after that.

Did Jin Baek-Won and So Geum-Ja return to each other?

Following the incidents, it is revealed that Jin Baek-Won is punishing both So Geum-Ja and her son for the actions of the son. So Geum-Ja currently works in a restaurant back to her original state but after getting scolded by his son, the father goes to see her and they get back together.

Did Moo Hak and Dali break up?

No, they didn’t. The father tells Dali to leave him before it’s too late when they’re at the hospital, he talks about how his other son sat on that video and didn’t reveal it until now and how he’s ashamed of facing her at all. While the second half of the drama goes as if they’ve broken up a year later, it’s revealed in the final minutes that they haven’t broken up.

Dali begged the father to allow her to see him and talked about loving him so deeply and asked him not to take him away from her. He agrees.

Does Moo Hak and Dali get married?

Yes. Moo Hak proposes to Dali beautifully using a sweet ring, they’re still together and due to their busy schedules, they’re unable to see other often but they love each other dearly.

Moo Hak proposes at the gallery by asking her, ‘do you want to go through 7000 geops with me?’ which basically means he’s asking for her hands in marriage, she agrees.

“Dali And Cocky Prince” had a happy ending.

“Dali And Cocky Prince” ending review- final thoughts


For the most part, “Dali And Cocky Prince” has been such a fun adorable rise and definitely a needed change of pace from the serious kdramas currently on air.

It has stalled in the middle but I’d say the cast chemistry really carried the show. It would’ve been a lot better had it been 10 episodes or 8 episodes long, these days, I hardly feel that any kdrama deserves to be 16 episodes, so I’d say, if it was shorter, it would’ve been even better.

One of my bones to pick with the show has to be Moo Hak’s character and the way its portrayed, I still didn’t like how Moo Hak treated Dali especially at the beginning, it was extremely disrespectful and I hated how the screenwriter painted his rude behavior and harsh words as if he’s a man so in love that he doesn’t know how to express himself.

The character isn’t that young and I don’t expect such behavior to be perceived as ‘romantic.’ The issue isn’t that such characters exist, but its how they’re portrayed. Scenes, where he screams at her in the beginning and yells about how she’s hit rock bottom, were truly difficult to watch especially considering how they were painting his actions. I get it, he’s improved as the drama progressed, but I didn’t like how the screenwriter tried to paint his actions, that’s my issue with it.

I truly hope that if any young woman sees this, she doesn’t think it is ever okay for a man who truly likes you to do that or to speak to you like that.

The ending had me, not gonna lie. I didn’t expect them to not have actually broken up, that was a good ‘twist’ because in kdramaland we have that mandatory separation period that happens in episode 15 or 16. I understand it was to pad the run time, it was mean and felt unnecessary but I understand why the screenwriter did it.

Dali’s character remains one of my personal favorite female characters of a kdrama in 2021, she’s so strong but maintains her femininity, the way she was written truly made me happy and Park Gyu-Young truly did a marvelous job in her first ever leading role.

Park Gyu-Young and Kim Min Jae’s chemistry was truly off-the-charts, they’re one of the best on-screen couples of a 2021 kdrama. It appears they enjoy each other’s company.

Overall, I’d say anyone who enjoys rom-coms, will probably fall in love with “Dali And Cocky Prince.”

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  1. Excellent appraisal the show was very good, although living in the west I do struggle with a lot of shouting. I still believe that many of the kdramas offer excellent viewing but sometimes smile with the translation.
    Keep up the good work.

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