“Curtain Call” Ending- Episode 16 Recap And Review

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KBS’s drama “Curtain Call” has come to an end earlier today, here is a recap of its finale episode [episode 16].

“Curtain Call” episode 16 recap

Moon Sung met with Jae Heon the day prior and he talked to him about grandma. He got emotional but tried to hide it.

At the theatre, some actors ask Jae Heon if they’ll ever be able to perform the play he was working on, he apologizes after bursting in anger.

Moon Sung meets with Se Gyu, they bond even though Moon Sung is a bit reluctant at first.

Jung Sang-Cheol gets a call, grandma Geum-Soon has woken up, she requests to be escorted back to her home. The adults gather and Moon Sung is made aware of this too.

During her ride back home, she thanks Sang-Cheol for his hard work. He tears up.

At home, she recalls her memories and then Moon Sung shows up to see her. He’s awkward around her but explains he resented her for what happened and talked about how much his father longed for her.

He cries his eyes out as she comforts him before walking out to talk to the adults as she knows she doesn’t have much time left.

She tells everyone she loves them, they all cry, she tells them she has one last place to visit. She goes to the threatre while Jae Heon puts on a performance with the rest of the crew including Se Gyu. They enact the same plot of the drama throughout its phases.

After the play wraps up, grandma Geum Soon walks on stage and hugs Jae Hoon, everyone claps.

Some time has passed

its been revealed the grandma passed away and the will is being read.

She left 10% to Jung Sang-Cheol and Yoon Jung-Sook. The rest is distributed equally among the grandkids including Moon Sung. However, there is a special clause, Moon Sung’s money is entrusted by Jung Sang-Cheol until he’s naturalized in South Korea. A contract has already been signed under this matter. As a result, he will not sell the shares of the hotel and will keep them as is. Meaning, the hotel sell is not proceeding.

Everything goes back to somewhat normal, Moon Sung meets up with Se-Yeon, she tells him he’s family and that won’t change. She wants them to get along well and spend time together.

At the theatre, Se Gyu reveals he’s bought the place and wants them to expand.

Se Yeon has already decided against marrying Bae Dong-Je, again. When they meet, he tears the wedding invitation paper saying he wants to do it right this time. He apologizes to her for not protecting her back then.

Jung Sang-Cheol meets with the man who helped him find Moon Sung, he tells him to send him back to China, to wrap things up and he’ll help him settle once he comes back. Moon Sung agrees to this too.

Jae Heon meets up with Yoon Hee before she leaves, she casually mentions she likes him and tells him he should pursue Se Yeon. He ends up listening to her and goes to see Se Yeon, he asks her if she knows who he is, once she says his name is Jae Hoon, he asks her out on a date.

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  1. I didn’t see any resolution to the fact, Joe’s mother left him and why and if he has any ties to the real family, it is unclear and makes me crazy.
    Grandmother says he looks exactly like the Grandfather, but this is never explained.

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