“Crazy Love” Ending: Episode 16 Recap And Review

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Crazy Love” has ended its run earlier today, here is a recap of the finale episode.

“Crazy Love” Episode 16 Recap

Did secretary Jo get arrested?

Yes, he was. Noh Go Jin got a text message from Oh Se Gi who was following him around to confront him, he saw that he was waiting for Noh Go Jin in his own building garage so he alerted him. secretary Jo ends up pulling a knife on him and screams about how it was all his fault and that Oh Se Hee was left no choice but to commit suicide due to him not backing down and letting it ‘slide.’

As he goes to stab Noh Go Jin, Oh Se Gi tackles him and beats him up. The police later take him away.

Did Oh Se Gi and Noh Go Jin make up?

Yes, they did. Noh Go Jin expresses remorse for what had happened and say he should have let it slide, just maybe, then she would have been still alive. The two make up and Oh Se Gi also apologizes for the pain he’s caused him.

What happens between Baek Soo-Young and Noh Go Jin?

Baek Soo-Young pays a visit to Noh Go Jin’s home, the two end up having a chat together at a park. She asks him why he’s committed suicide when she left him and he says back then, she was his everything.

When she asks him what she should do now that she can’t even hate him, he tells her to resent him for until her heart feels better since she’s protected him. He tells her, ‘don’t be hurt anymore, and I am sorry I can’t be the Noh Go Jin who used to love you.’

What happens to Oh Se Gi?

Noh Go Jin ends up asking him to return to the company, he’s reluctant at first too but Noh Go Jin suggests he takes 3 months to care for his father before coming back to the company.

What happens to the employees at Gotop?

Firstly, Noh Go Jin offers Ms. Mah her position back in the company after her son pays her a visit to her workplace not knowing she was fired for her actions. She’s reluctant to accept his offer at first but then does.

Noh Go Jin also offers back jobs to the secretaries he’s fired, one of them ends up serving as his secretary after Lee Shin Ah leaves.

He also ends up convincing Michelle Lee to stay and face the music for lying about her resume, he says he still believes she’s a great teacher, she should apologize to her students and continue. He also offers teacher Kim back his position but he leaves to open his own farm. They remain in touch.

Why did Lee Shin Ah leave Gotop?

Yes, she ends up leaving the place. After her videos teaching go viral, she’s sent many recruitment emails by various places and among them is Ilpum Edu.

She meets up with the CEO and agrees to sign a contract with them. Noh Go Jin then barges in to his office and finds out about that. He’s upset at first but he soon cools down after Lee Shin Ah tells him she loves him while apologizing.

Lee Shin Ah left Gotop because she wanted to create her own path without the help of her boyfriend, she also didn’t want people to belittle the amount of work she put in by claiming she’s got what she got because of him. After cooling down, Noh Go Jin also agrees its a better idea.

Lee Shin Ah then successfully transitions into a teacher and adjusts to her job while Noh Go Jin is a changed man who now fetches his own food and says hi to his employees.

Did Noh Go Jin propose to Lee Shin Ah?

Yes, he did. He proposed to her after she successfully wrapped up her first lecture. He proposed on a flowery road, she accepts.

How does “Crazy Love” ends?

The drama ends with the couple preparing for marriage, buying furniture and stuff. They cook together and eat together, they’ve gotten married and are happily living together. The two are together reading books while listening to music, Shin ah falls asleep, Go Jin recalls their past and says, ‘you’re a miracle that made me go crazy.’ The camera pans out to show the couple’s wedding photo hanging over their bed.

The end.

“Crazy Love” Episode 16 Review

I have so much to say about the writing of the drama that a section dedicated to reviewing the last episode won’t be enough.

There are so many problems with the writing especially in the latter half that prevented me from fully embracing or enjoying this drama.

The screenwriter attempt at wrapping up everything and sort of justifying why she’s done certain things a certain way fall flat and offer little resolution considering the direction she was going with.

For an ending, I’d say “Crazy Love” wasn’t the worst, I assume it was fun for the people who loved the drama and wholeheartedly supported it, but not much for those who had doubts like me.

Again, my issue is with how the villains in the story were handled, not to mention how the screenwriter seems to think some apologies here and there are enough to undo the damage No Go Jin has done with his terrible character up until now, but I guess they forgive him because they also did him wrong and need his kindness in order to survive.

Man, this could have been amazing, I am so sad with how it turned out.

What did you guys think of the ending? Did you like it or not? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. I actually gave up on this drama after ep 2. It saddens me the writing is so bad. And I honestly think Krystal wasn’t right as the lead. Someone with greater depth in acting would have handled it better. But in the end she was ok. After running out of dramas to watch I went back to Crazy Love because of Kim Jae Wook. He carried the drama right to the end. I’m a fan of his n his works are always good.
    Ha Jun as Oh Segi was effective. Overall this drama was ok but definitely could have been better as u wrote.

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