“Crash Course In Romance” Ending Explained: Episode 16 Recap And Review

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Crash Course In Romance” has come to an end earlier today, here is a recap of the finale and its ending explained!

“Crash Course In Romance” episode 16 recap

After Hae E drops the bombshell on them, her birth mother takes her outside to discuss, Hae E says whatever happens, they must now fend for themselves in Japan. She’s helped more than enough and they should not inconvenience her even more. Hae E threatens her mother she won’t see her again if she says otherwise.

Later, Haeng-Seon confronts Hae E who stands her ground and says she’s adamant about it.

Su A’s mother has a fight with her husband who blames her for his affair and she puts up with him telling him not to tell Su A at all, of course, Su A overhears all of that. The mother wanted to stay married to him until her college. The parents try to act okay around her.

At night, Haeng-Seon and Chi-Yeol walk together, Haeng-Seon is sad about the whole thing and admits she’s actually wanted to study to become a sports instructor after Hae E goes to college. He’s happy about it and says he’ll support her fully.

On their way to school, Su A tells her mother they can get a divorce if they want to, she’s not against it.

Haeng-Seon takes her sister on a shopping spree and she buys all the stuff for Hae E and begins to tell her mother what she likes and dislikes. When she gets back home, she begins to pack the stuff preparing for their departure, when Hae E sees this, she flips out saying she doesn’t need those things, they get into a fight as Haeng-Seon says she’s upset about how she’s behaving.

In the morning, Hae E tells Haeng-Seon she’ll let the school know she’s transferring today, Haeng-Seon is not happy about this but instructs her sister to give snacks to Hae E.

Meanwhile, Sun Jae’s mother is fined 10 million won [around 8000$] for what she’s done. After it was over, she invites her husband to lunch with the boys, she attempts to make amends and prepare food for them to eat, they eat in silence but appear to be happy its happening.

Later, Haeng-Seon’s sister decides to leave before Hae E comes back from school, she leaves her sister a letter. She cries reading it, she basically says she felt shame for the first time seeing them and she’ll return to them a better person next time. Haeng-Ja also texts her daughter and lets her know she’s left.

On another morning, while talking to his friend, Chi-Yeol runs into his past potential lover and they share coffee, someone takes photos of them and spread rumors they separated.

At the shop, Haeng-Seon finds out Jae Won and Yeong-Joo are dating and asks if they’re serious about it, they answer with yes.

Then, Haeng-Seon finds out seeing the photos and runs outside to buy something. Knowing he f-ed up, Chi-Yeol goes with his assistant to buy a wedding ring to ask for her hands in marriage.

When she gets back, he’s waiting for her with the rest and they discuss the situation. He attempts to explain himself but then Haeng-Seon proposes to him, he’s taken aback by this and also proposes to her, she says yes, they wear both rings. Everyone celebrates.

A year later

The students are studying hard for their CSAT. We find out that Hae E’s mother still keeps in touch with her. Sun Jae obtained his GED certificate and he’s sent a photo of his mother and his brother together on trips.

They take the CSAT and Haeng-Seon waits for Hae E outside the school.

2 years later

We find out that Jae Won and Yeong-Joo have registered their marriage and that Yeong-Joo is pregnant.

Haeng-Seon is not working at the shop anymore and is studying for exams. She failed the civil service exam last year.

We find out that Hae E, Sun Jae and Su A are all in the same university and Su A and Hae E are studying for pre-med school. We find out that Su A’s mother is now a counselor for parents about their kids education.

Sun Jae’s mother is working hard again and gets surprised by her son Hui-Jae who is out on break from his military service.

The four friends from high school meet up to wish Geun Ho the best before he takes the exam he failed again.

After that, Geun Ho runs into Su A by chance, and she gets into the car with him, the drama hints that they might start dating soon.

As they’re walking back from the meeting, Sun Jae asks Hae E to give him a reply to his confession, she kisses him on the cheeks and storms off, he’s very happy, he follows her and they hold hands, they’re now dating.

Chi Yeol takes his fiance Haeng-Seon from her study room back home and they argue about her failing her exam last year, he wonders if she’s failing on purpose to avoid marrying him. She denies it and assures him she’ll pass this time.

A while later, Haeng-Seon takes the exam and the results are out. Everyone is happy.

Haeng-Seon and Chi Yeol take a stroll down the street, he gives a kiss on her cheeks and she says people are watching. He doesn’t mind and says he’s happy she passed and they can finally get married. She’s no longer worried about scandals about them, she gives him a kiss and they kiss on the street.

FAQ about “Crash Course In Romance” finale

Have you seen the finale of “Crash Course In Romance”? did you like it?

“Crash Course In Romance” episode 16 review

No lie, that was a cute sugarcoated ending that brought a smile to my face despite how it simplified all the complicated issues the screenwriter brought up with her script throughout the drama’s run time.

I think for the majority of the drama’s fans, this ending is more than enough. And to me, I think its a nice ending. I have some thoughts to share, but I wanted to say I felt it was cute and nice. It went about as I had anticipated except for Haeng Seon’s career path, I did not think she’d want to study but it makes a lot of sense.

Now that I am done saying how cute the ending is, its time to address a couple of points I’ve had about the drama overall.

I said this in the 15th episode review, I didn’t like the way Dong Hui’s death was handled. In the 16th episode, in favor of a happy ending, the screenwriter literally writes as if his character never existed. Knowing Chi Yeol’s tendencies, that seems rather implausible to me.

I didn’t like the pairing of Jae Won and Yeong-Joo at first, mainly because it came out of left field. In the 16th episode, I thought they made for a cute couple but I had wished the screenwriter had alluded to a possible love line before episode 14. it seems to serve one purpose, making sure no character ends up without a partner. I get the finale happy conclusion she’s aimed for, but I felt this plot point needed better handling.

While it was very shocking, Sun Jae’s mother actually turning a new leaf was nice, only if such types of mothers actually behaved like this, I mean, her son was isolated and she saw him crack before her eyes and didn’t bat an eye and kept doing her thing, so for a simple fine for an established lawyer like her to bring her back to earth, was definitely an interesting writing choice, but we had to wrap it up.

Also, Su A just suddenly became nicer towards Hae E after her incident, where did that rage go? Didn’t she have mental health issues?

I say those things not to poke holes in the drama but to talk about how the screenwriter simplifies or amplifies very sensitive topics according to what she sees fits the narrative best.

It comes off rather surface level, as if its not intended as an actual critique of the way Korean parents push their kids towards the CSAT and the pressures of it, but rather serving of an entertaining narrative. Now you can definitely have both but it has to be done a certain way.

She dials it up or down depending on what outcome she wants. Now, to most people, I realize you find me annoying right about now….. but this is my personal opinion.

If she wanted a simpleton script, she should have just went for that instead of the round about ways that she eventually just abandoned all-together.

The drama is mainly romance but it tackles everything in between and in the middle it gets lost in that murder-mystery sub-plot created…. because as anyone who knows anything about writing knows simple romance/ rom-com kdramas just don’t do it anymore, especially for a 16 episode project.

I know my taste is difficult and I tend to have high expectations so I don’t expect most of anyone reading this agreeing with me. But I am merely sharing my thoughts.

Even with my personal thoughts on the drama’s writing overall, I’d still likely recommend this drama to most people, I think its the type of drama that is an easy watch. It was fun, it was cute and as long as you didn’t think too hard about any plot point to be exact, you’ll walk away happy to have seen it.

The 16th episode is about the most happy happy ending every kdrama fan who loves happy endings wishes to see.

Thank you to the staff and cast of the drama for the hard work. I enjoyed all the acting performances, especially from our younger cast members, they have a bright future ahead of them.

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  1. I agree with everything you said about the drama. I would add that I was looking forward to see Sun Jae and Hea E dating, but it is so strange that he waited for 3 years, that she “put him on hold” and he waited. I mean it doesn’t happen in real life I am sorry. Young, handsome guy, full of testosterone and dopamine and other “love” hormones – you reject him and he finds someone else within the next 2 months. But okay , for some reason they needed that time leap and that Romeo-Juliette kind of story. But it is not realistic.

    As for Su A – it made me angry when suddenly everyone was dabbing her “kind” and “nice”, whereas she was the nastiest, going through Nae E bags, denouncing her, being constantly jealous. Come on, what happened, she suddenly transformed? Her mom kicked both Nae E and Su Jae from the All Care Program and from school respectively and she became number 1 and this is how the justice served? And she even got a rich boyfriend (because, oh – surprised Geun Ho turned out to be rich with a big nice car), of course a girl like her cannot date a simple ex- hockey player.

    Actually, I find that there is too much emphasis on the money and this is not great. Big cars, nice apartments- and they wonder why there is so much pressure on kids? Because if you fail to enter those elite universities (and get prestigious jobs), you won’t be part of that elitist group and you will be regarded as failure. I know this, I have seen it in Korea myself. Your value as an individual is measured by what you possess, it is sad. The only one who is not rich is the Nae E’ s aunt who raised her, but the script writers “found” a rich boyfriend for her.

    But the drama surely was super nice, and made me watch it until the end. There were many story plots as you said, but it is 16 episodes, so they needed them, what can we do? I have to say I desperately needed the all-around happy ending drama after I watched The Interest of Love. So thank you production, cast and crew.

    Last, but not least – it was a wonderful message to show that Haeng Seon went to study. That even at almost 50 years old you can do something for yourself after you have given up all your life to caring for others.

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