Coupang Play’s “Bait” Part 2/ “Decoy” Part 2 Ending Explained- Episode 4 Recap And Review

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Coupang Play’s “Bait” Part 2 aka “Decoy” Part 2 has aired its final two episodes earlier today, here is a recap of the finale and its ending explained!

“Bait” Part 2/ “Decoy” Part 2 episode 6 recap

Turns out tha  No Sang-Cheon was actually coordinating those murders and everything with the two killers. The police abandon him, and he gets captured by the two serial killers.

He then reveals he’s actually been in cahoots with them the whole time and that Gu Do-Han caught on to him which is why he let him go. Because No Sang-Cheon was afraid the two serial killers would end him, he led the police to them and ended up exposing their faces as a sort of insurance for himself.

The three then end up escaping and Gu Do-Han narrowly misses them. Their hideout has been exposed and they have their fingers so the police catch on to them very quickly.

In a flashback to the year 2011 we see that the two serial killers actually helped out No Sang-Cheon escape when he was nearly captured by detective Kang Jong-Hoon. The two serial killers then mooched off of No Sang-Cheon for the next 10 years because they helped him escape. They also help keep him quiet and make sure the VIPs don’t know either. They’re gambling addicts who couldn’t stop.

Going back to the year 2023, the three men discuss what they will do with the gold bars. No Sang-Cheon says they will exchange the gold bars with money for a 30% commission because they can’t escape with them. He then goes on to say he’s buried those gold bars deep in the mines.

The police is also chasing after them. Gu Do-Han calls Jeon Na-Yeon and she tells him there are some mines some of the victims from another region searched through, she sends him the list.

Gu Do-Han then finds out that the two men are former presidential security agents. Meanwhile, the killers and No Sang-Cheon leave behind their car with the GPS and escape through another route.

Gu Do-Han requests backup but he gets shut down, he then finds out that the police chief cut him off after talking to assemblyman Kim Sung-Dae. The assemblyman struck a deal with No Sang-Cheon, he told him he’ll let them arrest the two serial killers but he wants to guarantee his safety. He then asks him to go and get him the gold bars, turns out he was lying and the gold bars were left with the VIP at their house. He takes out for him. He’s being helped by former detective Jo who used to work with detective Kang Jong-Hoon before quitting the force. He’s the same guy who lied to Kang Jong-Hoon about his family being kidnapped and missed No Sang-Cheon as a result.

But this former detective is being threatened for real now, his family is in danger and he must help out both of them, No Sang-Cheon and The assemblyman.

After settling in for the night in a motel, the two serial killers and No Sang-Cheon settle. He talks about a tea he drank and how it tastes great. He offers them the tea but they refuse. The next morning, the two men drink from the same tea he brew for himself, they die by poisoning.

Meanwhile, the former Detective Jo cloned No Sang-Cheon’s phone and told a bunch of the victims [including Kim Sang-Bong] of his fraud that they can get gold bars. Thus, they also search for him.

No Sang-Cheon then meets with the assemblyman who hands him the gold bars, he then goes to a location and exchanges the gold bars for cash, then he deposits it in the casino which he can get access to at any time anywhere.

Jeon Na-Yeon and Kim Yeon-Gwang drive around knowing Kim Sang-Bong might cause trouble. She decides to tell Gu Do-Han who explains this is likely a trap set up by No Sang-Cheon. No Sang-Cheon calls Gu Do-Han and tells him he should come to the location he sends him to alone or else.

No Sang-Cheon then implants explosives around a mine and the victims hear his conversation with Gu Do-Han and are able to locate his location. They all arrive there and scream at him.

Meanwhile, No Sang-Cheon calls the assemblyman and tells him to prepare the helicopter so he can leave to the airport. However, the assemblyman has plans of his own.

The victims arrive at the location and they follow him inside, he then escapes outside of the mine while the victims search for him inside. He then talks to Gu Do-Han and gives him a choice, should he go after those people or follow after him. He picks the first option.

Luckily, Jeon Na-Yeon and Kim Yeon-Gwang arrive at the location and see No Sang-Cheon. No Sang-Cheon begins screaming at them and they ask him to apologize, he refuses and yells at them. Then, Kim Yeon-Gwang goes up to him and they engage in a fight. He gets stabbed and No Sang-Cheon attempts to detonate the explosives but they do not work properly. Luckily, the victims escape outside.

Gu Do-Han then chases after Jeon Na-Yeon who is also chasing after No Sang-Cheon who is running away thinking a helicopter is coming. After a while, Gu Do-Han catches up to her and tells her to stop, he’ll do it from here. They engage in a fight and a blizzard takes over. They can barely see but No Sang-Cheon does not stop trying to escape. He gets caught in a trap and his leg is injured, Gu Do-Han even shoots at his direction after he gets stabbed by him.

Eventually, he gets a bit away but the former detective Jo appears before him, he then stabs him repeatedly. He reveals that because he was late to his family, they all froze to death, he stabs him many times.

Gu Do-Han and Jeon Na-Yeon catch up to them but he’s gravely injured. Jeon Na-Yeon gets in his face and tells him he’ll suffer as those victims will continue to chase after him in the afterlife and it won’t be pleasant. He dies.

Police arrives and takes everyone away. Later, Gu Do-Han also finds the serial killers bodies.

After a little time since it passed, the three higherups are happily celebrating the wrapping up of the case but then they find out that No Sang-Cheon actually ended up releasing the video he promised and exposed them all, he exposed who took bribes from him, and how much. It went viral and everybody was caught including the VIP who is assumed to be either a former president or someone close to him.

After some time

Lee Byung-Jun gets out of prison and is greeted by the victims group. Jeon Na-Yeon is working hard at exposing scammers. Gu Do-Han continues to chase cold cases.

The end.

Does “Bait” Part 2/ “Decoy” Part 2 have a happy ending?

Yes, it does. it ends with the victims attempting to move on after the truth was revealed and the people who conspired with No Sang-Cheon get arrested.

Did No Sang-Cheon die?

Yes, he did. He was killed by a former detective named Jo. The detective was forced to join hands with them after having his family threatened and kidnapped. Despite cooperating with them, the family members ended up dead because he arrived too late and they froze to death.

How does “Bait” Part 2/ “Decoy” Part 2 end?

The ending scene of “Bait” / “Decoy” Part 2 shows Gu Do-Han arriving at a police station, he seems much better and has a clean shave. He ask a police officer for the files of a cold case.

“Bait” Part 2/ “Decoy” Part 2 ending review- initial thoughts

This was super fun. This drama is truly underrated, in the sense that I haven’t seen many cover it. It deserves more spotlight, and I am seeing it being praised on the Korean side which is great news.

For my initial thoughts on the ending of the drama, I’d say for the most part, it was AMAZING, filled with twists and turns until the very end. There were some tidbits here and there I would have loved to see explored or explained a bit more. This drama needed one more episode for its plot to truly blossom. I think they wanted it to be wrapped up in 12 episodes since it released two each week, but I always felt it needed a bit more. Not more than 1 extra episode.

There were many revelations that really surprised me. The thing I liked the most was how smart Gu Do-Han was, and it was actually written well. Not the screenwriter promising you he is smart but delivering on it in the most twisted way possible. You only get to find out he’s found there are lies later when he’s moving based on them. I loved the writing for this specific character trait of him.

In the end, there are some conveniences for the sake of what I believe to be time restraints. But overall, I loved the writing and the editing. Like I said, maybe the drama needed to move at a slightly lower pace and make the ending episode about 1 hour and a half. Some points needed to be explained better including the VIPs, the identity of the serial killers, and the attempts of the higher-ups to murder No Sang-Cheon.

It was astonishing just how persistent and horrible No Sang-Cheon was until the VERY END and how he still believed he was somewhat the victim in all of this, the thought that someone like him exists out there with such animosity in his scares me. He is very smart, which is a DEEP issue. He speaks with such conviction its scary. He is so cunning and absolutely reprehensible until the very last breath. He’s played marvelously by Heo Sung-Tae, this actor is amazing. If he keeps playing bad characters, I won’t ever get tired of him. He was able to make this one truly distinct. It was a challenge that he aced.

Overall, I loved Bait, truly one of the standout dramas o 2023. I certainly am excited about what types of projects Coupnag Play releases next. The projects they’ve been producing are thought-provoking and very fun to watch.

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  1. It would have been a happier ending if the drama showed the victims receiving some compensation for the money they lost. It is what started the chase for No Sangcheon anyway.

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