“Anna” Shocking Ending Explained: Episode 6 Recap And Review

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Coupang Play’s drama “Anna” wrapped up its run earlier today, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained.

Note 1: this is not a detailed recap but one of the highlights of “Anna” episode 6.

Note 2: “Anna” was originally set to be 8 episodes but was reduced down to 6 episodes, thus its ending today.

Note 3: Due to its popularity, Coupang Play will be releasing an extended version of “Anna” in August.

“Anna” Episode 6 recap

Choi Ji-Hoon tells Yu Mi to memorize the questions for her interview, she must say that she knew of his child and was taking care of him.

At a meeting with higher-ups, Yu Mi asks about his common wife and how she just died. He gets angry as she speaks about the mysterious reasons behind her death. He says he made the real Anna Lee, aka Hyun Joo, disappear for her. When she protests, he pins her to the wall and nearly strangles her. He then acts as if nothing happened as he escorts her to the chair after nearly killing her.

Later, Yumi does the interview and says what she’s told. Choi Ji-Hoon finds out from his men that she’s been pocketing money from other women and it was more than $2 million. He calls a man and says his wife has been under so much pressure and ‘needs a break.’ Thus, he wants her to go somewhere quiet after the elections are over.

Secretary Cho Yu-Mi gets reprimanded for not telling them that she’s been pocketing money.

Yumi goes to visit her mother who tells her her daughter is in the U.S. and she wants to write her a letter. After meeting her, she tells the secretary in the car that if anything happens to her, she should look after her mom.

We get a flashback to when Yumi went to see reporter Han Ji-Won and gave her a file that points to all her husband’s terrible deeds. His corruption and the ordered killing of the real Anna and his other wife.

On election day, Yumi fires the secretary who says she’ll remain by her side regardless of what happens. Before the election results are announced, she gets a call that her mother won’t last and will likely die very soon. Then it gets announced that Choi Ji-Hoon has won the election.

She gets dragged for the photos and such. After they win and they leave, she tells him she needs to go see her mom, but he refuses and takes her away, he asks her secretary to see how her mom is doing. They leave soon to the airport after his election win and she finds out her mother died through a phone call.

He takes her passport when they arrive to the U.S. for ‘insurance reasons’ and they take a car drive in the desert. However, soon she finds out he’s actually escorting her to a facility and will lock her up there, as they’re arguing, a deer shows up and Choi Ji-Hoon attempts to dodge him with his car but he swerves and hits a poll. He gets stuck.

Prior to the accident, she gets a message from reporter Han Ji-Won that someone is stopping the report and she’s unable to meet the prosecutor.

Anna manages to escape alive, she gets a message that basically tells her it won’t be possible to reveal his deeds like they want to, reporter Han Ji-Won is getting chased by people as she escapes through the window and is surrounded by police and people afraid she might commit suicide.

Seeing no end in sight, Yumi decides to light her pursue on fire and throw it in the car. The car then catches fire and burns Choi Ji-Hoon alive. She walks away from the scene crying.

Choi Ji-Hoon’s funeral is held with no mourners because everyone is afraid of coming and being associated with him. No one but his autistic son and his father as well as some reporters go there.

In 2018

We see reporter Han Ji-Won sitting down for a meal with her sunbae, she is happy about her new place and is revealed to have gotten a pay raise but she rejected turning down a major station after the scope she revealed.

Its revealed that Yumi is still missing and they haven’t found her.

In 2020

We see Yumi walking through the snow somewhere in the U.S. She is greeted by an older woman who then speaks to another woman. They talk about how she’s that ‘Chinese woman who walked across America,’ when the other woman says yes, she says she must be lying, she’s too tiny to have been able to accomplish that.

Its revealed that Yumi has been living a secluded life somewhere in the U.S. avoiding being seen or heard by many people.

The end.

“Anna” ending explained

Following Choi Ji-Hoon’s murder everything came crashing down. The reason why Yumi killed him was because she knew he shouldn’t lead people. He is not a good person and someone who doesn’t mind killing people if it means saving him from some trouble. He would have probably become even more ruthless in his pursuit of power and would have probably attempted to harm everyone that gets in his way.

In the final scenes of “Anna,” its hinted that everything came crashing down after his death. Reporter Han Ji-Won was able to break the scope after his death as many people now didn’t consider him a threat and some might have not been up to defend him anymore since he was dead. “Anna” also shows scenes of what appears to have been an investigation launched into each of his aides leading up to him getting elected.

The prosecutors who helped defend him and the head of them was also sacked due to the scandal.

Its also hinted that Yumi’s true identity has been revealed to the world.

“Anna” Episode 6 review

Wow! That was a ride. Loved it. “Anna” has earned a spot among my fav kdramas of 2022.

I’ve been preaching about shorter kdramas for a while now and I love what Coupang play is doing. I am glad they’re taking this risky direction. Its also paying off, their dramas have relatively been above average which isn’t easy to pull off.

This shows how much more amazing kdramas can be. If this had been 16 episodes I would have probably given a very different review because I highly doubt such a premise would work well in traditional Kdrama TV style.

Suzy’s acting in this drama is probably her best thus far, this is my favorite kdrama of her as of this writing. She’s truly come a long way from her debut days. I won’t lie and say I always liked her acting because I didn’t, but its been fun watching her make immense progress across the years. I like how dedicated she is and how seriously she takes this.

If she had wanted to just cruise through this she probably would have been able to pull it off with very few questioning why. I can tell she takes acting seriously and wants to excel, not just be there. Her character in this drama has been so interesting.

Everyone in this drama did an amazing job. The acting, the directing, the writing, everything, everything came together so well, its so darn amazing. I am happy to have seen this drama.

I think we needed a little more time to explore the characters around Yumi and I guess this is why Coupang is planning an extended version. But the 6-episodes do an excellent job already. It came to tell a story and didn’t stay beyond its welcome.

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  1. She was in Canada in the final scene, not in the US. The flag outside the cabin of the women she visited has maple leaf (Canada’s Flag)

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