“Chief Detective 1958” Ending Explained- Episode 10 Recap

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The hit MBC drama “Chief Detective 1958” aired its finale today, let us go through it and explain the ending!

Chief Detective 1958 episode 10 recap

The episode begins with Yeong-Han almost falling into his death trying to catch Heesung who is about to murder Jung-Gil. He manages to get inside and save Jung-Gil.

Superintendent Baek visits Heesung’s father, he’s feeling cocky and says his life is now in his hands considering how he knows what he plans on doing with the pachinko. He also explains to him that his son is a murderer and he will have to go down soon because of his crimes.

Superintendent Baek gets back to the station and finds out that they have Heesung, he tries to interview him but they refuse so he’s deeply angry. When Jung-Gil wakes up, Yeong-Han pays a visit to him. He ends up spelling the beans on how he killed Soonjung but refuses to testify in court in fear of Heesung’s father’s wrath.

Later, the squad gets a phone call, the girls who had been hurt turned out and they agree to talk to them. However, initially they say they want to put this behind them and later revealed Superintendent Baek threatened to have them killed.

Eventually, upon reading a letter from their dead friend, they change their minds and are willing to testify against the horrible young boys who ruined their lives.

Superintendent Baek calls Heesung’s father demanding a lot of money, he reluctantly agrees. But behind his back, Heesung’s father sends people to kill him.

Superintendent Baek kidnaps Jung-Gil and heads to the agreed upon meeting place at church. The squad finds out and head out to aid. There are people inside and a pregnant woman. 10 dangerous men approach Superintendent Baek and a fight ensues.

He shoots a bunch and as Yeong-Han and his men interfere, Superintendent Baek takes the pregnant woman hostage and threatens Yeong-Han. Yeong-Han gives up his gun but he has a man who is aiding him from behind. Yeong-Han gets shot during their fight but fights him back and refuses to shoot him dead. He hands him to police.

Eventually, Yeong-Han arrests and have them all on trial. Superintendent Baek is executed for his crimes and the rest of the boys are also sentenced to prison.

Yeong-Han and his squad closed all of their cases and then two of their previous captured bad guys turn up after serving their jail sentence being reformed thanking them for their help.

They also then find out that Chief Yu has become Senior superintendent Yu and they celebrate it. Yeong-Han then officially becomes a chief.

The squad also celebrates this and then walk out of their offices looking cool.

Back to the present time.

The same former bad guys who had been reformed treat a much older Yeong-Han to lunch. Its revealed his wife has passed away and so did most of his squad whom he deeply misses.

Yeong-Han goes to visit his squad at the cemetery and cries thinking about them and how much he misses them. He then eventually leaves saying he’ll visit again soon.

The end.

Chief Detective 1958 ending explained- FAQ

Does Chief Detective 1958 have a happy ending?

Yes, in the past tense, but in the present time, most of the squad is dead and Yeong-Han is all alone now.

How does Chief Detective 1958 end?

It ends with Yeong-Han being promoted to chief and leading his squad happily before the time jump to the present time when Yeong-Han is old and the memories of the past is all he has.

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