“Brain Works” Episode 16 Recap: Finale And Ending Explained

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Brain Works” has wrapped up its run earlier today, here is a recap of its final episode.

“Brain Works” episode 16 recap

Hwang Dong-Woo catches both catches both Myung-Se and Ha Ru, he straps them into a machine that measures how they feel about certain imagery, he also gotten Myung-Se’s ex-wife and kid as well as Shin Ji-Hyeong.

He begins turning on the water in the bathhouse where Myung-Se’s ex-wife and kid as well as Shin Ji-Hyeong are kept, the three of them have their hands and legs bound to wires and metals, they cannot move an inch.

Hwang tells them if they manage to feel the same emotions to the same imagery then the water will stop flowing, he says since Ha Ru has the brain of a psychopath, he will not be able to emphasize. For over five pictures, he fails to ‘feel’ anything, and is a mis-match, both grow frustrated and Ha Ru blames himself for what would be the death of three people. Hwang also blames him.

Then, our team at the police station sense something is up and go to search for them, they consult the former detective who talks about how the place where Ha Ru’s parents murder happened was in a house that had arches for windows. They go search and almost give up.

While Hwang was gone to check who was at the door, Ha Ru tells Myung-Se to tell him how he’s supposed to feel so he can emulate him, but that doesn’t work.

While they initially left the scene, So-Jung goes back and gets inside, she’s immediately taken in and drugged. When she wakes up, Hwang tests them again in front of her, Myung-Se asks him to pretend the man he’s seeing is him, then Hwang gets the idea to strangle Myung-Se to see if Ha Ru feels anything. Ha Ru then gets flashbacks of their time together and he begins to feel empathy, the water stops and Hwang is shocked.

When Myung-Se wakes up after being almost strangled to death, he rushes outside with So Jung to save his child and former wife as well as Dr. Shin. He barely saves them from drowning.

At the house, Hwang is deeply upset that Ha Ru managed to feel something despite what he believes to be a psychopath brain.

As they discuss, Ha Ru says his brain can overcome its limitations while Hwang disagrees, so they agree for one final match and the winner gets to inject the loser with morphine. When they play, it turns out Ha Ru believes what he said while Hwang does not. Proving Hwang is wrong about him.

Hwang is utterly stunned. After that, he provokes Ha Ru to kill him but Ha Ru refuses to do so, after Ha Ru leaves, Hwang injects himself with the deadly syringe himself, he dies.

After police takes over and everything is done, Shin Ji-Hyeong confronts Park Chi-Kook, who tells her he stumbled upon Ha Ru’s parents dead bodies, he accidentally touched the knife before he saw the dead bodies, he sees Hwang who tells him to keep it a secret, HA Ru’s father dissertation is promised to be his too. He tells him if he wishes to save Ha Ru he should do as he tells him and cover it up. He does that and is made the best neurosurgeon in all of Korea.

When he tells this to Shin Ji-Hyeong, she’s unfazed and tells him she’ll expose him, he begs her not to but she refuses to believe he only did it for Ha Ru.

Back at the police station, the police chief is giving an interview to the press and is suggested to name their team Brain Works, he agrees, he also says the job was done with the help of the entire team. When he’s asked if Myung Se quit, he doesn’t answer.

When they call him back at their office after the press conference ended, he takes his resignation paper, he rushes inside and takes So Jung to the rooftop.

He proposes to her and she accepts him, his daughter happens to call him but her mother tells her to leave them be, when Yi Na asks her if she’s given up on taking back her father, she says they should remain friends.

At his place, Ha Ru gets a call from Myung Se, turns out they’re being awarded. He shows up with the team to take photos.

how does “Brain Works” end?

After the ceremony was done, Myung Se begs him to stay with the team, but he refuses, then one of his police officer friends sees a zombie like man biting another man at the restaurant, he calls him. When they both see this, they rush to solve the case.

Does “Brain Works” have a happy ending?

Yes, it does. Its implied that Ha Ru will also resume working with the brain works team alongside Myung Se.

So what did you guys think of Brain Works ending? did you like it or not?

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