“Bora, Deborah” / “True To Love” Ending Explained: Episode 14 Recap

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ENA’s “Bora, Deborah” / “True To Love” has come to an end earlier today, let us discuss the last episode and find out whether it’s a happy or a sad ending.

ENA’s “Bora, Deborah” / “True To Love” episode 14 recap

The episode starts with Bora confronting Su-Hyeok, she asks him if he did all of those things merely because he was kind not because he loved her. He takes off from the office space and lets Sang-Jin know he is not about to do this, he calls the book’s ending ‘ingenuine’ and says it serves no purpose and the characters don’t show growth. Bora also leaves the office and tells Sang-Jin she won’t do it and asks him to let her know what the penalty for the contract is.

Su-Hyeok and Sang-Jin end up drinking together and as he gets drunk, Su-Hyeok begins to tear up and because he’s being scolded, he starts crying telling Sang-Jin not to keep bringing her up because he misses her. He says he felt he could be the ‘bad’ guy in their happy ending and was convinced by her ex-boyfriend who said he’d be getting in the way. He says he felt Ju-Wan was sincere and didn’t know whether he should push through with the relationship.

Bora talks to her pregnant sister who is upset with her. Bora asks her to think carefully and to not get married just because she feels like it. The sister is still angry and slams the door in her face.

After Su-Hyeok gets hammered, Sang-Jin decides to leave and makes him call Bora. She comes picks him up and learns where he lives is far away from her place. He asks her not to get back to him while he’s drunk and asks for a hug. She takes him to his place and finds he had prepared a beautiful card with a beautiful present and he had also decided to gift her a necklace.

The next day, Bora waits for his call but he doesn’t do it. Meanwhile, U-Ri talks to  Sang-Jin. She confesses she still likes him a lot and wanted to date him. He says he thought this was a phase and was afraid she’d regret having feelings for him later since he’s older and a divorcee. However, he asks her out but before he’s able to complete the sentence, she shouts, ‘yes.’

At night, Yoo-Jung comes to Bora’s place running away from her husband. After they order and decide to check on Bo-Mi, they discover Jin-Ho in her room. He gets on his knees and asks Bora to bless their relationship. She says she never disapproved. They patch things up and he leaves.

The next day, Yoo-Jung talks to her boss who advices her to ask her husband what he wanted and to listen to him so she won’t have any regrets.

Bora ends up asking Su-Hyeok to meet. She confesses she likes him a lot. She asks him, ‘do you have anything else to say to me?’ he freezes, she says she doesn’t want a man who isn’t forward with his feelings and such. Thus, she leaves. He doesn’t follow her. After she gets back home, Ju-Wan calls her asking to meet for dinner.

While discussing in a room downstairs, Yoo-Jung decides to go see her husband who was having a conversation with Jin-Ho. He talks about how much he loves Yoo-Jung and knows she does too. This makes her reconsider their marriage.

Later, she comes and puts the blanket on him, he apologizes and says, ‘Yoo-Jung, I didn’t change, I just got used to it. I didn’t cool off at all but got warmer.’ He puts on her ring and they kiss.

On another day at the office, Sang-Jin hands Su-Hyeok the final draft of Bora’s new book, he decides to take a look. After reading all of it, he decides to go see her and confess his love to her.

Meanwhile, she’s having dinner with Ju-Wan who ends up proposing to her. She shuts him down saying she can’t accept this after all that happened. Suddenly, his girlfriend shows up and makes a scene, Bora leaves without even saying goodbye like she intended to and redirects the angry girlfriend at Ju-Wan. In the same time, Su-Hyeok shows up and holds her hands. They exit together.

In the street, Bora fights with him and asks him to tell her if he actually likes her and why he does that. He says that’s not easy for him, he cannot pinpoint when he started liking her but he does. They end up sharing a kiss.

A while later

During Christmas time, the three couples are gathered, then Bomi and Jin-Ho walk down with wedding attire and say they wanted to have their wedding on Christmas day.

All the couples open their gifts and among them, Bora gets hands warmers but there is a ring inside them. He proposes to her and she accepts.

ENA’s “Bora, Deborah” / “True To Love” ending FAQ

Did ENA’s “Bora, Deborah” / “True To Love” have a happy ending?

Yes, it has a happy ending. All the couples ended up either resolving their issues or getting back together and getting married.

How does ENA’s “Bora, Deborah” / “True To Love” end?

The drama ends with Bomi and Jin ho inviting the 3 couples [Bora and Su Hyeok, Sang Jin and U-Ri, Yoo-Jung and Jin-Woo] to what they assumed to be a Christmas celebration but turned out to be a surprise wedding. In the wedding, they exchange presents and Su Hyeok proposes to Bora.

Why did Su Hyeok and Bora break up?

Su Hyeok says he felt he could be the ‘bad’ guy in their happy ending and was convinced by her ex-boyfriend who said he’d be getting in the way. He says he felt Ju-Wan was sincere and didn’t know whether he should push through with the relationship. Thus, he decided to break up with her.

Did Bora and Su Hyeok end up together?

Yes, after rejecting Ju-Wan’s marriage proposal, Su Hyeok shows up and ends up admitting he has feelings for her. They share a kiss and start dating. They end up getting married.

Did Sang Jin start dating U-Ri?

Yes, he did. He likes her too and was hesitant at first because of many reasons but he decided to dive into it and not waste time.

What happened after Bomi finds out she’s pregnant with Jin-Ho’s child?

She decides they should get married. Jin Ho looks for a place for them alone and they decide to have the child. They end up holding their wedding ceremony on Christmas day.

What did you think of “Bora, Deborah” / “True To Love” ending? Did you like it?

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