“Bloody Heart” Ending Explained: Episode 16 Recap

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“Bloody Heart” has concluded its run earlier today, here is a recap of the finale and its ending explained.

The below is a highlighted recap of “Bloody Heart” episode 16, its not a detailed recap.

Lee Tae and Yoo Jung argue as he finds out what she plans to do. He tells her she knows what he has been through and shouldn’t do this, she tells him to go his route for himself, not to protect her, she’ll protect herself on her own. Consort Yoo is afraid he’ll go down his father’s path.

The Queen Dowager finds out that Yoo Jung is Yoo Hak Soo’s daughter, as a result, councilor Park is to be punished. He’s escorted to a prison were he stays for a while.

Councilor Park’s family visits Yoo Jung and tell her to keep her end of the promise as he did with her. She promises that.

The king meets with Eunuch Jung and discusses how Consort Jung is afraid he’d fall trap to the same path his father fell in. Eunuch Jung assures him he must take this path.

Consort Yoo meets with officials and announces who she truly is. She asks them to join hands with the meritorious subjects for she promised Councilor Park she will reduce his sentence for getting her name back.

The Queen Dowager meets the king after she finds out he wants to interrogate her subjects. She begs at the scene and draws a knife saying she’ll kill herself and get him dethroned for being such an undutiful son. She asks to be sent to the palace in Onyang along with her court ladies. He agrees. She leaves so soon and the news reaches Councilor Park who demands to leave the prison.

Meanwhile, the king is made aware she’ll be killed by muggers on her way to the palace. She knows she’s getting killed, Councilor Park follows her to the forest where Eunuch Jung was about to murder her. The king is handed a letter by her that says once she passes away, letters with her handwriting will be spread everywhere that says he’s killed her. He rushes to leave as he reads this.

Councilor Park catches up to her and tells her she must stay alive. He ends up getting killed by arrows as he defends her from the attack. He expresses his regret for letting her live like that when she once knew how to enjoy all the little things in life.

After that, Eunuch Jung tells the king the central army saw him and they’ll testify against him. He must leave the palace. The king is sad as it means he no longer as his royal subject by his side. The king visits his wake and later comes back and cries in Consort Yoo’s arms saying, ‘the person I must resent is now gone.’

He later visits the Queen Dowager and tells her she should survive in the hell she created, if she attempts to do anything to herself he’ll do his best to bring her back to life. She cries begging him to kill her but he refuses.

Master Im returns to the palace to his old post and greets Consort Yoo later on.

Later, Consort Yoo gives birth to a health baby boy and the king is thrilled to have a son.

On another day, the king meets Minister of War Jo Won-Pyo and tells him he’s exiled. Minister Jo attempts to protest that and says he can be loyal to him if given the chance but the king doesn’t agree to that. Minister Jo asks him to look after his daughter and make sure she’s cared for, he agrees to his request.

When his daughter finds out, she’s heartbroken and promises to do her best to have him a son and flatter Consort Yoo to help her father get back to his old position.

The king and Consort Yoo later meet and he tells her he’d like to hold her official installation. He talks about how he’s known she’s the one who should be by his side. They kiss.

The ceremony is held and the king says in voice over that she’s her lover, his sanctuary, and his political rival. She says in voiceover that she shall be his sanctuary.

The end.

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  1. This was an impressive script in terms of putting across complexities in politics in the royal court. Emphasis on the workings of the inner courtbrought depth to the plot and the story. Characters are created carefully to showcase grey indertones. Performance of the artists were convincing and enriched to bring out the story.

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