“Big Mouth” Episode 5 Recap And Review- Lee Jong Suk Goes All Out

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Big Mouth” Episode 5 has aired tonight on MBC, here is a recap and review of the episode as well as a discussion of the theories behind who big mouse is.

“Big Mouth” Episode 5 recap

“Big Mouth” Episode 5 picks up right where we left off. Chang Ho heads into the meeting room while the mayor rushes to inform him of the change in the list, he’s not allowed to tell him anything. He watches anxiously.

Against all odds and despite Chang Ho’s acting until now, he actually names the five top clients correctly and they’re not even the other names he received. Gong Ji-Hoon is, at first, at a loss for words but then demands he gives up the money and mentions the guy who helped him steal it.

That guy ended up showing up to the prosecution, he gets told to lie and say Chang Ho is big mouse. He says they’re ‘an organization’ and he only met him once, and by met him he means he only heard his voice while he was waiting outside for him in a car.

He takes his insulin injections in the middle of the interrogation but ends up poisoned. He dies on the spot as he tries to identify if Chang Ho is the man in question.

The next day, Gong Ji-Hoon meets up with Mi Ho trying to ask for the papers, he had talked to the mayor who told him she was lying but now Gong Ji-Hoon suspects she has the paper because she’s big mouse’s wife.

She meets up with him and refuses to give him information while the mayor listens in on their conversation.

Mi ho’s father and Kim Soon-Tae continue to investigate the murder of the professor and find out he actually had a mistress he used to go fishing with. At the same time, one of the patients’ guardians [the one who asked for Miho’s help] looks at Hyun Joo-Hee on TV and notices she was asked to make a necklace shaped like a cross that can fit a very small USB. She suspects they had a relationship when she sees her wearing it.

At prison, Chang Ho splits profits with the warden and gives him extra to run errands for him. He buys pizzas for the entire prison and is hailed as a hero there. Then, he begins to intimidate the three VIPs into confessing. He wants them to confess to the murder of the professor but they initially refuse.

When he meets up with the mayor, the mayor questions him on how long he’s tricked him, he retaliates and says he’s the one who dragged him into this. He asks him not to tell Mi Ho.

Mi Ho notices something in the hospital, the head nurse is drawing blood samples and taking them away to a remote supplies building. She follows her but is caught by Hyun Joo-Hee who promises she’ll strip her from her uniform if she does this again.

The three VIPs meet Gong Ji-Hoon and beg him to help them. When he leaves, Chang Ho awaits him and tells him not to mess with family. Gong Ji-Hoon brags about owning the outside world but his wife calls him saying she was delivered white flowers. These flowers are gifted in funerals, she’s angry. Gong Ji-Hoon gets intimidated as Chang Ho tells him if he messes with Mi Ho again he’ll send him the most heinous gift he can imagine.

Later, Chang Ho meets with chairman Yang and asks for his cooperation against the VIPs. His men end up dragging Han Jae-Ho and they beat him up. Eventually, he hangs him the same way they did to him and even pushes away the chair letting him nearly suffocate to death. Jerry looks at him and he’s now concerned. He spares his life after he promises him he’ll rat on his friends if he doesn’t kill him.

The mayor decides to meet up with Mi Ho and tell her the truth that Chang Ho is big mouse. She doesn’t believe him but he tells her what he knows and how Chang Ho actually knew the names of the drugs list.

On her way home, her father calls her and says Chang Ho paid his debt of 100 million won in cash. Mi Ho starts doubting herself and their relationship.

Was he lying all along?

“Big Mouth” Episode 5 review

Wow… another amazing episode from “Big Mouth.” Notably, in this episode, there is no more inner dialogue from Chang Ho.

Lee Jong Suk does it again, stunning here and in this episode, it was so much fun watching him. I’ll get into theories in a bit but I want to say I feel sort of bad for Mi Ho.

Some fans have been complaining about Mi Ho’s lack of screentime and how her character became secondary which I think is an odd thing to talk about at this stage. First, Chang Ho is the man in the middle of all of this, the story is about him. second, Mi Ho is merely an average woman, she’s from an average family and is not rich, and doesn’t have any status so, of course, she has no power. Third, I am pretty sure YoonA read the script properly so…. I think she either took it accepting this fact or that Mi Ho’s character will become more important later on. Regardless, while I understand some of the fans’ complaints about this, I find it a bit odd as I said.

“Big Mouth” theories

I still don’t think Chang Ho is big mouse…. But honestly, I LOVE THE SUSPENSE. If he’s big mouse, like I said before I think it means the screenwriter isn’t afraid of making him a horrible horrible character which I highly doubt would be the case because 1st male leads are rarely cast as intentionally horrible characters.

Big mouse has killed like at least 5 people as of this writing, this makes his character so scary on so many levels.

I wonder how fans will react to this. Personally speaking, I would LOVE IT if it turns out he’s big mouse. I can admire performances without needing to love the characters. I am still invested.

If he’s big mouse, it means Mi Ho was scammed so hard… it would be the worst thing to happen to her. If he’s big mouse, I think she’ll help expose him and get him arrested. If this route is taken, this would make “Big Mouth” one of my fav kdramas of 2022.

Now, I am shifting towards believing that big mouse is Kim Soon-Tae, the friend who helps them out. He’s close enough to Chang Ho to do this and manipulate the situation. He can also slip him information about whats going on outside.

Like I said in last week’s episodes, I believe that big mouse is an organization and it turns out to be true. There is a mastermind definitely, but its an organization.

I still think Jerry is somewhat connected to this but I don’t know what exactly.

I think Chang Ho struck a deal with the real big mouse and he will pretend to be ruthless in order to escape prison. I bet the second half of this drama will focus on the outside world as he will get out of prison. I think he will also drive Mi Ho intentionally away in order to protect her which is the right call.

Chang Ho was harsh in this episode and understandably too. I mean, it would f*ck me up pretty bad if those people did this to me. He definitely became more sinister, its either an elaborate act or the mask is off.

so what did you guys think of Big Mouth episode 5?

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