Kdrama “Big Mouth” Episode 3 Recap And Review

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Here is a recap of the new MBC drama “Big Mouth” Episode 3.

“Big Mouth” Episode 3 recap

“Big Mouth” Episode 3 begins with Park Chang-Ho escaping, he gets caught and nearly dies until they realize who he is. He’s escorted back into solitary confinement.

In the morning, Go Mi-Ho is introduced to her workplace who are right off the bat try to harm her and get her excluded but she shows them she’s boss. When she’s making rounds, a patient goes into cardiac arrest and she saved them. However, Hyun Joo-Hee shows up along with the nurses and gives a lecture about how she shouldn’t have done it. Turns out, he had a DNR [short for do not resuscitate]. She’s scolded. When she goes to the rooftop, she finds a distressed woman who is being ‘forced’ into signing a DNR for her loved one.

At home, Kim Soon-Tae hands in divorce papers to Mi Ho who doesn’t take it lightly.

In the morning, the warden gathers everyone around for an assembly which is basically held to take bribes from them, if they don’t pay up, he makes their lives a living hell. He divides them into grades as he pleases. Only the VIPs are exempt from this awful system.

When one prison revolts for being downgraded, he gets beaten up so Park Chang-Ho attempts to interfere but he’s taken away and with others in the lowest grade to scoop literal feces.

Then, one prison attempts to kill Park Chang-Ho but is barely stopped by guards. He finds out the VIPs are trying to kill him and they weren’t the one who framed him for being big mouse.

He meets up with the warden who asks for a lot of money in order to make his life easier. He says he knows he’s not big mouse, he should pay up or he will get killed as well as his loved on. Park Chang-Ho says he is big mouse and threatens him.

Mi Ho gets interrogated at the police station but it goes nowhere.

At home, Choi Do-Ha and Hyun Joo-Hee are having trouble conceiving and Choi Do-Ha asks her to stop. He asks her about the paper that the doctor was killed for, she says there is no such thing.

At prison, Park Chang-Ho goes again to clean feces with inmates and decides to revolt because they’re not given humane food. He leads a demonstration and goes head to head with the warden. He whispers to his ears that he’ll kill him and his family.

He later meets Mi Ho who sees his state, he’s smelling bad but she hugs him and asks him not to bring up divorce again. When he goes back to solitary confinement, he thinks about how to survive while pretending to be big mouse. He must find who framed him and take justice into his own hands.

He decides to tally people to his side so he begins recruitment, he also asks Jerry to spread the rumors that he will grant anyone any wish they want.

At the hospital, Mi Ho suspects something is wrong with everyone signing DNR in the cancer department. She tells her dad about it and everyone tells her the doctor who died was horrible but when her father sees his former patients, they tell a different story. Mi Ho meets Hyun Joo-Hee who tells her there is no paper when she asks, she also tells her to leave the hospital but she refuses.

At prison, the VIPs convince the warden by luring him in with 300 million won for him to allow them to kill Park Chang-Ho. While at the field, three men attack him and a forth man [who is the crazy guy who killed a bunch of people] turns out to be the real hired killer. He goes after him but No Park defends him and gets stabbed instead.

“Big Mouth” Episode 3 Review

wow! that was INTENSE. Jong suk truly showing how great of an actor he is and I really liked the scene where he becomes determined to become big mouse. the transformation is going to be EPIC.

I am enjoying everyone’s performances in this drama. I especially dislike the warden character, the actor who is playing the character is doing an amazing job. Can’t wait to see his character go down.

So what did you guys think of “Big Mouth” Episode 3?

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