Kdrama “Big Mouth” Episode 6 Recap And Review

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“Big Mouth” Episode 6 has aired last night, here is a recap and review of it.

“Big Mouth” Episode 6 recap

“Big Mouth” Episode 6 begins with Mi Ho doubting her husband seriously. She decides to go see him in prison so she goes with the volunteer group of her hospital.

There, Chang Ho is reading about tarrot cards in his cell and he doesn’t want to go out. However, the guard tells him his wife is there, so he gets ready to meet her, he also has the three VIPs locked up so they don’t annoy him or get in his way, the two begin to doubt Han Jae-Ho and question him on whether he wants to betray them. He denies.

At prison, Mi Ho is greeted by all prisoners and then escorted to meet her husband. When she sees him she’s very skeptic and asks if he’s big mouse. He takes her outside to avoid surveillance and admits he’s in cahoots with big mouse himself via tarrot cards. Odds things began to happen after he was handed the list of drug users from the mayor and he found himself communicating with big mouse via tarrot cards. He’s using him as well to fight those VIPs and get out of jail. Mi Ho is worried about him but he says he’s as good as dead if he doesn’t do this.

At the prison where the nurses are, the head nurse is, again, drawing blood from people. Mi Ho asks about it but no one knows why.

Han Jae-Ho then meets his wife Jang Hye-Jin and proceeds to abuse her, beat her up and nearly sexually assault her. He’s crazy and very skeptic and thinks she’s cheating on him. She’s suffering from pain in her stomach/ kidney. Mi Ho sees this and tries to help. In the bus, she tells her to call the domestic abuse hotline and get help, Jang Hye-Jin isn’t having it.

Ashley Kim takes the nurses to eat and take photos with them because the elder wanted proof she worked on volunteer. Mi Ho asks to be excused because she has the night shift.

The mayor and Gong Ji Hoon are both shooting bullets in a villa and the elder finally shows up, he scolds Gong Ji Hoon and favors the mayor. Gong Ji Hoon is livid and jealous. He asks the elder to get his VIP friends bail out for medical reasons and the mayor personally says he’ll take care of it.

At night, the woman who was the guardian of a patient at the hospital calls Mi Ho asking for money in exchange for telling her where the papers of professor Seo are, she says they’re in the cross necklace but as she’s about to give more information on it, she gets pushed and dies.

Mi Ho rushes to the party the nurses were having and questions Hyun Joo-Hee who gives her her necklace, she denies involvement and Mi Ho apologizes as she finds nothing in the necklace. However, it turns out Jang Hye-Jin has overheard them.

In prison, Chang Ho asks for big mouse’s help to stop the VIPs from leaving but he gives him a tarrot card that basically tests him on whether he’s going to do something about it so he decides to intimidate Han Jae-Ho even more and threaten him.

At their office, the mayor meets with Mi Ho who tells him she still believes Chang Ho and will see this till the end. She apologizes for doubting his wife. They look into the footage the woman who died was looking at in the hospital and conclude the woman with the necklace was Jang Hye-Jin.

Turns out, Jang Hye-Jin’s husband is abusive and one day nearly killed her. She met professor Seo by accident and he attended to her wounds. They eventually developed into lovers and now she knows the necklace has the paper.

The three VIPs get out on bail and confront Chang Ho in prison. Chang Ho sees the boss turn on him and back into his people. Han Jae-Ho is also found out and turns out, the two remaining men didn’t even apply for a bail out for him, he gets locked up in solitary and escorted away.

The VIPs talk about their success and laugh in Chang Ho’s face. After they leave, Chang Ho begins laughing manically as he says they fell into his trap. Jerry looks at him puzzled.

“Big Mouth” Episode 6 review

That was another fun episode but not as fun as the 5th one.

I told you guys, Chang Ho was in cahoots with the real big mouse. I still don’t think he’s big mouse. The preview shows Jerry getting more spotlight which I have been itching to see since episode 1. I also don’t think he’s big mouse but he definitely knows a lot.

I don’t think big mouse is in jail because of many reasons but I believe he uses people in jail to deliver his messages.

This could be a misdirection from the screenwriter and big mouse could be Chang Ho. Some are saying he has multi personality disorder which explains how he has been doing this, I mean, it would be a mind-f*ck and a tad illogical if it turns out to be the case [that he’s big mouse and/or he has mental health issues that made him believe he’s not a criminal].

In regards to what the hospital is doing, my guess is…. They’re using patients illegally to conduct clinical trials for a drug for cancer and these patients are dying because of it… as you can guess, this is very illegal. I still think the mayor’s wife is guilty somehow and knows well of whats going on in the hospital. I also have a lot of questions about the mayor… I mean, the people he deals with are criminals, did his guilt finally drive him to seek to eliminate them? Or is there more to it? There are a lot of question marks about his character.

Needless to say, I am enjoying this so much. I hope it continues to be this interesting, its fun to guess.

so what did you guys think of “Big Mouth” Episode 6?

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