“Big Bet 2” Ending Explained- Episode 8 Recap , Is Season 3 Coming Soon?

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Disney+ drama “Big Bet 2” has come to an end, here its finale recap and its ending explained!

“Big Bet 2” episode 8 recap

Jung-Pal is in the basement destroying the lockers, when he opens one of them he discovers the passports of the dead people, he feels betrayed and is angry. He opens more lockers and finds more money.

Back in Seoul, Cha Moo-Sik talks to his wife about retiring and opening up a ranch somewhere in Australia. She consoles him, he feels uneasy.

Outside in a car, Oh Seung-Hoon is waiting with his partner discussing Jin Young-Hee’s arrest. Then, Sang-Gu knocks on his door, he hands him the passports and a USB. Seung-Hoon tells him not to do anything or take the dirty money, he tells him to answer his phone as soon as he arrests Cha Moo-Sik.

Cha Moo-Sik meets with Jang Jun [cameo by Lee Je Hoon], he introduces himself and says he wants to send money to the Philippines, 60 billion won, he offers him 4% but then he presses about it and Cha Moo-Sik says he wants 8%, without hesitation, Jang Jun agrees and then hands him some half a million dollar in a bag before leaving.

At night, Seung-Hoon is in his car and talking to his partner. He’s asked why he’s obsessed with Mr. Cha, he does not answer and says instead that he hopes to have a family like his one day who is also proud of him. He then finds out that the government has agreed to kick Jin Young-Hee out of the country. They arrest her later on.

The next day, Mr. Cha goes to meet Jang Jun and hand him the money, he then has his right hand man check it and finds out that some of it is not the amount they agreed on. Jang Jun hits him in the head, closes the van on his righthand man and then leaves. Mr. Cha then takes a rock and beats a man with it, the other man caves in and lets him know who sent him.

Mr. Cha goes to see Ko Young-Hee and tells her now they’re even, she shouldn’t target him like that through thugs and should be careful of being backstabbed in the future. She is not happy with what he said.

At the airport, Jang Jun talks to an angry Mr. Cha, Jang Jun makes fun of him and how he fell for this, he asks him when he’s coming too, Mr. Cha is not pleased with this. At the airport, Jang Jun meets with Mr. Na. They’re leaving for the Philippines

Daniel calls Mr. Cha and tells him he wants to have dinner with him and realizes ‘there is some misunderstandings’ between them. John is getting beat up while they talk. Mr. Cha knows he’s f*cked.

Seung-Hoon gets the ok from the Filipino government and asks for the travel document to be issued.

Police moves in and arrest Choi Chil-Gu, Jo Yoon-Gi is also arrested.

Mr. Cha immediately leaves to the Philippines, when he arrives and he’s contacted by John, he sees his face and knows something is up. He runs away, John narrowly misses him.

When he goes back to his house, he finds all the money gone. He takes out his gun and leaves the place somewhere else. He feels very betrayed by Jung-Pal’s actions.

In the remote location, Mr. Cha talks to Jung Jun on the phone who makes him an offer, he tells him he’ll build a casino with him and use bitcoin for trading and exchanging money, he’ll build his system on top of that. He will give him 50%, he asks him to consider it and give him a call.

Mr. Cha then calls Jung-Pal and asks him to withdraw the rest of the money from his bank account and bring him to that location.

Seung-Hoon goes to the casino to arrest Mr. Cha and he’s not there, John is watching and sees the policemen so he goes after them. Seung-Hoon gets a call that Mr. Cha will be at a certain place.

Before arriving at that location, Sang-Gu hands Jung-Pal a gun just in case. They drive to the location and are welcomed by him. Mr. Cha tells Jung-Pal he’s wanted by Daniel now and asks him not question further, he will be on the run for some time and he wants them to run the casino while he’s away.

Seung-Hoon and Mark arrive at the location and despite Mark warning Seung-Hoon about going in, he decides to barge in and ambush them. A fight ensues and Mark is shot dead, John comes and shoot Mr. Cha in his shoulder, Mr. Cha gets his own gun and shoots him too, Seung-Hoon decides to try and defend Mr. Cha because he wants him alive.

It ends with Mr. Cha shooting Sang-Gu and coming close to shooting Jung Pal who persists that it wasn’t him who ratted him out. Seung-Hoon also gets shot in the arms.

Mr. Cha and Jung Pal run for it, Jung Pal then opens his car doors, gets the money in and while Mr. Cha is coming to the passenger seat, he’s shot dead by Jung Pal.

6 months later

Seung-Hoon is alive, he meets a reporter who asks him about that case. He says Choi Chil-Gu still denies the charges, Jin Young-Hee admitted to everything at first but then denied it after talking to her lawyers.

Seung-Hoon still has a lot to do. When he’s asked about Mr. Cha, he tells the reporter its a long story and to delay to next time.

At the office, Seung-Hoon gets called by his manager who talks to him about this casino running in the Philippines with loads of money being made. This thing is global and he needs his help.

Turns out, this is Jung Jun’s casino he’s built with Mr. Na. Business is booming, they’re there to meet a new person who has a casino in Las Vegas, that person is Jung Pal.

The end.

is “Big Bet ” season 3 coming soon?

We don’t know yet, but there is a possibility.

The ending scene of “Big Bet 2” left a lot of fans wondering if a 3rd season is coming, a 3rd season which focuses on Jung Pal and Jung Jun’s characters.

As of this writing, Disney+ has not confirmed season 3 of Big Bet, but if they do, we will surely update you.

“Big Bet 2” ending FAQ

Did Seung Hoon die?

No, but he is injured, he gets shot in his shoulders but makes a full recovery.

Did Mr. Cha die? Who killed him?

Yes, Jung Pal ends up shooting him in the head killing him instantly.

Does Big Bet 2 have a happy ending?

No, not per se but Mr. Cha does end up dead. The ending is more so open and mirrors real life when it comes to dealing with the fall out of such crimes.

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  1. It seemed Mr.Cha has not had that much power in Philippine for any living and running his business. This drama is amazing story differentiated from any gambling mafia stories.

    1. i totally agree with you danny! it seems the creatives copped out and just killed the main protagonist for shock value! i felt shortchanged after watching all 16 episodes.
      Kudos to Choi Min sik for his fine acting – Cha Moo sik so relatable, bit short of adorable. Every hurt, every tear… felt by this viewer.
      Hope in Choi Min sik next project, he gets to live and be happy for a change. : )

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