“Because This Is My First Life” Episode 9 Review And Recap

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I think its safe to say that we all felt quiet embarrassed this episode, all of us wanted to hide under the sheets of their bed during the first half of episode 9.

“Because This Is My First Life” is still unique, cute and slightly embarrassing.

As I had expected the cutie Bok Nam had nothing to do with anything, everyone was just over-reacting.

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His smile is brighter than my fucking future

In episode 9, all the 3 couples are moving into better places with their relationships, I liked that.

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Lets discuss episode 9.

It begins with Se Hee holding Ji Ho’s hand back in to their apartment, like literally, the entire time…

He was so caught up in the moment he forgot to let go of her hands, he wrecked the motorbike and walked away with his lover, imagine how Bok Nam felt after watching him put on such a show.

The two change their clothes and sit down to watch the soccer match together, they converse with each other about what had taken place ealier.

We also find out how Se Hee managed to find out their whereabouts in such a short notice. Ji Ho is both happy and flustered at the same time.

They discuss the reason why he knew so much about them but then are assured when they find out Bo Mi’s uncle will catch him.

They discuss their names in each other’s phones and reach a settlement, from now on they’ll call each other husband and wife in front of others.

Something very beautiful happened in the first part of episode 9. I just never thought that the harsh words Se Hee said previously to Ji Ho had such a deep meaning to it.

He explains that he knows once they divorce, she’ll have to deal with most of the pain and the criticism; this is why he tried his best not to form any relationship with her so he could avoid being a burden to her in the future.

This was such a sweet moment between them, while they’re about to go to sleep, Ji Ho calls him and explains that if she had thought of it for a little longer she would’ve never made such a decision, that it was merely out of convenience.

She asks him not to draw a line between them or to lock his door, she doesn’t think of the future and doesn’t want to be burdened about what will come.

In exchange, he asks her to call him her husband in front of others to avoid scenarios similar to what had happened earlier.

In the morning they wake up still shy and awkward around each other. The two take bus to work together and listen to the news of the culprit who got caught.

A while afterwards, Se Hee is summoned for a small meeting with Song Goo and Bo Mi, he finds out that the culprit isn’t Bok Nam and that the poor sweet dimple guy.

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this face should be a meme

Ji Ho almost immediately finds out that Bok Nam isn’t a bad guy, she also finds out that he was the shop owner’s son. I mean was this supposed to be a secret or something?

I thought we all knew and agreed that he was his son, because he allowed him to slack off and even hired Ji Ho for his sake, wasn’t that what a father does?

Of course, the sweet Bok Nam told his dad about the mess Se Hee caused, both of them sit down looking like poor puppies being scolded for suspecting Bok Nam for being a bad man.

They deserved it, they looked so cute while being scolded, and Bok Nam, I swear to God chingues I can’t get enough of this guy, I am in love with him and other 20 Korean actors, my heart is big enough to fit everyone.

We end up finding out how on earth Bok Nam found out about all those things no one but them two would know. Turns out he works part time in the same wedding venue the two got married in.

He also got on the same bus as them and overheard their conversation, he then saw them together in the room and almost immediately could tell it was a contract marriage or a marriage out of convenience.

The writer gave a logical explanation for everything Bok Nam knew about. It all fits perfectly and I liked how the writer wrapped it up, but it still feels a bit weird that no noticed that they had seen him somewhere, what about Bo Mi?

Why wouldn’t Bok Nam tell them he saw them at the wedding venue? For a variety of reasons I believe, but I liked that the explanation made sense.

Later the three sweet friends meet up with some of their high-school married friends. They all have children and are married.

Ji Ho gets along pretty well with the rest of them while both Soo Ji and Ho Rang struggle. Ho Rang is always interrupted and treated as if she were an invinsible person.

Later, Ji Ho and Ho Rang go for a walk, there she gives her a logical explanation for why she wanted to get married.

The explanation was so sad to hear… I almost teared up!

I am a person who likes to stand out and showcase my talent and I admit it does affect my social and love life. Seeing how Ho Rang explains the reason she wants to get married so badly hit a soft spot I didn’t know existed.

I feel sad for her, I would never want to fit in the pack just to get by, I understand the reason she wants to do that, but at the same time, I feel like life is too short for me to try so hard to fit in with everyone.

Of course, what I think isn’t the norm, the majority would want to have a happy normal life, I don’t want that, but I understand why so many would.

Maybe when I grow older and reach the 30s, I will shift and start thinking the same way Ho Rang did and to be honest with you, that shit freaks me out…

“When did we begin to feel ashamed for wearing a different color?”

This is why I feel like this drama isn’t for the younger audience, it speaks best to those in their mid-twenties and early thirties, and it speaks to us so beautifully.

The entire episode was so much fun, I liked how the writer incorporated what appears to be random story-telling into a meaningful example, the writer used it 3 times in episode 9.

Ji Ho finds Se Hee waiting for her to walk with her home, of course, as we all now he is one obnoxious creature at times, she explains that she felt happy belonging somewhere, he dismisses it and calls it “animal needs.”

Ho Rang wakes up to Won Seok’s nagging, he is obviously trying to propose, not the best proposal I’ve seen but still pretty cute. She of course says “YES!”

It was a lovely scene to be honest with you, the way he expressed his love for her, the sacrifice he had to make in order to marry her was beyond beautiful, those two are couple goals.

As I had expected, Won Seok leaves his start-up company and joins Se Hee and Sang Goo’s team.  As expected, at first Se Hee is against it.

The entire team seems to agree, Sang Goo sticks by his decision and explains that he’s a good lad and a one of a kind developer.

Se Hee notices that Sang Goo’s eyes are red which is unusual, it only happens when he cries. In front of the entire team he confronts him and embarrasses him, he dismisses his remarks and denies crying.

Later the entire team goes to the café where Bok Nam and Ji Ho work. Sang Goo sees Soo Ji being friendly with Bok Nam and can’t hold back his tears.

In this particular scene I liked how Se Hee looked out for Sang Goo the same way he looked out for him, the two look after each other from behind the scene, good friends but in a unique way.

Sang Goo confronts Soo Ji and admits he cannot quit his job, Soo Ji is so taken back by how seriously he took the words she said… I mean I would if I were him…

He ends up crying in the car, Soo Ji was so touched and happy about his sweet confession, she asks him for a kiss, the two kiss. I would have done the same if I were Soo Ji and would have probably asked the same questions.

The poor guy took what she meant seriously, I mean who wouldn’t? Soo Ji is one hell of a complicated character, Sang Goo is going to struggle ya’ll.

The kiss scene wasn’t my favorite to be honest with you, it didn’t look one bit natural, I didn’t feel anything, but I’ll take what I can get for now.

Bok Nam finally has something nice to say about Se Hee and he tells it to Ji Ho, that makes her entire mood change. She takes the bus home with Se Hee, she is very happy and looks like she officially fell in love.

While sitting down looking at their wedding album, Se Hee makes one beautiful remark. The two were talking and ended up discussing friendship.

Se Hee thinks that one good friend is enough, Ji Ho thinks that one true love is also enough… the two agree.

Se Hee goes to bed, his mouse isn’t working so he takes out a box and fetches a mouse, we find out the motherfucker (excuse me!) had already been married to some bitch called Jung Min.

What the fuck?

There is more to everyone that what meets the eye, the sudden revelation in the end of episode 9 was unexpected but a good move, the writer is giving us enough reasons to tune in to the next episode.

Seems like Se Hee might’ve fallen in love before and got married secretly or that he had found someone similar to Ji Ho back in 2005.

Nice touch….

Not enough people are interested in this drama but those who are, are taken back by how good it is. It is one of the best kdramas currently airing, and as I said earlier one of the best tvN dramas this year, if not the best.

The writer is putting a lot of effort into each scene, the drama is superb and is a classic drama in the making, I feel like in the future people will go back to this drama and quote it, its that good.

I would also like to point out that the drama OST fits it perfectly, the OST itself isn’t out of this world, but he music playing in the background suits the drama so well.

I am really happy that tvN didn’t feel like they had to appeal to the masses with this drama. “Because This Is My First Life” might seem like a bad bet but it turned to be THAT good.

I can’t wait to see what happens next, someone posted a kiss scene of them both on a thread in a streaming site and I was screaming so loud, so no spoilers 😉

too cute for words

How did you guys feel about episode 9?[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

By Jass K.

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  1. I love this show. The writing and the directing are great. The characters are flawed in a relatable way and it really makes us, the viewers think.
    Also the pacing of the show is great, the conflicts are not dragged out and there is always an explanation as to how and why something happened.
    Another thing, I do not think that See Hee is married, he might have thought of getting married already but, unless you don’t register the wedding, then it would be as if the marriage didn’t happen.
    Possible reason that he and his dad are not in good terms is because of an old conflict between them about See Hee marrying.

  2. I’ve had good luck with Shazam identifying music on these K-Dramas. But I think the song you like is called “Shelter” by Kim Hee Jim. You can find it on Spotify and prolly elsewhere.

    WRT this show it’s utterly brilliant. It takes on a lot of topics that are chafing that generation:
    – Working women and bias
    – Sexual harassment and dismissive patriarchy
    – Marriage and tradition in South Korea
    – The generation born in the 80s
    – Female sexuality and agency
    This is such a layered K-drama. I’m not to the end of Season 1, but am thoroughly enjoying the complexity of the characters and they bump along.

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