“Because This Is My First Life” Episode 4 Review And Recap

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Great news to all who have been rooting for “Because Its My First Life” to do well this episode.

For all those who only want to know if this drama is worth their time without spoilers please go to section: In case you don’t want to read a spoiled review.

The 4th episode ratings are the drama highest, according to Nielsen Korean, “Because Its My First Life” rated an average 3.8% which is more than 1% higher than its 3rd episode.

The better news is that the drama peaked at 5% and understandably so.

Where can I start? I loved so many things about episode 4, the more I pay attention to the little details the more I like the writer of this drama, as well as the actors who are working so hard and everyone else in the production team.

Episode 4 is the best episode by far, and the ratings proved it.

I never expected to laugh so hard at a particular scene in this episode (which I’ll discuss later) but oh my god, its amazing.

The episode starts by explaining how unique and different Ji Ho’s character is, she is very unpredictable, which is something we rarely see in kdrama land.


In fact, and in my opinion she is not unpredictable, she is simply an ambitious person who calculates things well and weighs in the possibilities and does what she feels is right.

The writer tried to prove to us that she is unpredictable by devoting the first 5 minutes into explaining how unexpected she can be, but I became convinced that she is rather calculative, its just that people don’t get her.

Ji Ho and Se Hee go back to the apartment and go through another semi-awkward conversation. Ji Ho explains why she asked him to marry her, she explains that she doesn’t have the luxury to love anyone right now.

She also asks him to cut her rent by $50 which he agrees to, he thinks it’s a good bet, he can finally have a peace of mind and so she can until she finds another job.


In the morning, the two silently across from one another have their own morning rituals, Ji Ho is still careful and calculative of the tinest things, she even deducts the egg cost and tells him about it.

She finds out that her parents are coming in for a wedding and will stay for dinner, so Se Hee decides to come along and introduce himself properly.

In the next scene we see Ji Ho talking to her good friend Ho Rang, she asks her about what should a man say to impress his girlfriend parents.

https://www.jazminemedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Because-This-Is-My-First-Life-Episode-4.jpg  https://www.jazminemedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Because-This-Is-My-First-Life-Episode-4.jpg

I noticed that her character is rather very careful about what she shares and when she shares it with her friends, and so they are. I found that interesting and closer to reality than friends who know practically everything about one another in kdramas. (not that they don’t exist in real life)

I like that, the more I see of this drama the more I fall in love with how realistic the approach is, I relate to Ji Ho, I have a bff but I am also careful about what I share and when, she knows a lot about me but we also respect each other personal space.

Sometimes its out of curtesy and sometimes it has to do with pride. For younger kdrama fans this might not be relatable as they’re yet to fully experience what that means yet.

The family meets Se Hee, and he follows Ji Ho’s advices literally. Cutting back and forward between Ji Ho’s advices and Se Hee nervously answering the peculiar father questions was enteraining.

https://www.jazminemedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Because-This-Is-My-First-Life-Episode-4.jpg  https://www.jazminemedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Because-This-Is-My-First-Life-Episode-4.jpg

When Ji Ho tounge slips and he says they’re living together, the father becomes an official ticking time bomb. The next scene made me so happy, I was on the floor laughing.


Ji Ho pushes Se Hee by the knees to force him to kneel down and asks him to use some of Ho Rang’s suggested lines to impress and calm the father.


That look of betrayal he felt when he was pushed to the ground was on another level, I am laughing as I am writing this and so are you who remembered this scene while reading my review.


It was an excellent scene, I laughed so much, it was so well thought and hilarious.

Things go well with the parents, it seems like they’ve approved of him. Of course when Se Hee goes back home he isn’t happy about that knee kick he received.


Ji Ho explains that she meant no harm but her father was so angry he’d probably flip the table and if he had done that, it would’ve been ‘game over.’

The next morning he’s gotten better and understands why and what she did. They’re still pretty calculative of everything spent, its not easy to do that, I like that!


In episode 4 we see more of Ho Rang and Won Suk, the poor guy doesn’t understand when his girlfriend is vaguely hinting that he should propose.


She insists she wants the pink couch she’s had her eyes on, but she’s in fact hinting to Won Suk that he should propose so they move into a bigger place, hence they have a place to buy a couch.

Won Suk who was having a drink with Sang Goo his sunbae got an angry call.


Ho Rang hoobae is getting married and bought the last couch, Ho Rang has been dating Won Suk for 7 years, when was he going to propose?

Sang Goo explains that Ho Rang meant she wanted the couch and thus instructs the poor guy to buy it or do something about it.


Their chemistry is just too damn cute and they’re also very realistic. I am in love with them both, they’re both great actors, they don’t feel awkward around each other and are doing a good job, they feel like an old couple that’s still very affectionate.

I feel like both actors had to get close fast in order for that to happen, unlike the other 2 couples of the drama, those two play characters that have been dating for a long long time.

I know that its hard for actors to pretend to be so comfortable around one another when they’ve just met. Koreans actors are more shy and conservative, but that didn’t mean Kim Min Suk and Kim Ga Eun didn’t nail it.

Meanwhile, the poor Sang Goo is trying to play a game on Soo Ji, little he knows that she knows who he is and will soon block him.


The very next day, Soo Ji is enlisted for the help of buying the couch with Won Suk. She skips her hectic schedule and helps him out for the sake of the two, so nice of her.

Se Hee tells his mother he’s getting married and throws the ball to her. He sends her an awkward selfie of them both, so cutely awkward.


Ho Rang saw Soo Ji and Won Suk coming out of a jewlery place and got the idea that he was proposing and buying a ring for her.


During night time he asks her friends to come and celebrate the new couch with them. Ji Ho brings a cake and plans on telling her friends today.

Ho Rang didn’t like the surprise, in fact she picks up a fight with him in front of Soo Ji, she screwed up with words so much and he ended up leaving.


To be honest here and despite the fact that I am a woman, I don’t like people who are similar to Ho Rang’s character.

I hate it when us woman try to throw a bate to the man and the poor man doesn’t get it, just say it, for crying out loud, men have simple straightforward minds, they don’t twist words or actions, I like that.

I know that a marriage isn’t easy to bring up, but being so vague with it won’t help either. I hated how she dodges the ball and tries to make him kick it instead.


What I like or don’t like won’t make much of a difference here, here is why!

Ho Rang is a realistically imperfectly perfect character, I know a lot of girls who are like this, I used to be one, until I decided it was time to change.

Not every woman wants to change, Ho Rang is like a lot of women out there, women who are too afraid they’re running out of time, women who compare their value to their womb.


A lot of kdrama fans will relate to Ho Rang, especially Asian girls, who are pressured by their families to get married and have kids and be a good mom whether they have a good career ahead of them or not.

I am not being stereotypical but this is the case with many Asian countries, I say this because I also come from an Asian country, I know our culture.

This is not generalization, a lot of people of the new generation have changed, but this doesn’t erase how older people think. Of course this might also exist in other countries as well.

The pressure Ho Rang is going through and the pressure Won Suk is going through will be something a lot of Koreans relate to.


Won Suk tries his best to be so nice, he is always careful not to hurt her feelings, he tries his best to do as she pleases and keep her happy.

He is also a man with a simple brain, not that there is anything wrong with that. He won’t understand everything Ho Rang hints at, its only expected.

Overall, the entire fight scene was beautiful, I loved it.

Soo Ji ends up fighting with Ho Rang who is an emotionally unstable person, they both say hurtful things to each other, we also understand what both women meant when they fought with each other.


Ji Ho tries to calm things, Soo Ji ends up leaving because of her boss.

In the end, Ji Ho and Se Hee agree to no wedding to cut expenses, they sit down and have a beer while watching a match together.


They discuss life and how its very unfair, it was such a beautiful end to a well written episode.

Episode 4 was great; everything about it from start to finish was also well-written.

In case you don’t want to read a spoiled review.

This is episode 4 review, I don’t know whether I’ll be reviewing anymore, to all those who skipped to this part for a spoiler free review here is what I think.

The 1st and 2nd episode will be hard to watch for some; depending on how old you are you will either love or hate it.

The drama is great, But its not a drama that caters to all ages, because it’s a drama about people in their 30s, thus if you’re a younger kdrama fan you might find it very boring and bland.

Why do I say that when I expressed my surprise by how good it was? Because I am looking at the bigger picture here.

I like the drama so far, will everyone like it? No!

Its not your typical kdrama that tries to please younger audience, I related so much to the characters in this episode, their struggles, their conversations, everything was so beautiful and realistic to me, but to younger people this might seem bland, something they haven’t experienced yet.

If after 4 episodes you still hate the drama, I understand you, it could happen. It is funny at times, to some it might not be as funny as they had hoped it would be.

To older kdrama fans wherever you are and whatever you do, you will mostly likely like this drama, it’s the kind of drama I recommend you watch while you sip your coffee/tee on a chilly Sunday morning wrapped up by your blanket, laughing at times, crying at others, and sometimes spacing out thinking about a line from the drama that reminded you of something similar that had happened to you.

Aside from this, I want to say that I am slowly warming up to  Se Hee, I still don’t like him, I think I won’t probably do, I will always respect him.

Some people didn’t like how I reviewed his character from the 1st and 2nd episode. Some say he is an introvert.


There is a clear difference between an introvert and someone who likes spending time alone in peace.

He isn’t shy when talking to girls or boys; he is frank and bluntly honest despite his good looks. He is well-mannered but his honesty and boring sentences drives away women and men.

He is not an introvert, he is someone who understands society and has made the decision to go against it and live happily, until he had to get married.

I am loving their awkward conversations with one another, especially the last one, I like that they’re both not expecting something huge or out of the ordinary.


I also like that Ji Ho is not anticipating anything and is instead thinking with her mind.

I just hope that they continue the hard work and that the drama continues to be this good. This is becoming one of my favorite October dramas.

So what did you guys think of the 4th episode? Did you like it?[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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  1. I would say he is still an introvert because being introvert means you USE YOUR ENERGY spending time alone or with few people, OR SPENDING IT WITH LARGE GROUP. It has nothing to do with being shy. Its how you spend your energy and time. So I disagree… Se hee is an introverted person…Even Jihoo and sooji… Read MBTi personalitues and youll inderstand why I find the three of them as introvert. Jihoo may be loud ith her riends bit she isnt a party person who spends most on her energy in crowds… she also likes being with a small gtouo of friends and spending her time reading a book or writing… drinking alcohol with sehee… watching TV.

  2. Introvert-recharging their energy by spending time alone or with few people. Get exhausted in large crowd.
    Extrovert~recharging their energy with lots of people. Gets bored being alone, and cant wait to do something fun and adventurious to spend their energy with.

    It has nothing to do with shyness and frankness… whatsoever.

    1. I don’t know why people always associate I teovert with shines. I am not an introvert. Info to be exact like jiho. I am so loud in groups of my friends whenever I spend time with them but I still prefer being Alone most if the time. I am not shy and had been in a contest before and also I don’t faint in front of class discussion (only extreme introverts do that) but I get exhausted that I wanted to be away from everyone and just sit alone in the library, reading books or watching YouTube.

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