“Because This Is My First Life” Episode 10 Review And Recap

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Lets just all agree that tvN’s “Because This Is My First Life” is the broadcasting station best drama this 2017.

I had my doubts people, I was sceptical, but with each episode, the writer is making me fall in love with kdramas deeply again.

The drama reminds me of why I fell in love with kdramas in general, this captures the essence of why kdramas have been steadily increasing in popularity in recent years.

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The best compliment I think I can give this drama is the fact that there is almost no moment wasted.

In dramas in general, writers usually fill episodes with nonsense and side plots to fill an hour long episode.  This drama specifically strays away from this practice; I can’t give it enough praise for that.

Enough with the compliments for now, lets jump into the small recap and review of episode 10.

The writer has been doing this for the past couple of episodes, she has been telling backstories that at first appear to be going nowhere but then surprise you with its conclusion.

I am not a reviewer who knows how to write fancy words to explain this in better sentences, but I love that when we’re just about to give up because a scene seems boring or underwhelming, we’re shocked to find out that its related to whatever was going on in that moment. “Hope this sentence made sense ;)”

The first 10 minutes shows how the 3 girls met for the first time, it also shows that they didn’t always get along. The writer was aiming to speak about Ji Ho’s life dream.

A dream that many people don’t normally include, falling in love, real love. Ji Ho has fell head over heels for Se Hee and it seems like a one-sided crush, the poor guy has no idea whats going on.

Finally, the stupid hair style Se Hee has been sporting for the drama so far is gone with the wind, honestly the hair style brought the weird side of him to light, this hair style however is way better. God, he’s handsome.

Bok Nam had previously told her that Se Hee respects her, she knows how to defend herself. God! I couldn’t have put a better fit description of her character.

She is not someone who attacks but rather knows how to defend herself when needed well, very well.

Throughout the episode course, it becomes clear to Ji Ho that it might be one-sided love after all. She knows she shouldn’t be feeling like this, but she can’t help it.

I was very sad that Bok Nam’s role became minor but I feel like its only right he takes a backseat because fans desperately want to see Se Hee and Ji Ho romance blooming.

The mother-in-law is nice but as expected orders her daughter-in-law around often. She ends up trying to make a good impression on Se Hee, of course she couldn’t refuse his mother’s request, when the mother visits unexpectedly, Ji Ho tries hard to be nice.

Its clear that Se Hee doesn’t like his parents that much, something bad took place in the past (12 years ago) and it seems like Se Hee has developed a defense mechanism against his parents.

He remains respectful but would rather avoid interacting with them too much. The parents don’t seem to scold a lot for doing so when they should, which means they probably feel guilty about something that has happened in the past.

Se Hee tells his mother to let him know whenever she visits because he feels uncomfortable with her around. I can’t fully understand his decision at the moment but I know Se Hee isn’t the type to just do things, there is a reason behind his attitude.

Ho Rang and Won Seok continue being the adorable couple they are, Ho Rang is busy busy preparing for her wedding, which shocks Won Seok.

He had asked her if she was happy, and said that as long as she’s happy he’s okay with everything, even if it meant giving up his dreams.

In my opinion, true love shouldn’t be about giving up doing something you love so much, Won Seok obviously wanted to go all the way with the app he’s been working on for a while.

I know the app is a bad idea and its more secure if he chooses a stable job at an upcoming successful startup.

Ho Rang completely ignores his sad face, she’s totally immersed in her bubble, she’s so happy he proposed, she isn’t paying much attention to the little details.

I feel like Ho Rang is at fault here for bringing up marriage, when she knows he’s far away from ready for such a big step. I get it! They love each other, but marriage and soon to follow kids are a huge responsibility.

Ho Rang works and knows how damn hard it is to make a living, she wants to be a house-wife to achieve her dream and feel like she belongs somewhere, but she’s being very inconsiderate of Won Seok’s feeling and reality as well.

I can’t help but hate-love her character, this is merely my own preference, I hate it when someone does what Ho Rang has been doing so far.

On the long run, Won Seok will explode, he won’t be able to hold in the frustration and pressure building up within him for much longer, she will be in for the shock of her life once she finds out how he truly feels and the internal struggle he’s been going through.

She dimisses his dreams to achieve hers. There needs to be a middle ground here, Won Seok is the one who is giving up too much for her..

I get it, some of you might attack me for saying this, but I can’t help hate how selfish Ho Rang can be sometimes.

There is also one thing that interested me and I ended up applauding the writer for it.

Seems like Ho Rang is also suffering from sexual harassment in her work environment. A stupid customer complains about bland food, Ho Rang respectfully replies back to her, but gets scolded by her superior. The way she replied to her manager harassment was so good.

How dare he bring up her period if she ever makes a mistake? What type of shit man is he? Making mistakes has nothing to do with periods…. Smh!

I liked how the writer addressed the same issue of work-related sexual harassment with both Ho Rang and Soo Ji, differently.

Onto something that I didn’t like at all, the writer thought it’d be a good idea for both Soo Ji and Sang Goo to have a contract between them…

To be honest with you, I felt like this specific move was unnecessary, they could’ve just agreed to it verbally, there was no need for a contract.

Soo Ji and Sang Goo relationship moves straight into the sexual phase and I like how the writer approaches this. The writer uses Soo Ji’s charm to win over Sang Goo, who’s been overtaken by his own emotional sexual needs, the poor guy is in for hell.

I didn’t expect to like Sang Goo’s character so much, I can be a shallow person and prefer good looking Korean actors when watching drama, but this specific actor is charming, I am in love with his character and his acting.

Out of all the main characters, he’s the one who looks the most like average Koreans (not the ones we usually see in kdramas) yet he managed to change my mind about him.

I admit, at first I was shallow, but he managed to make me love him.

Ji Ho ends up attending the memorial services Se Hee’s mother talked about earlier. The way Ji Ho was in-slaved by her mother-in-law was annoying to see, I felt like she should’ve rejected, but I know that she wouldn’t anyway.

There is nothing wrong with helping out your in-laws every once and a while, I hope that Ji Ho doesn’t make a habit out of it.

Se Hee is very upset she was helping out and tries to interfere but is soon shut down by his mother.

We also find out that Se Hee might’ve developed this tenant-landlord relationship because of his father.

He had a mini fight with his father who had offered to pay off his loan if he ever got married. Se Hee refuses and recalls his brusque dad attitude 12 years ago.

The entire episode involving his parents and Ji Ho, I felt like he was trying to protect her from something, he does try to make it seems as if he doesn’t want their presence but he’s also looking out for Ji Ho, must be because of what had happened 12 years ago.

Ji Ho keeps staring at Se Hee almost the entire episode, she figures out that ‘defending’ herself might not always be the proper action to take, so she decides to go all out.

She is continuously shut down by Se Hee whenever she tries to knock on his door, the door is always being answered but continuously shut in her face.

But it seems like she’s not giving up any time soon, she decides its time to attack when he presents her an envelope with money for the work she’s done in his parents’ house.

She gives him a call while in bed and tells him to pay back with labor, nice… I love Ji Ho’s character; I just love how she charges at everything she wants once she sets her mind to it.

There is one thing I would like to point out about Ji Ho.

I am kinda worried about what she’ll being doing next, I know this might be my unrealistic kdrama sense tingling, but I want to see her do something of importance, not just work part time job aimlessly in a café.

Then I remember, this drama is extremely realistic and in real life such things don’t always turn out well..

Anyways, I can’t wait to see what happens next, our couple will kiss for the first time in next week’s episode.

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By Jass K.

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  1. Dropping in to write another comment.:)

    I do agree that this show by far is one of the best of tVN for this year. I love how everything is connected. I like the direction that the story seems to be bringing us and the pacing of the story is breezy. Every episode we get insights on the personality of each character.

    I have just started to visit your site when looking for articles about this series and I am liking it so far. I admire people who have time and creativity and passion to maintain a website. So kudos to site owner.

    I like your style of writing too. Very honest and also thought-provoking.

    I have one thing I’d like to point out though… I think Ho-Rang is not experiencing sexual harassment but more of workplace discrimination because of her gender. Her manager talking about periods is really rude and uncalled for.

  2. I LOVE this drama, i also loves your review, im waiting both all.weeks, my english is not good enough but i can understood and enjoy you work! Keep going, fighting!! Pd: so min is so adorable and i can connected with her caracters, she deserves this succes! Bye

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