“Bad Prosecutor” Ending Explained- Episode 12 Recap And Review

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KBS’s drama “Bad Prosecutor” has come to an end, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained!

“Bad Prosecutor” Episode 12 Recap

Who killed prosecutor Park Jae-Kyung?

Seo Hyun-Kyu was the one who struck Park Jae-Kyung and almost killed him, luckily for us, he’s still alive. Turns out he didn’t die there, when Do Hwan found him, he found out he’s still alive and decided to hide him while lying to everyone else about it.

He ended up returning to his post and testifying to bring Seo Hyun-Kyu down. He also gets back to his office and works as per usual after taking a short break.

Does Jin Jung die as a result of Seo Hyun-Kyu trap?

No, he doesn’t but comes close to death a few times while trying to catch him.

Did Seo Hyun-Kyu get punished for his horrible actions?

Yes, eventually, the team manages to catch up to him and confiscate the files he’s had on everybody, they go through a rough patch trying to catch those files but eventually secure them before they’re stored away or burned, they do it with the help of Oh Do-Hwan.

Later, at trial, he represents himself and eventually, one by one go up against him, however, Seo Hyun-Kyu pokes holes in every argument up until they bring out Park Jae-Kyung who testifies about his attempted murder and they submit the murder weapon. He ends up getting the death penalty.

All the people whom he covered crimes for will also be investigated.

Was Oh Do-Hwan on Jin Jung’s side the whole time? Why?

He became on his side as he realized it was a matter of being a human, he couldn’t stand to see Seo Hyun-Kyu kill people like that and get away with it.

What happens to Oh Do-Hwan after he turns on Seo Hyun-Kyu?

He leaves his position as a lawyer and takes a break. He also becomes on good terms with Jin Jung.

Did Jin Jung get his suspension overturned?

Yes, with the arrest of Seo Hyun-Kyu, he manages to get back to his position and resides as the prosecutor against him in the case. He prosecutes him in front of the court and reveals his crimes one by one to the world. He requests the death penalty.

Did “Bad Prosecutor” Have A Happy Ending?

Yes it has a happy ending. Seo Hyun-Kyu ends up getting punished for his actions and arrested for it. Our whole squad also doesn’t serve time in jail for what they’ve done.

How Does “Bad Prosecutor” End?

The drama ends with the team getting together a month after the trial ended, Shin Ae Ra is now a senior prosecutor and is still in charge of keeping Jin Jung in live.

Jin Jung is reinstated in the previous position he was in, when he comes back to the old office with his peers, he’s told to investigate a corrupt official using his own methods as this team now has more ‘freedom’ with what they can do.

“Bad Prosecutor” ends with Jin Jung catching up to a criminal and beating him, he gets a call from Shin Ae who tells him to come back but he goes rogue and refuses to do so, he begins beating up those bad guys.

“Bad Prosecutor” Episode 12 Review

“Bad Prosecutor” has been a fun drama, a fun shorter drama. I am glad this wasn’t 16 episodes. In general, I have not had any complaints about Kyungsoo’s choices, ever and this drama cements this idea in my head.

Ever since he took acting on, I’ve always cited him as the proper method that should be used by idols to advance properly in the industry. It must be difficult to decide on a good project consistently but he does a great job picking some interesting roles to differentiate himself.

The cast he was surrounded with is amazing, and I loved everyone’s performance. Ha Joon is always good as the villain/tormented mean guy with conflicting ideals, and the supporting cast was superb as per usual.

Aside from what I’ve said above, besides how erratic Jin Jung can be, the drama does not really stand out to me when it comes to its script. Its the typical prosecutor kdrama with its typical tropes that you see. I know I know, what would I expect… but, I am not saying this is necessarily a bad thing. But it is expected.

The last episode of the drama is as expected as they come and every single supposed ‘twist’ is something that could have been seen a mile away. Added to that, I don’t think they truly got him in the end. Because he’s done a good job separating himself, he should get charged for the attempted murder but Jin Jung didn’t have much of a concrete evidence to truly put him on death row, if Park Jae-Kyung didn’t show up, things weren’t looking good. It felt as if the screenwriter cornered themselves and then eventually chose the easy way out.

It didn’t feel ‘right’ in that sense, I didn’t feel they truly nailed him as the drama would have you believe.

I will be the first to admit I am biased in this instance because I’ve seen like 10 kdramas about law this year, the most I’ve ever watched of a genre in any given period in my entire life. So in a sense, I’ve grown tired of them, I know what screenwriters do and we’ve had some crazy legal kdramas this year that basically did everything you would and wouldn’t expect from such genre.

I think if this drama had come out earlier in 2022, I would have had a slightly different opinion in regards to the plot- because it would mean I haven’t seen that many of them- yet.

2022 was the year of legal kdramas to the point it was overwhelming. I do this as a job so please understand my perspective.

I think if you’re just an average viewer of kdrama, you will love this. If you do not watch every single kdrama or most shorter kdramas at any given time, and you’re not that picky with what you watch [having to be slightly different or subvert expectations], I do think this will leave a nice impression on you.

I also think if you like any of the lead actors in this drama, it will likely be a fun watch. I still liked this drama a lot but like I said, aside from Jin Jung, many of its aspects were just average. And I would have said this even if Kyungsoo wasn’t the actor, the character itself, the way its written is what draws attention in. Its the main selling point, not that I am complaining. I am just explaining my thoughts.

I would like to thank the cast and crew for their hard work. Can’t wait to see our actors in other projects in the near future.

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