“Backstreet Rookie” Episode 16 Recap

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“Backstreet Rookie” has aired its last episode on August 8. The final episode has gained mostly positive reactions from fans who thought the ending was perfect for the drama; however, there was one thing fans would’ve loved to see but didn’t get the chance to see it.

We’re here to quickly recap the final episode of “Backstreet Rookie” aka. episode 16.

Note: this will be a quick recap with the major points.

Dae Hyun realizes the next morning that Saet Byul has left his side, leaving presents for the family and a note. She is now in the countryside working in a farm pursuing her passion for flowers.

He goes to the police station in an attempt to find her since her phone is turned off, but the police officer turns him away. Meanwhile, Geum Bi and Dal Sik are being all lovey dovey but Dal Sik’s father called him about a blind date, the two agree to go to the countryside (where his father resides) to show him that he really has a girlfriend because he didn’t seem to believe his son.

When they arrive there, it turns out that Dal Sik’s father is very rich and owns a lot of land, later, when they’re travelling with the father in the car, they happen to see Saet Byul, they call Dae Hyun who comes rushing in.

When he finds her, he attempts to reconnect but she rejects his attempts saying ‘it’s all set and done,’ after beating a couple of bullies, they sit down to talk about their relationship.

Dae Hyun says he’ll wait for her answer to his question and won’t rush her, she can also stay in the farm but he asks her to keep her address the same (which is their house address). At the end of their meeting, he tells her that he remembers her from 10 years ago when he saved her life, and this was the reason he started doing nice deeds to everyone.

Later, Saet Byul is told by the farm manager that they want to hire her, and will pay for accommodation and insurance; she is contemplating whether to leave or stay.

Meanwhile, Dae Hyun meets up with his ex-girlfriend and tells her he’s quitting his job and returning to managing his store. She asks him to give her one last chance, but his face says it all.

Daehyun then tells the parents that Saet Byul has left the place.

Later, Yeon Joo tells her mother she’s leaving to the U.S to take on new challenges, the mother is upset and goes to meet Dae Hyuns’ mother the next day. Dae Hyun’s mother then finds out her son quit his job to protect his ex who’s been lying to him about her wealth and background, she shuts down Yeon Joo’s mother attempts to patch things up.

Later, Saet Byul learns she passed the exam and she’s officially a high school graduate, she goes back to Seoul to get the certificate but hides when she sees that the parents are back. While they open the mail, they discuss how great it would’ve been if Saet Byul was here to celebrate with them. When they mention that Daehyun has been working nonstop for 40 hours, she jumps out and gets caught. They have an emotional reunion.

Later, she goes to the store and finds a sign that says ‘part-time help needed. Qualification: Saet Byul.’

They meet up and hug at the end. Dal Sik publishes the last part of his webtoon in the meantime.

Dal Sik then tells his girlfriend about his plans to write a webtoon about the same story as “Backstreet Rookie.” Dae Hyun and Saet Byul meet at the front of the store and Saet Byul finally gives him the answer he longed for, she says yes to his question and as they’re about to kiss, they look at the camera sneakily.

The last scenes includes each of the main characters living their best lives, the mother is getting awards for her hard work at the company, Dal Sik and his gf got a haircut, the other friend career is blossoming, and Eun Byul is leading a successful career with his group.

While fans are happy with the ending of “Backstreet Rookie,” many are still sad they didn’t get to see the couple share their first official kiss.

What did you think of the ending of “Backstreet Rookie”? Did you like it?

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  1. I wanted to wait for the reviews before going watching this. No kisses at all through all episodes? Well no thanks! I guess I’ll skip this and rewatch Healer.

  2. Not letting you see the last kiss was the perfect ending. After all the pushback and punishment they got for that first kiss, everyone deserves to not be allowed to see the last one. It was based on webtoon with over the top fighting among other things. That is the nature of fantasy. So why couldn’t an out of blue first kiss happen on first episode. I thought it unexpected an refreshing different. But yet they got crap for it. So the ending was a good payback.

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