“All Of Us Are Dead” Finale: Ending Explained, Who Dies And Who Lives?

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Netflix has premiered its newest kdrama “All Of Us Are Dead” last night, here is its ending explained.

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Does Cheong-San die?

Yes, he dies. In episode 11, the kids hide at a construction site after fleeing from the zombies at school, however, Gwi-Nam manages to follow them, he ends up getting into a fight with Cheong-San and he bites him. He tells the others to run away and he fights him, he sacrifices himself knowing well he doesn’t have time left.

How does South Korea deal with the outbreak in Hyosan?

The martial law commander in charge decides it would be best to use a special frequency to attract as many zombies as they can to specific places and to blow up those places. So he does just that and among those places happens to be the high school. They kill over 50,000 zombies.

Nam Ra hears the military warnings with her special abilities and warns the kid to run away.

They end up blowing up four locations, Cheong-San uses Gwi-Nam as a shield and they both are hit by the explosion and die. Later, the commander records himself, he apologizes before committing suicide.

Does Jang Woo-Jin die?

Yes, he does. The kids end up in a hometown near Hyosan after the explosion. They are attacked by zombies again and during the attack, Jang Woo-Jin gets injured and turns into a zombie. Nam Ra kills him as he’s about to attack the others including his sister.

Does Nam Ra die?

No, she doesn’t. But she opts out of leaving with the kids, she runs away as she begins to have thoughts of eating them, she can’t control herself anymore. They’re unable to catch her.

Are the kids rescued?

Yes, eventually, they walk into the quarantine facility and they get saved. They are questioned by the authorities about the teacher [who created the virus] but they refused to cooperate much because they were abandoned by them.

How does “All Of Us Are Dead” end?

The situation becomes an epidemic that the country is still trying to deal with. The authorities are still hunting down the zombies and the national assembly on the bombing of the town is postponed indefinitely until the epidemic is fully taken care of.

The marital law also ended after about 3 months and 17 days since the outbreak in Hyosan, things turn back into being ‘semi-normal’.

Did the kids reunite with Nam Ra?

Yes, one day, as On Jo delivers snacks to the place where she remembers her dad and Cheong-San, she sees a fire in her school.

The kids come with her to check out the fire and they meet Nam Ra, she tells them she can’t join them, she’s neither human nor a monster, she says there are others like her out there, she says she still has things to do.

She tells them she’ll be back and when she hears their sound [the other special kids], she jumps off the rooftop.

Who survives in “All Of Us Are Dead”?

The people who survive in the finale of are Nam On-Jo, Lee Su-Hyeok, Choi Nam-Ra, Seo Hyo-Ryung, Yang Dae-Su, Jang Ha-Ri, and Park Mi-Jin. A total of seven people. However, Choi Nam-Ra does not go back with the kids to the quarantine facility as previously explained.

Will there be a second season of “All Of Us Are Dead”?

As of this writing, Netflix has not publicly commented on this possibility. If “All Of Us Are Dead” season two gets approved. We’ll update this article.

“All Of Us Are Dead” ending- review

“All Of Us Are Dead” was fun, too long, but fun. In many areas, I think the run time could be justified, however, my personal taste for such topics would be to slightly make it shorter. I think 8 episodes would’ve been enough, 10 if you wanted to push it.

I think this is the longest Netflix kdrama I’ve seen in a while because they usually don’t go above 10 episodes for kdramas [unless its a licensing deal with a Korean broadcasting station].

“All Of Us Are Dead” screenwriter did a good job with the material in hand. It was cruel and gruesome but also very realistic. The reason I like Korean zombie movies and dramas is that, their approach to the subject. We had “Happiness” recently, and now this, both tackle the subject from a different angle and give it their own spin, it doesn’t feel generic which is quite difficult to pull off for a zombie flick.

“All Of Us Are Dead” screenwriter is the same one who wrote “L.U.CA” which I also liked. It carries similar tones. Some reviewers are saying the messages the drama was trying to convey were bad or all over the place but I disagree with that wholeheartedly. I think the screenwriter approached this from a humane perspective and showed a wide range of reactions from all types of people, I also don’t think he was aiming to particularly lecture anyone either. While the ending wasn’t ‘sad’ per se, it wasn’t happy either. This makes it not only more memorable but also a lot more interesting and unexpected. I honestly expected to see more students die.

Also, I’ve always had this idea in my head, the idea that they could just gather the zombies somewhere and blow it up and they did that. It was a shocking moment, but when it happened, I was sadder than I expected I would be because you know these were people and it was still sad watching them blow up.

Its like choosing between killing 10 people and 1000 people, what do you choose? You will be labeled a murderer either way but desperate times call for desperate measures. Everyone will have a different answer but choosing not to take action is equally if not more harmful than making the decision that commander made.

Overall, it was a fun binge.

What did you guys think of “All Of Us Are Dead” ending? Let us discuss in the comment section below!

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  1. I really enjoyed this. So much drama. And the telling of each characters backgrounds and relationships made the story more sad and believable.

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