“Alchemy Of Souls 2” Ending Explained- Episode 10 Recap

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Alchemy Of Souls 2” has come to an end today, here is a recap of the final episode as well as its explanation.

“Alchemy Of Souls 2” episode 12 recap

Did Jang Uk and Bu Yeon get married?

The two end up going back to Danhyanggok and spending time together for as long as they can. During that time, master Lee tells them to get married, he officiates their wedding. They become husband and wife.

After talking to master Lee, he goes to a place in the woods and Bu Yeon is standing there, he enters another dimension and little Bu Yeon shows him the fire bird will escape and destroy their world with fire. It will dry it up, she tells him to stop the fire. She tells him she’s been hiding under the shadow that was created by his light. The little Bu Yeon is originally Jin Seol Ran who was technically reborn as her to protect this world from coming to an end.

Did the assembly manage to take out the fire bird?

They end up going to Jinyowon and brought out the fire bird. Jin Mu goes to crown prince Go Won and his father, the king, ends up stripping him from his title. They lock him up.

They go to the location and Jin Mu takes out the fire bird. Kim Do Joo and Madam Jin Ho-Gyeong are there when it happens, after Jin Mu leaves with the fire bird. The place starts crumbling so the madam asks Do Joo to help her inside the cave so she can stop the relics from escaping or else, they will cause issues. She takes her inside and the cave closes in on them.

When Jin Cho-Yeon goes to alert Park Jin, he arrives but a bit too late. His wife tells him to lock them up as some of them are escaping.

Upset, he barges towards the assembly and challenges them. He tries to stop the bird fire and control it but Jin Mu stabs him in the chest, the assembly leaves.

Three coffins are laid but it turns out to be fake?…

Did Kim Do Joo and Madam Jin Ho-Gyeong Die? Why?

No, they didn’t. Bu Yeon came to the cave that was collapsing and pulled out both Madam Jin Ho-Gyeong and Do Joo.

Did Park Jin Die? Why?

No, he did not. Master Lee came to the location of the fight, he found everything burning but he manages to save Park Jin’s life.

What Happened To the unanimous assembly?

After that supposed funeral with no bodies, Jang Uk goes to the crown prince and gives him his gold plaque telling him to use that to stop his father’s army from protecting the assembly as they attempt to bring out the fire bird.

He does so and strips his own father from his title.

Bu Yeon is supposedly back into her body, she with the help of the rest of the team go a place and prepare to help Jang Uk take on the fire bird. He ends up bringing it out and burning the entire assembly team and Jin Mu too.

Jang Uk is then able to contain the bird and make it vanish with the help of the original Bu Yeon. Safety is restored.

“Alchemy Of Souls 2” ending explained

After the entire debacle ends, Bu Yeon who is basically Jin Seol Ran in the body of that little girl meets Naksu and basically decides to leave the body of Bu Yeon and give it back to Naksu, now that her mission is over. Thus, Jang Uk now has his wife back.

The drama then flashes forward to one year later.

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