“Again My Life” Ending Explained: Episode 16 Recap And Review + Is Season Two Coming Soon?

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Again My Life” has come to an end today, and I am here to recap the finale and discuss the ending.

Lets go.

“Again My Life” Episode 16 Recap

Did Park Sang-Man wake up?

Yes, he did. At the end of “Again My Life” 16th episode, while Kim Hee Woo reads to him while he’s lying in bed in a coma, he begins to move his fingers. The drama hints that he was able to regain consciousness.

Does Aide Kim Jin-Woo die? Why?

At the beginning of the last episode, Kim Hee Woo sees that Jo Tae Sub has corned him and drove away all of his partners. He remains alone but decides to take down him at all cost.

He decides to take one last blow to Jo Tae Sub before he resigns from being a prosecutor. He catches his aide Kim Jin-Woo in the act of accepting bribes and so much more. He broadcast that to the media. He has so much stuff on him, he will go down for sure. He knows he’s trapped.

He gives him a chance to turn on Jo Tae Sub which he refuses. He ends up committing suicide thinking he’s benefiting the ‘cause.’

How did Kim Hee Woo take down Jo Tae Sub?

Kim Hee Woo goes head to head with Jo Tae Sub who decides to send him to the U.S. He tells his chef to say he’s doing it despite the fact that its a lie.

After Kim Jin-Woo commits suicide, Kim Hee Woo realizes he’ll never be able to take him down as a prosecutor. He decides to quit and run to be an assemblyman.

He’s able to do that as Assemblyman Hwang Jin-Yong recommends him and he runs for office.

Kim Hee Woo ends up meeting with Jo Tae Sub who is furious that his aide has died. He vows to take revenge. After wrapping up their ‘meeting,’ Kim Hee Woo sees Han Ji-Hyun outside and tells her to stop what she’s doing and not try to expose him because she’ll die if she does.

He tells her to meet him if she wants to help him take him down.

Lee Min-Soo hands Jo Tae Sub dirt on Kim Hee Woo and that gets exposed one after the other to the media. All of it is fake.

Kim Han-Mi returns from her post in Japan as Kim Hee Woo is running for assembly.

Kim Hee Woo is planning his attack. He announces he’s getting married to Kim Hee-A in a press conference. In that press conference, he challenges him to come out of the shadows instead of attacking him from behind. He accepts his invitation to have a debate.

At the debate, he begins to bring him down.

During the debate, he constantly brings up his past wrongdoings and shady deals. He also points at Aide Kim Jin-Woo’s phone he retrieved which has so much evidence related to his wrongdoings.

Jo Tae Sub retorts by exposing a video of him beating up Kim Jin-Woo prior to his death questioning whether he drove him over the edge. Their conversation ends without getting resolved but it gets the ball rolling.

At the same time, Han Ji-Hyun gets interviewed by Kim Han-Mi. She directly exposes him on TV. He’s now under pressure. She gets saved by Kim Hee Woo’s men just as her brother is about to get her.

Eventually, her brother [Dr. K] catches up to her and beats up the men who protected her. Kim Hee Woo then arrives at the scene and together with Lee Yeon-Suk beat him to a bulb. Dr. K loses.

Dr. K then receives a phone call from Jo Tae Sub, he tells him he’s failed. He’s arrested.

Jo Tae Sub speaks with Kim Hee Woo on the phone and tells him he won’t be the person to hold him accountable for his failure.

He seems desperate, he looks around and when he speaks, he realizes all those by his side are now gone. He asks himself, ‘have I come too far?’

Does Jo Tae Sub die? How?

Yes, he dies without paying for his crimes.

After what happened and his empire fell with people close by him getting investigated, he disappears.

Later, they find a body near a body of water that looks like him. DNA testing says its Jo Tae Sub. Its hinted that he committed suicide as he couldn’t bear to see what he believes to be the right way to handle things collapse right before his eyes.

How did Han Ji-Hyun turn on Jo Tae Sub?

Kim Hee Woo ends up meeting her at the church and vows to take him down. He says he realized that he can never do that if he remains a prosecutor and he must take him down with him if he has to.

She later, [as previously said], turns on him. She then goes to jail to pay for her crimes. She feels happier now and asks Hee Woo if he can be also a friend to her after this. He says yes.

Her brother pleads the fifth.

Did Kim Hee Woo and Kim Hee-A start dating?

Yes, they did. They delay the fake marriage announcement and tell their family they’re getting to know each other. Because they delivered such sad news. They take them on a trip to Bali.

The end.

How does “Again My Life” End? The ending explained

“Again My Life” ends oddly with the body of Jo Tae Sub being found and the DNA analysis confirming its his. Later, the people who Kim Hee Woo also vowed to punish are all gathered in a big room.

The camera pans to a scary man who beat up another man for snitching on someone he knows. He puts on cologne and goes into that big room.

He says CEO Chun Ho Ryung will be here shortly. She’s the one who helped every single one of Jo Tae Sub aids get out of trouble relatively unscathed.

When she shows up, Chun Ho Ryung tells them she wants the secret club Jo Tae Sub made to be reinstated.

The reason she showed up is because she doesn’t want anyone to challenge Jewang group [?] even if she’s not around. She wants a world her family can rule forever. She will give these people the power they need and she’ll continue to maintain an ironclad company.

She says Jo Tae Sub failed because he wanted to have everything. She says she doesn’t want power but only money [contradictory]. They join her hands and they raise a toast.

Kim Hee Woo is watching from afar aware that despite his attempts, the trash he wanted to take out is still there.

“Again My Life” ending can be explained by the fact that even with Jo Tae Sub gone, evil persists and crawls back in. The drama basically delivers the message that evil is very hard to eradicate.

Almost everyone associated with Jo Tae Sub gets away without much issue and some even leave prison. Does justice still exist?

“Again My Life” season two, is it happening?

Some think “Again My Life” is hinting at season two which will feature Kim Hee Woo taking down the unknown CEO who is Chun Ho Ryung.

“Again My Life” ending felt open and it has led many fans to believe the drama is planning a second season.

As of this writing, SBS has not commented on the possibility of “Again My Life” season two, if a statement is issued, we’ll update this page with the details.

“Again My Life” Episode 16 Review

Wow, I knew “Again My Life” ending was going to be rushed, but I didn’t think it would be this disappointing as an ending…. Its almost as if the screenwriters don’t know how to actually wrap up the web of the various plots they created. Where do I begin with my criticism of the writing choices?

“Again My Life” ending felt rushed in so many places. The fact that they don’t initiate an attack on Jo Tae Sub until the finale episode was honestly not the best writing decision.

In “Again My Life” episode 15, the main and supporting characters make a bunch of rookie mistakes that the screenwriters supposedly established as things they wouldn’t do because they’re smart. Its sad when the screenwriters use such tactics because they trapped themselves in a corner and just had to do it.

Hee Woo exposing himself like that felt so wrong on so many levels. He didn’t have to do that. The 15th episode was frustrating and it felt that they needed more than 1 episode to wrap up the takedown of Jo Tae Sub.

I think we needed to see him suffer more for a longer period of time and the drama is doing well so I don’t see why the screenwriters felt compelled to just cramp everything into the finale.

I also never fully understood how whatever Jo Tae Sub does is ‘beneficial’ to the country. He brainwashed many people and is so deep into his own lies that he believes they’re truth. What was he exactly envisioning? And how was what he envisioned good enough to be considered of value to the people?

In “Again My Life” episode 16, it feels like the screenwriters thought of every single details leading up to it so well but then didn’t know how to compile everything together and end him once and for all…. Or worse, they’re aiming for season two, but even that feels like an after-thought because up until episode 11 or 12, it felt like they wanted to complete things in one season… then, you see the final episodes and you can tell there is an expected slow-down that leads me to believe they might have more to say in a second season.

It seemed that Hee Woo had been preparing for this for so long, so the fact that we went through this entire journey with no payoff feels like I’ve been cheated on. It doesn’t feel nice.

And don’t get me wrong, I get it. The screenwriters wanted to tell you evil can’t be beaten easily and once one sh*tty person falls down, the next assho*e is coming to rule them all. A repetitive cycle.

But the way the screenwriters went about that ‘reveal’ or realization felt so odd and unfulfilling… to the point that it makes me wonder, what was Hee Woo working on for so long? Because he got to do basically like 30% of the work… it feels so fruitless and not in a way that sends a message well.

I get that Jo Tae Sub wouldn’t accept getting investigated due to his pride, it seemed pretty obvious he’d attempt to take his own life taking matters into his own hands.

Even in his final moments, it almost feels like a decent sendoff and I don’t understand why he needs to be granted that as the terrible character he was

“Again My Life” has been a fun watch but the ending was rather disappointing. I wanted more, I felt like we all deserved more.

Lee Joon Gi hard carries this drama on his back and if it weren’t for him, I highly doubt many of his fans would have been satisfied with the drama. On forums and social media, I am seeing a divide in the comments on the ending, but I see a strong pushback from his fans and some of them admit its because its him.

I am a huge fan and always have been, but I felt the ending was so meh.

What did you think of the drama’s ending?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I’m a bit disappointed with the ending as well. They should just stay true to the web series. To think that all those criminals got out free is a bit far fetched. Just my opinion.

  2. Disappointed with the ending, feel that it’s too rush. I prefer the webtoon ending whereby Assemb Cho landed in prison and he hang himself.

  3. The ending left a bitter taste in my mouth as well; we deserved to see Cho Tae Sub get punished, somehow. Be it by being imprisoned and hanging himself there (Webcomic ending) or at least watching him commit the suicide. Having him die off screen is just too easy.
    The ending was also too rushed, and as you said, the characters did some pretty stupid mistakes towards the end. It needed at least two other episodes to wrap things up nicely; it also feels weird that a lot of the things that they had him on was assembled last minute, beside the thing with DH Money. Since Lee Hee Wu was preparing this for at least 8 years + the years he spent on it in the future, you’d expect they would tie in at least some of the things he did throughout each episode the final showdown.
    Nevertheless, it was a really entertaining watch besides the last episodes; I did not know the main actor before this show but I am definitely a fan now. I also appreciated that there weren’t much focus on romance in this drama.
    PS: I couldn’t find information nor figure out what the MC is doing now; is he an assemblyman or something? What was that badge for?

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