“Adamas” Ending Explained: Episode 16 Recap And Review + Is Season Two Coming?

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tvN’s “Adamas” has aired its finale today, here is an explanation of its puzzling ending.

“Adamas” episode 16 recap and ending explained

Was Haesong Group taken down?

No, that didn’t work. Help comes and they arrest everyone at the scene, the detectives did their best including arresting team leader Lee but it doesn’t go their way.

At the remote location, team leader Lee escapes after killing Soo-Hyun during a confrontation. They find him trying to flee via the sea and Woo Shin points the gun at him. He shoots his legs when he refuses to say where Soo Hyun’s body is.

The case is forwarded to the prosecution who does a sloppy job as the higher ups decide on how to handle the situation, this likely includes decisions from Eun Hye-Soo to defend the group and handle the situation better.

Loads of lawyers come to negotiate with the criminals of Team A during investigations. Team Leader Lee is offered protection and he takes up the offer, he doesn’t die or get killed off.

Kim Seo-Hee ends up writing an article but people choose not to believe it and claim its fiction. The situation doesn’t cause the breakdown of the organization.

Was Eun Hye-Soo killed?

During the finale of “Adamas,” Yoon Sun confronts Eun Hye-Soo and points the gun at her, but instead of being scared, she offers her something else for revenge. She ends up staying alive and Yoon Sun takes matters into her own hands.

Eun Hye-Soo becomes the leader of Haesong Group and stands as the ‘villain’ now. Butler Kwon Soon-Yi returns and works for her now.

Was Kwon Hyun-Jo killed? Why?

He refuses to admit to everything when the situation goes down after Team Leader Lee gets arrested and the news goes out. He also claims that he’s in shock and hospitalized. Eun Hye-Soo had made a deal with Yoon Sun to basically make it so that Kwon Hyun-Jo does not stand against her.

Yoon Sun feeds him something that makes him choke but tells her sister everything will be fine but from now on, she has to attend to him because he’ll be unable to do anything for himself anymore. The thing she fed him might paralyze him or make it so he’s unable to function properly from now on. He’s not dead but not quite alive either.

Secretary Yoon Jin finds him unable to speak and cries by his side after her sister goes away laughing like a crazy person.

Did Song Soo-Hyun die? Who killed him?

During the confrontation with Team Leader Lee at a remote location when everything went down, the two get into a physical fight. Team Leader Lee ends up choking Soo-Hyun to death to avenge his brother’s death, Soo-Hyun lays there with his body and eyes open. He gets transported into a van and Team Leader Lee takes off and disposes of him at the sea.

When help gets there its already too late. They realize he’s dead. Team Leader Lee gets arrested but he refuses to negotiate or admit to anything.

What deal did Ha Woo shin make with Eun Hye-Soo?

Ha Woo shin contemplates handing in the adamas and negotiating killing Team Leader Lee to avenge his brother’s death but he decides not to do it. He goes to her house and gives her a fake adamas that she cherishes now and puts on display.

He tells her he doesn’t ‘need it’ anymore. Next time they’ll stand, they will be on opposite sides.

How does “Adamas” end?

During the ending scene of “Adamas,” Kim Seo-Hee comes to interview Woo Shin who decided to write a book based on everything they went through claiming its ‘fiction’ but its the reality indeed because sometimes people believe fiction over reality.

When she comes to interview him, he’s not there. Dong Rim tells her he read those letters she sees on his desk. One of them has Soo Hyun’s name on it. The letter reads, “Soo Hyun is alive, find the Adamas.”

Woo Shin is by the sea where he believes his brother’s body is, he’s holding the real adamas in his hands with a smirk on his face.

Could Soo Hyun be alive?

The fan letter Woo Shin was sent is indeed odd. Because judging from what we’ve seen, Soo Hyun was strangled to death and disposed of by team leader Lee himself who freely admits to killing him and refusing to give up the location of his body.

Its highly unlikely that team leader Lee left him alive. But according to the letter, he is alive. So it could be that someone found where his body was disposed and brought him back to life unbeknownst to team leader Lee who thought he killed him. That person could be taking care of Soo Hyun who is in hiding because he might be planning something else.

With this knowledge, it could be that Woo Shin is preparing for chapter two of his fight against Haesong group.

Is “Adamas” season two coming soon?

Judging from “Adamas” ending, it could be that a second season is in order. tvN has yet to publicly confirm the news, if they do so, we’ll update this article to include the announcement.

“Adamas” episode 16 review

Well… that was…. Unexpectedly unsatisfactory…. The “Adamas” ending sort of ruins its appeal in my opinion…. From a writing perspective, “Adamas” has been above the average of 2022 kdramas, it was interesting, mostly well-thought out and filled with twists and turns.

They had 16 episodes to properly wrap this up…. And we end with…. Whatever that was.

I understand that in reality, punishing evil is a lot more difficult, but I really didn’t need 16 episodes to reach this conclusion. If “Adamas” was like 10 episodes long and this was the ending, I would have been okay with it. But to take 16 episodes and still not be able or willing to properly end it leaves a sour aftertaste.

I would have been okay with Soo Hyun’s death if the ending was even grimmer.

Even if I let go of common sense for a minute. Soo Hyun was choked to death…. Not unless team leader Lee is in on it which I highly doubt, how would anyone be able to bring him back to life? The second best explanation is that someone ‘found’ him and saved him… but who? How and why? And even if they manage to resuscitate him, he likely won’t ever function like he used to, because if oxygen is cut from your brain for a couple of minutes, you can become brain dead, basically, just a body of meat even if you are kept alive…. So I have to REALLLLYYYY let go of any common sense if I want to believe Soo Hyun is in any shape or form ‘alive,’ which I still don’t believe.

“Adamas” has not performed as well as expected in terms of ratings. It hovered around the 2-3% mark which is not good these days for a cable drama to be called a ‘hit.’ I couldn’t find when the drama wrapped up but if they were filming while it was airing, the screenwriter should have attempted to wrap it up in 16 episodes…. Its odd that a drama with such low ratings would attempt to push for a second season. We have kdramas on the backburner waiting for a sequel with much higher ratings but it never happened…. So what gives?

If it gets approved… how many episodes would it be? It would have been better to just make it 20 episodes and make the remaining four focus on taking down Eun Hye-Soo who emerged as the ‘real villain.’

Many fans are upset by the ending from the forums I’ve been reading, its not everyone but a lot are upset and rightfully so…. Do you think they will tune in to see the second season?

I am surprised by the writing decisions this drama took. 2022 has been one of the most underwhelming years for kdramas in recent memory……. What a disappointment.

What do you think of Adamas ending?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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    1. I kept on checking how many minutes are left till the end of the episode, because I refused to believe it would end the way it did. Disappointing indeed.

  1. I’m completely baffled by the ending too. I had to come look at reviews of the show just to make sure I hadn’t missed something. I can’t believe they ended the show like this.

  2. hii, just like eveyone i’m disappointed in the ending and for sure i want season 2, but even if the ending was unexpected , the story and everthing was well planned, i could not ask for more . Just as much as the ending endeed disappoining it still made me curious if sohyeon is really alive and that smile of woosin gave me goosebumps like smth is about to be cooked.
    P.s ; I still dont understand why the drama is so low rated cause it really cool and full of mysterious twists

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