“A Business Proposal” Episode 12 Recap And Review- Ending Explained

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SBS’s hit drama “A Business Proposal” has wrapped up its run earlier today, here is its ending explained!

Did Ha Ri’s parents approve of Tae Moo?

Yes, they did. At first, Ha Ri’s mother was a bit upset to see her daughter coming out of Tae Moo’s car in the morning so she hit him. But he introduced himself to them and the mother apologized. The father seemed a bit apprehensive because he feared his daughter would be looked at differently and judged but Tae Moo assured him he’ll do his best and never leave her side. He tells them he’d like to date her with marriage in mind.

Did Tae Moo’s grandpa pass away?

While the grandpa initially fakes a health scare to get Tae Moo to break up with Ha Ri, the doctor runs a couple of tests and discovers the grandpa has an issue with his heart from previous surgery. The grandpa is too old to have any more surgeries but there is a potential cure in America.

So, the grandpa and Tae Moo end up leaving there together. The grandpa eventually receives treatment and recovers a year later.

Did Ha Ri leave with Tae Moo to the U.S?

No, she refuses to come along.

Tae Moo tries to convince her to leave with him while he takes care of his grandpa but she says its better if she stays behind, the grandpa had also not approved of their relationship yet so she said it would be best if he goes with his grandpa and focuses on his recovery and then return.

What happens between Yeong Seo and Sung Hoon? Did they break up?

Despite Yeong Seo’s father appearing as if he approved their relationship, he calls Sung Hoon and tells him to break up with her. She overhears him.

Following that, Yeong Seo decides to hand in her resignation letter to her father basically cutting ties with him for how he behaved with Sung Hoon and her.

What does Yeong Seo do after departing her father’s company?

Yeong Seo decides to open her own company, Sung Hoon also helps out by providing funding to help it get off the ground.

Sung Hoon also ends up taking a year off as Tae Moo leaves to the U.S with his grandpa. Its hinted that their relationship only grew better with time and they’re happily together after he proposed to her, however, its unclear whether it means Yeong Seo and Sung Hoon have gotten married already.

Did Tae Moo propose to Ha Ri?

Yes, he did. He surprises her a year later returning from New York. He comes with a ring, his grandpa had told him not to come back if she says no. He puts the ring on her finger and she jokingly refuses to say yes, but she’s so happy he proposed. She tells him, ‘you better treat me well from now on.’

Did Tae Moo’s grandpa approve of their relationship?

Eventually, he does. She grows on him and despite being apprehensive about it at first, his heart softens due to Ha Ri’s personality. He also tells Tae Moo not to return if Ha Ri rejects his proposal.

How does “A Business Proposal” end?

The drama ends with Tae Moo and Ha Ri walking together on the flower road as the flowers bloom in spring. She accepted his marriage proposal and they live a happily ever after.

Have you guys seen the finale of A Business Proposal yet? what did you think of the ending?

“A Business Proposal” Review

That was a very odd ending…. How can you not need more than 12 episodes but still manage to make a rushed ending? Its beyond me at this point.

While I don’t think “A Business Proposal” was created with the intent of it being anything special in terms of writing, its a cliché galore but still, I didn’t expect for the ending to feel so rushed and incomplete.

First of all, I don’t understand why they had to create the illness of the grandpa to add about 15 minutes of worth of useless tension that eventually dissolved. It would’ve been better to see how Ha Ri and Tae Moo navigate dating together at work and how she eventually captures his grandpa’s heart which she was already about to do anyways.

That scenario would’ve been way better and made for some fun cliché; but in a good way; scenes. Then, both families meeting would’ve also made for a fun segment.

There was no need to get that mandatory one year gap in traditional rom-com kdramas that happen just because.

All in all, “A Business Proposal” is a comfort-type of kdrama. It is what it is and its proud of itself because of that. The self-deprecating humor and poking fun at your own script is mostly done well. At least, its not pretending to be something its not and its also not taking itself too seriously as if its revolutionizing something or creating something different.

I liked the chemistry between the couples. Min Gyu and Seol In Ah’s chemistry is soooo cute, they’re one of my fav kdrama secondary couples.

I think most people will walk away feeling good having watched this drama, especially if they weren’t taking it too seriously either similar to what I had done at the beginning.

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. A whole year of tae moo and hari doing long distance seems a bit unrealistic and forced. With his kind of money he would be able to at least visit her or fly her to New York to see eachother in between. I didn’t like the ending. It seemed very rushed. They should have spanned this out for a few more episodes and also don’t understand why hari told Minwoo she still had feelings?!

  2. Not a very conclusive ending. There’s a lot of second guessing.
    Unless, the writer indicates there’s Season 2 continuation. Business proposal is very entertaining and “feel good” drama series, hopefully there’s similar shows coming up.
    Overall, it’s excellent!

  3. Super disappointed in the ending especially since the other 11 episodes were so good :'(. They did not even acknowledge Yeong Seo and Sung Hoon’s engagement during her birthday. I wish they had ended off the episode with some sort of wedding or just a proper closure.

  4. It is a happy ending of the year! I must say the drama outperformed in terms of happy ending – three couples engaged or married (Ha-Ri, her friend, her boss at work). Grandpa survived (well, because he is super-rich and could go to the States to receive a unique heart treatment, otherwise he would have been dead – which sends a bizarre message to those not rich…) and Yeong Seo easily got money she needed for her company (luckily she had a boyfriend with money too). What can I say? Happiness all around. I just wish it could be like that in real life…

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